Rogue Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Rogue strength training gear has a well deserved reputation for quality and durability with the Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0 being particularly noteworthy. The typical Rogue fitness bench redefines what such a minimalist piece of equipment can be and their Monster Utility Workout bench leads the way in that regard. Here, we’ll take a side by side look at both the Rogue Flat Utility and the Monster Utility Workout Bench to see which one is best.

rogue fitness monster
rogue bench

The Flat Utility takes minimalism to a new level and demonstrates just how much you can get out for just how little. To say the design is no-nonsense would be an understatement but that’s okay. Sure you can’t adjust the saddle to 8 or 12 or a hundred different angled positions but at the same time you won’t get any of the wobble you can get from benches with more moving parts. Price - $179.

Key features include:

  • Tidy 18” high
  • Angled leg setup for greater stability
  • 11-gauge, powder coated, steel construction
  • Wider than normal saddle for extra comfort
rogue monster

The Monster is a beast. Made of 3” x 3” steel tubing it looks like it could survive World War Three without a scratch and maybe serve as a launch pad for deep space missions as well. Rogue was not messing around with this puppy. A 2 ½” thick pad of durable high-density vinyl provides comfort, although if you’ve picked up a Monster for yourself your routines probably don’t have much to do with being comfortable. Price - $255.

Key features include:

  • Heavy duty 11 gauge steel frame
  • Two different bench pads available
  • At 52 lbs it’s relatively light
  • Arrives unassembled

Rogue Bench Review: The Flat Utility vs. the Monster Utility

Rogue benches are solid from the ground up. They won’t win any beauty contests but they may help you win bodybuilding contests. They’re no nonsense benches that deliver no nonsense workouts for no nonsense lifters and they’ll last through the next ice age.

  • Best Value - Both benches are in the same general ballpark price wise and both are designed to help you lift weights. Period. At first glance neither one has any decided advantage over the other. So unless you are a truly large person or one who regularly lifts truly large weights the Flat Utility Bench should be more than adequate for your needs and save you about $80 at the same time. Winner: Rogue Flat Utility
  • Features - These are minimalist slabs of weightlifting functionality. To imply that one possess any considerable edge in available features would be a bit disingenuous. However the Monster bench’s Thompson Fat Pad is an awfully nice option as are the super secure rubber feet. So while we don’t expect either bench to be feature rich, we’ll give the edge to the big fat pad. Winner: Monster Utility
  • Performance - These benches are made for straightforward exercise routines focusing on the chest, triceps, back, abs and legs. They both provide comfortable platforms for such workouts and they’re both built to last. With the extra stable rubber feet and thick super comfy fat pad in place the Monster Utility doesn’t necessarily outperform the Flat Utility as much as it just out does it. Winner: Monster Utility

Our Choice for Best Rogue Flat Bench

rogue monster utility bench

Rogue Monster Utility Bench - While we wish the price point was a little lower we can’t argue it too much because for the price of a pair of Asics Weightlifting shoes you’re getting a bench you’ll have until you’re old and grey (if you’re not already old and grey). The Monster Utility will handle everything from a light off-day workout to the heaviest, most intense lifting routine you’ve ever attempted and handle it with ease and comfort.

Some Final Thoughts About Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench

Like the Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench the Rogue line of flat utility benches are plain yet effective platforms for exploring the depth of your commitment to weight lifting. Like the Rogue Adjustable Bench they do exactly what they promise to do and they do it so well you won’t know they’re there. The Monster Utility Workout Bench that we’ve chosen as our favorite in this Rogue adjustable bench review will deliver for even the most experienced pro and never bend, buckle or wobble in the process. To learn more about the Rogue Monster Flat Bench take a look at this video.

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Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

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