Rogue SM-3 Monster Squat Stand Review

Updated January 10, 2019

The Rogue SM-3 Monster Squat is a beefed up version the SM-2.5, providing the ideal bridge between a conventional squat stand and a full blown power rack. Made from Rogue’s most robust construction materials of 3 x 3 inch, 11-gauge square steel, this beast of a unit will provide you with all of the grunt, stability and power you will ever need in a home gym. The SM-3 is the tallest in the Rogue Squat rack range, with a height of 111 inches (2.82 meters).

In this article we provide an in depth review of the Rogue SM-3 squat rack, along with 3 alternative models.

The Rogue SM-3

The Rogue SM-3 features a key-hole design down the side of each upright in order to provide the ultimate in versatility. This allows you to add on a range of custom Rogue additional pieces to turn your squat rack into your complete training base unit. The SM-3 is incredibly rugged, being made from 3 x 3 inch, 11-gauge square steel framing. The bolt together base features a triangle base for enhanced strength and rigidity.

The base, uprights and cross members of the SM-3 comes in a satin black powder coat finish, along with dome tag branding for a stylish, bold look. The uprights of the SM-3 are 111 inches, making them the largest in the Rogue squat stand range. This is great for taller users, but could be a problem if you have limited ceiling height in your training facility.

In terms of pull up bar options, you can choose between a 43-inch single skinny bar, with a 1.25 inch texture coated black powder coat finish, and a 43 inch fat / skinny bar with a two inch and a 1.25 inch diameter texture coated finish. Be aware that the max height on the single skinny bar is 106 inches, while the fat / skinny bar is only set at a max height of 96 inches.


  • Keyhole design
  • 3 x 3 inch, 11-gauge steel uprights
  • Bolt together triangle base


  • At 111 inches, may be too high for some basements

Rogue SM-3 Monster Squat Stand Alternatives

X-Mark Multi-Press Squat Rack XM-7619

The X-Mark XM-7619 is a solid budget priced rack. It is not quite as heavy duty as the Rogue SM-3 with 2 x 3 inch, 11-gauge steel compared to 3 x 3 for the SM-3. This unit comes with four weight storage pegs, which you do not get with the SM-3. This makes the unit more stable and allows you to keep your training area clean.

A big difference between the XM-7619 and the Rogue SM-3 is that, with this unit, your weight capacity maxes out at 400 pounds, compared with a thousand pounds for the SM-3. That makes this rack more suitable for beginner and intermediate users, whereas the SM-3 can handle the requirements of seasoned lifters.

The XM-7619 has been designed with a nice wide base to ensure a high level of stability and security. It comes with a pair of fully adjustable safety hooks.


  • 2 x 3 inch, 11 gauge steel uprights
  • 4 weight storage pegs
  • Extra wide base


  • Max weight only 400 pounds
TDS Power Rack Squat Cage

The TDS Power Rack is a powerful, compact full power rack. This makes it ideal if you’ve got limited available space in your training facility. The height of the uprights is just 72 inches, so you don’t get a lot of clearance for doing pull ups. Despite its size, this is a very sturdy rack for the price range.

The TDS squat cage provides you with a max weight allowance of 1,000 pounds, which puts it in on par with the Rogue SM-3. It doesn’t have Westside hole spacing, but, with 25 holes that are spaced two inches apart, you get plenty of bar placement options. One inch solid steel safety pins ensure your safety when you’re under the heavy iron. This unit comes with a professionally knurled pull up bar.


  • 1000-pound max user weight
  • Bold print numbers on all posts
  • Knurled pull up bar


  • May be too short for some people

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Soozier Ultimate Strength Training Power Cage

The Soozier strength cage / power rack provides you with two inch square steel framing, making it an inch thinner than the Rogue RM-3. It is still a sturdy, rigid unit that will allow you to train heavy in range of exercises. This bolt together unit is easy to put together.

Soozier strength cage / power rack offers you a wide walk-in design, providing you will plenty of room to move. That means that you will never be constricted when you’re working out. There are 15 bar adjustments positions on the uprights but they do not follow the Westside pattern. The rack comes in a stylish matte black and weighs in at 110 pounds. The max weight allowance on the rack is 330 pounds, which will be too low for advanced lifters.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide walk-in design
  • 15 bar adjustments


  • Max weight allowance limited to 330 pounds


The Rogue SM-3 is a heavy duty rack that sits between a full on power rack and a traditional squat rack. It features a key-hole design all along the uprights so you can add a range of extra attachments to it. It has a bolt together triangle base that provides extra rigidity.

If you are in need of a lower priced rack, we recommend the TDS Power Cage Rack, which provides the same 1,000 pound weight rating, a knurled pull up bar and numbers alongside the bar placement holes.

The Rogue SM-3

Our #1. Recommendation

​The Rogue SM-3

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