Rogue Monster Wall Mount Rig

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Rogue Monster Wall Mount Rig Review Facts

There’s no other way to say it–the Monster Wall Mount Rig is a beast. Even by Rogue standards, it is exceptionally stable, solid, and customizable. It is made of 3 by 3-inch steel tubing, with a thickness of 11 gauge, throughout. Many of the more compact racks and stands will have 2 by 3-inch steel, but Rogue made the Monster Wall Mount as thick and rigid as possible for endless lifting possibilities. Mounting hardware consists of massive 1-inch black zinc bolts, with an overall height of 9 feet and a width of 6 feet per section. Steel is powder-coated for resistance to the environment.


Since the Monster Wall Mount is based on customization, let’s take a quick look at the four configurations Rogue offers before we do our deep dive into the features of this commercial gym-ready behemoth.



Editor's Pros & Cons

Enough configuration options for anyone

11 gauge steel tubing with one inch hardware for rigidity

Can order in four sizes right from the Rogue product page

Choice of thick or thinline crossmembers

Comes with two Rogue wrenches that you can keep after installation

Customizes with virtually any Rogue optional attachment (Matador, Landmine, plate storage etc)


Size, length, and installation requirements better suited to a commercial gym, especially 9-foot height


Though it is endlessly customizable and has something to offer every lifter, at is heart the Wall Mount does a few simple things exceedingly well.

Those things include holding your weights in place and making it easy and safe for you to lift heavyweight, or lighter weight if you desire. The J-cups have plastic protective surfaces to prevent damage to your bars. Pin and pipe safeties, as well as safety spotter racks, can all be added. You can do pull-ups and other upper body exercises with the bars, and the bars are high enough off the ground to let anyone’s legs hang down straight.

This unit, once it is installed, will give you a place to build your body and physique as much as you want, for many years, without ever showing excessive wear or needing downtime for repairs. The rack is not fancy and doesn’t have a lot of unusual or non-vital features. Form and function come together for a reliable rack that will do exactly what you need it to, year after year.


This rack system has the same steel construction and stable base we have come to expect from Rogue. It is a brand you will encounter in many commercial gyms. Professional sports teams and trainers also trust Rogue for their training needs. Rogue sized up the hardware, too, with one-inch bolts that will not come loose. The concrete anchors, too, won’t go anywhere once you install them.

The long life of the rack comes at a price, of course. We are talking about the financial cost. The MW-10, with its four foot and six-foot sections, joined together and one spot for bench presses, runs about $1800 USD without any upgrades. This is as basic as you can get, short of special ordering a single 4 foot or 6-foot section from Rogue. Installation is straightforward--you bolt the frame together, then drill the floor and wall holes, and secure the bolts with the big concrete anchors. Straightforward doesn’t mean fast or easy. Installing even the MW-10 will be an all-day task, and you may need help. Be prepared for some setbacks, heartaches, and sweat during the installation. It will be worth it when you are able to use the finished product consistently and with confidence.

Ease of Use

The Monster Wall Mount is very easy to operate, once you have mounted it and dialed in your J-Cups using the staggered Westside hole spacing. You can move the J-Cups to any starting point, and the Westside holes mean more flexibility and increased safety. From the images we saw, it looks like there is room to do squats even without moving your bench. And you always have the option of enough framework for both a bench and a dedicated squat area. Though it is wall-mounted, the unit is not flush with the wall. The concrete anchor's thread through long horizontal cross members, keeping the working depth on a par with most power racks.


There are few limits to what you can do with a long wall mount rig like the Monster. It is built for squats, bench presses, and pull-ups. But you can position the loaded bar anywhere you want. That means it will facilitate weighted lunges and different kinds of squats. You can use a lightweight and go farther down, for a sitting squat, if you want to target more muscle groups without extra strain on your spine.

Of course, the real deep versatility of a unit like this is in the upgrades and extras. Next up, we have a partial list of the accessories you can add to the Monster Wall Mount to open new possibilities. They all cost extra, but they are worth it in terms of your lifting practice. Armed with this list, too, you can ask potential gyms if they have certain attachments before you decide to join.


This is a partial list. All accessories are available from the Rogue website. Find the product page, and click on Explore Monster Attachments towards the bottom of the page. The page you land on is not specific to the Monster Wall Mount, as all the accessories go with any rack or stand in the Monster line.

4-Bar Hanger: a vertically installed steel holder that lets you store up to four Olympic barbells for easy access, without taking up a J-Cup spot.

Matador: Rogue’s bolt-on attachment for doing dips with any Monster rack, and with some others. Rogue also offers the Matador Hanger, which keeps the Matador itself stored out of the way between uses. The hanger is made of solid steel plates, with mounting hardware.

Chain Hanger: a place to store your lifting chains, if you pursue chain augmentation for extra resistance during barbell lifts. You can also drape the chains right onto your upper body for more intense dips. The hanger is made of quarter-inch-thick laser-cut steel, and has a special jog bend, or welded angle, that gives the hanger the strength it needs to securely hold up to six chains, each in a separate laser-cut side hole.

Monster Slinger: taking the place of a lat pulldown machine, this cable pulley system lets you work the muscles of your upper body from a standing or seated position. Rogue offers options for grip and strap when you purchase the Slinger.

Rhino Belt Squat Drop-In/LT-50 Cal Trolley: Rogue has actually filed a patent for the drop-in belt squat, a moving metal frame and thick leather belt which let you do belt squats. The advantage of belt squats is that you can build the strength in your legs without putting a strain on your spine the way a traditional barbell squat would. The Trolley, which attaches without bolts, can be moved and adjusted to let you perform incline presses, rack pulls, deadlifts, snatches and an array of other supplementary lifts with no additional equipment.

Stick With It Factor

If you are prepared to spend the money and make the modifications necessary to purchase and install a Monster Wall Mount Rig, in any iteration, we’re confident you’ll use it several times a week. As you do, you will want to stick with it because of all the possibilities it offers, with or without attachments and upgrades.

The Final Word

The Rogue Monster Wall Mount Rig is a piece of high-end exercise equipment that will help you grow your strength with hassle-free use, for many years to come. The rack is expensive, both to purchase and to upgrade. There is nothing compact about it, even if you were to order a single section. The uprights are nine feet tall, too high for most basement gyms we have been in. You may actually have to raise a drop ceiling in order to install this unit, and it will not be easy maneuvering it into place.

The Rig is designed with commercial gyms in mind. They have higher ceilings, more space, and a volume of users who will be able to share space on an MW-14 or above. However, for the truly committed, none of the qualities we named are enough to put the kibosh on home installation. The Rig isn’t for beginners or those of us who prefer dumbbell workouts. If you have a solid lifting background under your belt and want one of the most dependable rack/stand hybrids money can buy, the Rogue Monster Wall Mount Rig is for you.