Vulcan Strength: Reviewed & Rated

updated January 1, 2019

If you’re in the market for reliable, heavy duty home workout gear then you’d better be checking out the range of equipment on offer at Vulcan Strength. These guys are fast establishing a reputation for excellence in the industry. In this article we find out more about Vulcan Strength and take a look at their premium offerings.

About Vulcan


Vulcan Strength Training Systems is a 100% Veteran owned company that was started in 2009. It operates out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They supply equipment to commercial gyms, universities, schools, home gyms, CrossFit boxes, military and law enforcement facilities and private businesses across the country. Their extensive range includes Olympic Weightlifting equipment, Kettlebells, and a full range of other strength training gear.

Vulcan’s range of Bumper plates and Olympic bars are fast becoming industry leaders in terms of performance and durability. The company also offers complete CrossFit equipment packages. Vulcan is very much hands on in the industry, constantly developing new and innovative products.

Everything you buy from Vulcan strength carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They go out of their way to offer the very best customer service.

The Vulcan Product Range

The Vulcan website breaks down it’s product range into four categories as follows:

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    Strength Equipment
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    Gymnastics & Mobility
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Strength Training gear sub divides into Bumper plates, Olympic bars, Kettlebells and Racks and Rigs.

Vulcan Bumper Plates

A key reason why Vulcan bumper plates have become popular is that they are completely made from vulcanized rubber, rather than being rubber coated iron plates like many competitors on the market. This means that your Vulcan bumper plates can be dropped from overhead without doing any damage to your flooring. Full rubber plates also will not peel or scratch.

vulcan Bumper Plates

Their black training bumper plates are the most popular due to their relatively low cost, high durability and versatility. They are ideal for any indoor application, but are not designed for outdoor use. The 55,45, 35, 25, 15 and 10 pound bumper plates all carry a 36-month warranty.

The Vulcan Color Training bumper plates are available in pound and kilogram increments. These plates are made from a different rubber compound than the black training bumper plates, providing both lower bounce and lower noise.

Vulcan were the first in the industry to introduce V-Lock Rubber Change Plates. This is a solid rubber plate without any steel inserts or an iron core. This means no more paint peeling, chipping, loose or departed inserts. These plates are precisely weighed, balanced and molded to fit tightly on the barbell and closely together.

Alpha Bumper Plates are the latest addition to the Vulcan bumper plate range. They are made from a unique rubber compound which you won’t find in any other bumper plate on the market. It allows these versatile plates to be used both indoors and outdoors without any adverse effects whatsoever. The proprietary rubber compound also allows for a thinner plate which takes up less space on the bar. It also provides a dead blow bounce. Due to their shock absorbent qualities, they are as much as 35% quieter than other plates. On top of all of that they are less expensive than most competitor brands - and they are color coded for easy identification.

Vulcan Olympic Bars

Vulcan Olympic Bars

Vulcan offer one of the largest range of Olympic bars in the industry. Their website features 9 specific type of Olympic bar. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular.

Vulcan Absolute Stainless Steel bars have a totally stainless steel shaft and sleeve. They come in both the men’s 20kg and the women’s 15kg version and feature 4 German needle bearings per sleeve. This is a heat treated, aged and straightened stainless steel bar.The highly reflexive steel provides a high whip factor. This bar is recommended for high level weightlifting and pro training facilities.

The Vulcan One Basic Olympic Bar is the go-to bar for the average home gym lifter. It features four bronze bushings, smooth rotation, dual crossfit style markings, no central knurling but regular knurling. This bar comes with a three year warranty.

The Vulcan V4 Elite Olympic Barbell is known for its whip and steel strength. It i made from chrome-molybdenum steel compound and offers medium outer knurling with recessed central knurling. It provides a very smooth rotation, grooved sleeves and extremely reflexive sleeves. When you purchase this bar you enjoy a lifetime warranty.

Olympic Barbells

The knurling on a bar is a key component of performance. The knurling on the Vulcan range of bars is cut with a CNC lathe. Many of the bars feature traditional center knurling. Vulcan Strength barbells use oilite bushings, made of a porous bronze material which holds oil. This is a trademarked product made only in the USA.

Vulcan also offer a range of specialty training bars. They include York EZ Curl bars, Vulcan curl bars, Farmer’s Walk handles, a Vulcan multi-grip Swiss bar, a Vulcan dual grip strongman log bar and a Pro Hex High Trap Bar. There is also a full complement of York Olympic barbells.

Vulcan Kettlebells

The guys at Vulcan are highly experienced kettlebell trainers. Their experience in training and competing have gone into the design of their classic range of kettlebells. The patented design of the kettlebells feature many unique aspects. They are ergonomically designed to increase performance and lower your risk of injury. You will notice that the handle on the Vulcan kettlebell sits lower on your forearm than other kettlebells on the market. This displaces the majority of the weight to a more distal position away from the lifter’s body. It also offers a wider handle which can accommodate two hands for such moves as double hand swings.

vulcan kettlebell

Vulcan kettlebells are made from high strength steel. They do not use any filler products in their kettlebells. When you buy one, you also get a lifetime warranty from cracking or denting. All Vulcan kettlebells are made from solid steel handles. They do not use any toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Vulcan Conditioning Equipment

Vulcan Strength have one of the best ranges of conditioning equipment that we have ever come across. This includes:

All of this gear is top quality and each provides a wide range of options. As an example, there are 4 types of land mines, two that are attached to bumper plate holders. These allow you to make much greater use of your barbells, turning them into T-Bar machines and other rowing / pressing devices.

Gymnastics & Mobility Equipment

Vulcan Strength provide you with a full complement of gymnastic training equipment such as gymnastic rings, grips and peg boards. They also have a full complement of foam rollers and massage balls, muscle floss recovery bands and strength bands.

Conditioning Equipment

The Vulcan range of resistance bands are amongst the highest quality and most durable on the entire market. They are made from a long lasting 100% latex material. All of the Vulcan bands are 41 inches in length and approximately three eighths of an inch thick. Bands range from XXX Light right through to X Heavy. These will give you the equivalent of between 100-200 pounds of resistance.

Vulcan Strength also offer a full range of knee sleeves. As well as two Vulcan models they also carry the market leading Rehband range of knee sleeves. Weightlifting belts, straps and wraps and also fully covered by Vulcan.

The Vulcan Powerlifting belt is made from genuine natural cow leather. This is the highest grade of leather providing you with a greater level of suppleness than most belts out there. It also means that you do not have to break the belt in. It’s ready for heavy squats straight out of the package. The top grain leather on the Powerlifting belt has a vintage finish that will wear well and develop its own unique look. It has a single prong for easy and quick on and off. A heavy duty tactile suede lining adds comfort and helps to prevent that annoying belt slippage that is common with lesser quality belts.



The Vulcan Strength website features a closeout section which features products that are marked way down in price. Unlike some other clearance sales, these products are never defective or of inferiority quality. They are all top notch products that are available at serious price reductions. The site currently features clearance prices on bumper plates with up to 25% off training and competition bumper plates, as well as 25% reductions on kettlebells.

The Closeouts section also features Vulcan B Side Barbells. These are Vulcan bars that did not pass quality inspection. However, none of these bars have any mechanical defects. The reason that they do not pass is due to aesthetic finish including discoloration, uneven finish, spots, scratches and tool marks. These bars are discounted by up to one hundred dollars!

The Bottom Line on Vulcan Strength

Vulcan Strength are a fully veteran owned company that are putting out some of the most highly regarded training equipment on the market right now. They’ve got a huge range of gear, offer top quality service and stand behind everything they sell. Plus every purchase is supporting veterans - what more could you want!

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