Precor Adjustable Multi-Angle Bench

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Precor Adjustable Multi-Angle Bench Review Facts

The Precor Adjustable Bench is one of those wonders that pepper the fitness landscape and make us start to wonder why the others seem to be so overbuilt. Precor is an American company that produces a range of fitness equipment from very expensive and complex machines to pieces like the Multi-Angle Bench which seems like it’s the product of a design class project to create the best possible bench from the least possible material.

Regardless of your workout goal, the versatility of the Precor Adjustable Bench is such that you won’t be left wanting. It excels as a stand-alone appliance but is also engineered to integrate seamlessly with Precor’s S3.23 Functional Trainer. It’s as a stand-alone that we’ll review it here so let’s get started.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It is easy to assemble when you get it

It comes with a fantastic warranty

Has transport wheels for easy movement


The saddle not adjustable


The Precor bench is strong as well as bold and will fit in well. This adjustable bench with multiple angles is a great addition to any fitness space. It is a combination of materials that are heavy-duty with a sleek design that provides maximum strength, trustworthy stability, and durability that will last.

The adjustable workout bench is the perfect tool for working both the upper and lower muscles in your body. It is made with quality upholstery in a sharp black vinyl and foam padding which is contoured for comfort. The bench adjusts to six angles, including incline, flat, and decline as well as military. The design includes handles and transport wheels on the bottom so when you are finished with your workout you can easily move it out of the way. The design is accented with a powder-coated steel frame.


The Precor Multi-angle Bench gives you six different adjustments of the back position to give you a much more varied workout so you can get the most out of your strength training program. Whether you are doing presses, bicep curls, incline flys or straight-arm pullovers this bench can handle the work whether it is a dumbbell or heavyweight strength regimen.


As we mentioned the Multi-Angle Bench can be used as a stand-alone or in concert with the company’s Functional Trainer. As a stand-alone, it excels as a first-class FID bench though some may miss the ab component. It adjusts on the fly, is comfortable in any of its six positions and is easy to move thanks to discreetly placed wheels and handle. Setup and storage are easy as well.

Build Quality

As we said the bench has the look of an exercise in design reduction but that trim profile somehow doesn’t interfere with stability. The Multi-Angle Bench has a footprint of 25 x 17 x 53 inches and checks in at a not-surprisingly svelte 55 pounds. The dark brown vinyl upholstery is plush enough to provide comfort but not so much that it undermines performance, while the powder-coated steel framework will resist scratches and scrapes.

The upholstery is made with premium-quality and has a Beautyguard protective topcoat finish. It provides extra durability with a double-layer slipcover which is placed in the areas of the bench which are high wear areas. There is also double stitching on all of the seams. The bench comes in a huge array of colors for the upholstery and frame, so it will easily be able to fit the decor of any room in your home. The bench has a sturdy frame made of 11 gauge steel. It tops off the durability with an electrostatically applied and heat-cured powder coat.


There is not a lot of add-ons available for this bench but that is alright with us. The goal with this type of apparatus is to help us make the most of dumbbell training and to that end, the bench performs beautifully. If you’re really intent on expanding the bench’s horizons you can, as we mentioned, integrate it with Precor’s Functional Trainer and go to town.


The bench performs admirably in all configurations. While there were a few moments when we wished the saddle was just a tad wider it was not because the bench felt unstable. The bench may not be as effective for larger users. So that maybe one word of limited caution for widebodies out there. Other than that everything worked as advertised, with barely a squeak or wobble.

Portability and Set Up

The Precor Adjustable Bench sets up quick and easy out of the box. No muss, no fuss. When you’ve finished your workout or if you’re just cleaning your space you simply take hold by the conveniently located handle, lift, and roll. If you’re intent on taking it apart to transport or for some other reason you need only remove a few screws and the bench breaks down into a neat little package.


The Precor company stands behind their product with one of the best warranties in the business. This bench has a lifetime warranty on the superstructure like the frame and the welds. The warranty on parts is 10 years with 10 years on wear items as well and 1 year on labor. They can offer this warranty because they are sure you will never need to use it. Their bench is built that well.

What To Know Before You Buy

When you are getting ready to invest in a weight bench for your workout area, the two most important things you need to consider are the amount of weight the bench can hold, and the type of exercises you are planning to do during your workout. You will need to put some thought into whether you are planning to work out with free weights, resistance bands, or whether you plan to combine them. The more you plan to do strength training, the more important it will be for you to know your bench's weight capacity.

If you are planning to use a lot of free weights, you may want to consider adding a rack around your bench, one which has a squat rack, an overhead bar, and an open work area on the sides for doing arm lifts or curls. If you plan on training using resistance, be sure the bench you choose is going to be compatible with resistance bands. Also, look to see whether the back cushion or seat adjusts so you can focus on different areas.

When you are doing strength training, it is vital to know your bench's weight capacity. Some benches are designed for only simpler workouts and they will start wobbling the second you redistribute any major amount of weight. If you work out with barbells, you need a bench that has at least a 300-pound weight capacity.

You would be shocked by how many online customer reviews talk about horror stories of having their bench collapse while holding a barbell full of weight in the air. The product descriptions should always include a max weight capacity as well as a list of any safety features included. Some benches are designed to be wide and bottom-heavy, so they are able to handle a sudden weight redistribution. Other models of bench are designed with narrow legs so they are designed to be used with lighter weight or they may be prone to teeter.

No matter which strength training workout you decide to focus on, the most important part is to keep up with your regiment. Many studies prove that both of these forms of exercise are both effective if the workout is practiced in a strong regimen.

History of the Workout Bench

Most likely, the first workout bench was probably made of iron or stone. The concept started as a way of improving the original go-to means of doing strength training. That was pushing yourself up against a flat surface, doing a push-up. The problem with this method is that most floors do not have a lot of “give”.

The only way to step up the muscle building was to hang static weights around your neck. Lying on your back makes it possible to increase the weight you use without putting too much stress on all the other parts of your body. Looking at it from a scientific point of view, the weighted bars could oppose the muscle’s generated force through what is known as contraction. Specific muscle groups could get bigger without the body breaking down.

Strength training using free weights has been a part of workouts since Ancient Greece. Throughout history, athletes working with weights have experimented with more precise ways to create a chiseled physique (read a brief history of Crossfit games). In the 1960s, a major shift happened as exercise machines started to compliment the free weight exercises. The exercise machines were very popular because they changed the way that certain muscles in your body would contract.

Once the 1970s started a huge fitness craze really took hold. It was fueled by the movie Pumping Iron, as well as the popularity of Muscle Beach and famed weightlifter Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was closely followed in the next few decades, with people getting hooked on tv programs about aerobics and fitness. They focused on resistance training which is isometric. Neighborhood gyms became all the rage, popping up on every corner. Soon after, the U.S. saw the rise of home gyms which invited the popularity of the workout bench as an economical way to keep an all-purpose piece of equipment in the home.

The Final Word

The Precor Bench may set you back a few dollars more than some other comparable benches. What you get for those few extra dollars is the knowledge that your bench is produced by a well known and respected maker of fitness equipment and is therefore unlikely to start giving you problems shortly after you buy it. In fact, this is a bench for people who are serious about their home gym and their overall physical conditioning. A solid overall value proposition.