Rogue SM-2.5 Squat Stand

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Rogue SM-2.5 Squat Stand Review Facts

The SM-2.5 takes the popular SM-2 rack and beefs it up to a new level. This rack gives you an extra 10 inches of room overhead so you can do upper body moves such as pull-ups. The frame is constructed from the same quality steel gauge thickness that Rogue uses to make the SM-2. This rack is the perfect choice for a larger, taller user who does not fit as well under a smaller squat rack. In this article, we will go through an in-depth review of the Rogue SM-2.5 and talk a little about squat racks and power racks

Editor's Pros & Cons

Has wide rubber feet which keep the rack stable and will help protect your floor

It is protected with a satin back powder coat finish.

Includes a keyhole design on the uprights which gives greater flexibility and options for accessories


It does not have storage pegs to keep track of your extra plates.


The Rogue SM-2.5 is the ideal hybrid of the traditional squat stand and the power rack, making it ideal for those trainers who want the grunt of a power rack but only have the room to fit in a rack. The solid as a rock frame is made from 3 inches by 3 inches, 11 gauge square steel framing. One inch hardware provides you with the ultimate in rigidity when the componentry is bolted together.

Each of the uprights is 103 inches in height and provides you with keyhole design on the side. Rogue SM-2.5 makes the unit far more versatile in terms of adding many of the attachments that come with the Rogue Monster range of racks. The unit is finished in a cool stain black powder-coated finish.

With the Rogue SM-2.5, you have the option of either the 43-inch single skinny bar, which has a 1.25 diameter bar, or the 43-inch fat / skinny bar, which gives you both 2 inch and 1.25-inch bar options. The max weight capacity on this rack is an impressive 1,000 pounds.

With a footprint of 54 inches by 50 inches, you are able to get plenty of walk-in space to allow you to set yourself ideally for squatting or pressing. Rubber feet add stability and ensure that your floor stays protected. Your safety is assured with Monster j-cups with UHMV plastic inserts to protect your bar.

Squat Stands And Power Racks

The SM-2.5 rack is the perfect combination of a squat and power rack. It is the optimal choice for users who have limited space to work with at home. It has a compact footprint but it is pretty tall at a little over 8 foot.

A power rack, which is often called by different names, is a rack with four feet which are connected by four metal bars overhead. They have three low stabilizing bars, and two safety arms to catch a loaded barbell. They can be used for mass amounts of different exercises. A squat stand has two feet instead of four and is designed for squatting, hence the name. A good squat stand has safety arms and is connected at the top by a sturdy bar. It also has a wide base which will not tip.

This stand has two uprights like a squat stand but is much taller like a rack. They have rubber feet for good stability which will protect the floor and is a little easier to move. Like a power rack, you can use it for a wide variety of exercises. The SM-2.5 is the best of both.


The Rogue SM-2.5 is compatible with accessories made by Rogue Fitness. It even has a keyhole design on the uprights which will give you more options.

The Monster Matador is very popular with this rack. It gives you an instant set up for an adjustable dip station. It has welded joints for durability and a lock-in anchoring system to keep it stable throughout your workout. It has a comfort grip handle which is set up at an angle to give you a variety of grip options.

We also highly recommend that you order a set of Monster Safety Spotter Arms. These arms are sold in pairs and have been tested to protect falls of up to 800 pounds. They are dependable and will protect you from accidental drops.


SM-2.5 is a great tool for weightlifting training. The width allows you plenty of room to move around with the weight. It is sturdy but is also lighter in case you have to move the stand around or want the ability to change things quickly. The Rogue SM-2.5 will be easy to move and will work well in these conditions.


There are a few things you will want to take into consideration when you are getting ready to purchase a rack for your home fitness. Make sure this rack is going to fit into your space. Not only should you measure the floor space, but you also want to check on the height of your ceiling since this rack is over 8 feet tall, especially if you plan to do pull-ups. Be sure to consider the space around the equipment as well. You need to be able to load and unload your bar without it rubbing against the wall.
Take a look at all of the Rogue Fitness accessories to see which ones are compatible and make sure you can find and use the ones which you care about for your workout the most. You will also want to consider the height and width to be sure it will match your body shape. You want a rack which is easy to adjust and use.

Most power racks are meant to be anchored down to a platform or to the floor. Some racks have a stabilizer running along the bottom of the rack which keeps it stable like the SM-2.5 so consider if they will be in the way of your exercise.


The Rogue SM-2.5 is made with sturdy 11-gauge steel construction. The gauge determines the thickness of the metal. Every metal will have its own formulation to calculate the metal thickness so this company’s 11-gauge steel is their way of showing what you can expect from the metal’s thickness. This is Rogues most robust material. You will notice that the welds are sturdy and well-done. They are inspected repeatedly before they even leave the factory. The rack is covered with a satin black powder coat finish to keep it protected while you exercise. It is put together and reinforced with one-inch hardware to top off that quality construction.

The SM-2.5 is manufactured at the Rogue Fitness headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, using heavy-duty 11-gauge laser-cut steel uprights and 11-gauge steel base tubes to give the stand optimal stability. All of the welds, as well as the laser-cuts at Rogue Fitness, are each individually inspected at each step along the manufacturing process for integrity and appearance. Then they are inspected again for a quality finish after the powder coat process. Before it is shipped out, the entire package is given another final comprehensive quality assurance check. Then once you receive it, your stand is guaranteed for life.


The squat is a fantastic exercise to help you build your muscle mass and strength. You will improve your thighs, calves, glutes, calves, and lower back. You will receive your choice of a fat or skinny pull up bar which you can use to work on your upper body. You will be able to enhance your Crossfit workout. This rack is an excellent tool for an effective full-body workout.

J-Cups Included

The J-cups which come with the SM-2.2 are top quality. They are made out of thick powder-coated steel and weigh around 7.5 pounds each. They are rated to hold 1000 pounds and come with protective UHMV plastic covers. Rogue has great attention to detail. The welds are all clean and evenly spread, and there is UHMW plastic on the J-Cups to protect your bar knurling.

They are easy to install on the uprights. Just put them horizontally into a slot on the rack. Then twist them so they are vertical. Once they are locked into place, they are ready to for any intense workout you wish to put them through.


This squat stand is very versatile. You will be able to do squats, seated OHP, bench press, floor press, or rack pulls. There are many variations of these exercises you can do using this rack. The SM-2.5 allows for everything you would want or get in a larger power rack including the pull-up bar. You get your choice between fat or skinny pull-up bar and it has keyhole patterns on the upright so you can add a wider variety of accessories and even more variety to your workouts.

The Final Word

The Rogue SM-2.5 is a combination of squat stand and power rack. It is about eight and a half feet tall made of 3-inch square 11 gauge steel. It is put together with durable one-inch hardware and is finished off with a satin black powder coat. The uprights include a keyhole design along the side so you have greater flexibility and can use a wider range of attachments. This is a top-quality rack from the rubber feet which offer added stability and help protect your floor to your choice of pull up bar at the top.

Do you want a power rack or a squat stand? With the SM-2.5 you do not have to decide. It gives you the best of both. The durability and versatility of Rogue Fitness products are unmatched and once you receive your rack, it is guaranteed for life.