Rogue Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench 2.0

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Rogue Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench 2.0 Review Facts

We’ve written at length about Rogue Fitness and how much we nerd out for their racks, barbells, plate sets, and other commercial/residential functional fitness offerings. If you aren’t familiar with Rogue’s legacy, it is worth checking out. Rogue streamlined the process of opening a commercial gym, by making the necessary equipment available from one supplier.


Today’s review covers Rogue’s Adjustable Bench 2.0. It retails for under $600 USD and, like any Rogue unit, offers myriad possibilities for upgrades and attachments. The bench features 6 positions, including flat, though it does not decline. Construction is 2 by 3 inch 11 gauge square steel tubing. The seat is angled, but not height, adjustable.


Most exciting of all (we’re half-joking), Rogue has practically eliminated the gap between the seat pad and back pad. This little annoyance is endemic to adjustable benches, except for one-piece units like the Ironmaster Super Bench. 


The gap does not bother some lifters, while others complain about the need to precisely adjust one’s back before each set. Your editors are neutral and just want everyone to be happy, so it is good to find options for those of you who aren’t gap fans.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Powder coated framing resists corrosion, looks sharp, cleans easy

Size/length accommodates different body types

Seat can sit flat or angle for extra immobility

Width of seat, back pad got praises from reviewers (won’t restrict motion)

Backed by Rogue’s stellar warranty and customer service department

Angle is quick and easy to adjust, no excess pins or brackets


Wheels are a bit lackluster, but still work fine (transport wheels)

Might be too pricey for recreational lifters, plus uprights cost extra

Tech Specs

As we mentioned, the framing is ultra-durable and rigid 2 by 3-inch steel tubing. The frame bolts together with what appears to be Rogue’s forged bright zinc hardware--the product page doesn’t say for sure. There are six positions, from 0 to 85 degrees, so you can use the bench for seated military presses. Frame color is black with complimentary powder coating for a sleek finish.

The pad sits 17.5 inches above the floor in a flat position. Max pad height is 56.25 inches at the full 85-degree incline. Though the seat has the tiniest and most subtle taper ever, for those of us with thick thighs, it is 11.25 inches wide where it joins the back pad. This matches back pad width. The pad, from seat bottom to where your head goes, measures 52 inches at 0 degrees. If you are taller or shorter than typical, you are able to place the (optional) uprights strategically so your range of movement isn’t compromised. The bench will partner with virtually any upright, squat stand, power rack, or regular squat rack, as well as standard and specialty Olympic bars and plates. Don’t tell anyone we said this, but, a standard bar and plate set works, too, if that’s all you have on hand.

The bench weighs 128 pounds fully assembled with no add-ons. The pad and frame give it a footprint of 24.5 by 24.5 inches, notably compact for such a heavy duty tool. The legs are capped with rubber pieces to prevent floor damage, and moving the bench is easy with wheels and a human hand-friendly plastic lined handle.

What People Are Saying

We found and analyzed about ten different sources of aggregate consumer reviews for the Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0, as well as reading full reviews and side-by-sides (with competing products) from leading fitness websites. At the time of this writing, the bench has an average of 4.8 out of 5 ratings, on the Rogue product page, from 78 buyers and users of the bench.

No bench is perfect, and the criticisms we found centered around perceived design flaws. One reviewer found the bench too heavy to move easily and wished Rogue had added less steel to the frame. Others pointed out that the seat adjustment is limited, and it may be that you will want more of an angle for added stability.

It’s unclear why Rogue made this bench an incline with no declines. If you need decline angles for your lifting practice, Rogue does offer several incliners at a similar price and quality range. Though some reviewers took off stars for the lack of decline, we don’t feel it’s a valid criticism and definitely not a deal-breaker. If you need a flat bench, and you get one, you probably won’t send it back saying it doesn’t adjust. The same principle applies here.

Across the board, reviewers praised how durable the bench is and how stable it feels, with no wobbling even under heavyweight. The rear stabilizer is a long square rod, with rubber caps, while the front support is an unusually short but still sturdy piece of steel. The carry handle is part of the front leveler. More than one commercial gym owner gave a glowing review. The firm padding was another beloved feature in the reviews we studied.

Upgrades and Extras

If there’s one thing Rogue is famous for, it’s crafting one of a kind accessories that make their fixed lifting equipment more versatile and fun than just about any other brand out there.

The main one Rogue encourages you to add is the Spotter Deck. It adds about $100 USD to your purchase price. It is a platform for human spotters to stand on, increasing their safety and effectiveness in the event of a failed bench press. The Diamond Deck platform attaches to the bench with included hardware and can be removed if you need to move the bench down the road. The diamond style decking helps your spotter with grip and traction as they stand behind you. The Spotter Deck features a barely-there incline, which is nonadjustable and gives your spotter more freedom and efficiency in assisting you with a lift. A perfectly flat surface, like a gym floor, makes it a bit trickier for spotters to get their bodies and arms where they need to be for maximum safety.

You can also pair the bench with almost any rack, not just those Rogue offers. At the time of this writing, there are no accessories or attachments for the 2.0 on Rogue’s website. If you are looking for something you can modify and customize, we suggest almost any of the racks and half racks Rogue produces.

As you are aware, a weight bench is a gateway to an enhanced lifting program and serious strength gains, giving you a platform to do all sorts of presses with barbells or dumbbells. The Rogue Fitness 2.0 adds to that with its multiple incline angles and adjustable tapered seat. Changing the incline is easy, with a mechanism that won’t lock, jam, or cause you to lose lifting time by making you fine-tune it.

Comfort And Ease Of Use

The Rogue Fitness 2.0 is super comfortable, even during intense or sweaty workouts. That starts with the frame, which is rigid and heavy enough to keep you stable and bring peace of mind. The padding stands out, too. It is filled with thick foam and covered with machine-stitched upholstery. The back and seat will support your spine and other sensitive portions while being firm enough to ensure you are the one doing the work to lift your weight. The padding and steel are also easy to keep clean and maintain, even under constant use. Although it’s not healthy or advisable to weight train every day, we think you’ll look forward so using this bench as much as possible. It will not let you down, and also doesn’t claim to be more than what it is.

Stick With It Factor

No piece of fitness gear in the world will be useful or effective if you don’t, well, use it. Whether it is a bench or an ab roller, any tool you invest in should already have both a home in your gym and a purpose in your training regimen. With those in place, you can decide if a particular product is right for you.

The price of the Rogue Fitness 2.0 may discourage some home gym owners. If you want to test drive one, we suggest calling Rogue. They may be able to connect you with a local gym that has one. Gyms can be very accepting of visitors, but you may have to wait in line a bit to try out the bench. It is so effective and reliable that everyone will want to use it. If you can afford one, and if you don’t have a need for incline presses, we are confident you will keep using this bench and making sequential gains for as long as you desire.

The Final Word

The Rogue Fitness Bench 2.0 is a solid steel workhorse with few extra features, though its padding and construction make for an exemplary ride. The seat goes from flat to seated upright, putting you into position to perform almost any press for your upper body. With an optional spotter deck, you can push yourself to do heavy lifts safely, aided by a human spotter who will be in an ideal position to assist. Rogue closed up the pad gap, that bane of all adjustable benches, to almost nothing. This enhances the comfort and ease of use even more.