RML-490-C Power Cage Review

Updated January 1, 2019

Power Racks are the one piece of equipment that you need to be strong, sturdy and reliable. When you’re squatting down with hundreds of pounds of iron on your back, you can’t afford to be dicing with sub par equipment. When it comes to reliable power racks, Rogue set the standard. The Rogue RML 490-C offers a great option for serious home gym users.

In this article we go in depth on the Rogue RML 490-C.

The Rogue RML 490-C Up Close

Rogue RML 490-C

The RML 490-C is a robust versatile rack. You can get a whole range of accessories to complete your home gym and make the Power Cage the focal point of everything you do. This rack is based on the design of the Rogue R-4 power rack and makes use of 3 inch by 3 inch 11-gauge steel upright framing. It is available in ten custom Rogue semi-gloss powder coats. This is the Monster Lite version out of the Rogue Power Cage stable and is very popular in universities, strength training facilities, weight rooms, military training camps and small garage gyms the world over.

With the RML 490-C you get a Westside hole spacing system, which gives you one inch spacing through the bench zone and two inch spacing through the squat and deadlift zones. ⅝ inch hardware ensures that the unit is sturdily put together. In addition, the cage comes complete with very solid Monster Lite j-cups, pin/pipe safeties and band pegs. Up above there is a 43-inch beam, along with a 43 inch fat skinny pull up bar.

The uprights of the 490-C are 90 inches tall. This provides you with all of the height you need for doing overhead pressing movements. The unit is made in the USA in Rogue’s state of the art factory facility in Columbus, Ohio.


  • 90-inch tall uprights
  • 43-inch fat skinny bar
  • 3 x 3 inch 11-gauge steel


  • No spotter stands
  • No plate holders

Rogue 490-C Alternatives

X Mark Fitness Power Rack with LatPulldown

The X Mark Fitness Power Rack is a solid commercial grade power rack that is ideal for any home gym application. The uprights on this unit are constructed from 2 inch by 3 inch, 11-gauge steel. This is an inch thinner than the Rogue 490-C. However, this is still plenty powerful for the majority of home gym trainers.

Unlike the Rogue rack, X Mark Fitness Power Rack comes with a latpulldown and low pulley as standard. It also provides you with a dipping bar and pull up / chin up bar. With a walk in space of 47 inches by 63.5 inches, you get a generous walk in space, allowing for plenty of exercise room. Spotter bars are very solid and are supplemented with bar catches on both the inside and outside of the cage.


  • Commercially rated
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Dip Bar


  • Limited height
  • No Westside hole spacing
Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack

The Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack measures in at 47 inches x 63 inches x 82 inches. It weighs 135 pounds. For its light weight, this cage is surprisingly strong and robust. The limited height may be a problem for taller users when doing overhead work. The max user weight of the rack is 650 pounds.

You get six standard size plate holders with the rack. Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack is a pleasing addition as none of the Rogue power cages feature built in storage pegs for your plates. The unit comes with two solid steel safety chrome bars and an additional four steel bar supports are provided for a variety of bar adjustment heights. There are 17 bar adjustment holes on the two main uprights. You also get a chrome pull up bar with knurled grips.

Your purchase comes with a 5-year warranty.​


  • Strong and robust
  • Six plate holders
  • Chrome pull up bar


  • Limited height
  • Only 17 bar adjustment holes
TDS Power Rack

The TDS Power Rack is a compact lightweight rack that provides you with the impressive max user weight of 1000 pounds. It is just 72 inches in height. This is a good thing if you are operating in a limited room height situation. But, it also provides a limited user height for doing over head pressing work.

TDS Power Rack is a sturdy framed unit which is made from 2 x 2 inch, 11 -gauge steel. That provides you with a very sturdy base to lift from, despite being an inch less than the Rogue 460. This unit is very easy to put together. You get 25 bar placement holes which are conveniently numbered. One-inch safety pins are provided to make the unit even more rigid.


  • Max weight of 1000 pounds
  • Numbered hole system
  • Compact height


  • Limited height for over
  • head pressingPaint chips easily
  • Bolts on the base jut out


The Rogue RML 490-C is an awesome home use single user power cage. With its 3 x 3 inch, 11-gauge steel uprights it provides you with commercial gym grade strength and rigidity. It will prove to be the ideal base for your home gym and has a whole range of accessories that can be purchased.

If you are looking for a cheaper, slightly less robust option to the Rogue RML 490 -C, our top three options are the X Mark Fitness Power Rack, the Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack and the TDS Power Rack. Our favorite of the three is the X Mark Fitness Power Rack, with its great price, 1000 pound max user rating and 28 bar hole spacings.

Rogue RML 490-C

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue RML 490-C

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