Precor Adjustable Multi-Angle Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

The Precor Adjustable Multi Angle Bench is another of those minimalist wonders that dot the fitness landscape and make us wonder why everything else seems to be so overbuilt. Precor is an American company that produces a range of fitness equipment from very expensive and complex machines to pieces like the Multi-Angle Bench which seems like it’s the product of a design class project to create the best possible bench from the least possible material.

Precor Adjustable

Precor Adjustable Bench Review

Regardless of your workout goal the versatility of the Precor Adjustable Bench is such that you won’t be left wanting. It excels as a stand-alone appliance but is also engineered to integrate seamlessly withPrecor’s S3.23 Functional Trainer. It’s as a stand-alone that we’ll review it here so let’s get started.

  • Versatility - As we mentioned the Multi-Angle Bench can be used as a stand-alone or in concert with the company’s Functional Trainer. As a stand-alone it excels as a first class FID bench though some may miss the ab component. It adjusts on the fly, is comfortable in any of its 6 positions and is easy to move thanks to discreetly placed wheels and handle. Setup and storage is easy as pie.
  • Build Quality - As we said the bench has the look of an exercise in design reduction but that trim profile somehow doesn’t interfere with stability. The Multi-Angle Bench has a footprint of 25 x 17 x 53 inches and checks in at a not-surprisingly svelte 55 pounds. The dark brown vinyl upholstery is plush enough to provide comfort but not so much that it undermines performance, while the powder coated steel framework will resist scratches and scrapes.
  • Options - There’s not a lot of add-ons available for this bench but that’s alright with us. The goal with this type of apparatus is to help us make the most of dumbbell training and to that end the bench performs beautifully. If you’re really intent on expanding the bench’s horizons you can, as we mentioned, integrate it with Precor’s Functional Trainer and go to town.
  • Performance - The bench performs admirably in all configurations. While there were a few moments when we wished the saddle was just a tad wider it wasn’t because the bench felt unstable, but because the tester probably needed to lose a few pounds. So that may be one word of limited caution for wide bodies out there. Other than that everything worked as advertised, with barely a squeak or wobble.
  • Portability/Setup - The Precor Adjustable Bench sets up quick and easy out of the box. No muss, no fuss. When you’ve finished your workout or if you’re just cleaning your space you simply take hold by the conveniently located handle, lift and roll. If you’re intent on taking it apart to transport or for some other reason you need only remove a few screws and the bench breaks down into a neat little package.

The Precor Adjustable Bench comes with a lifetime warranty on the superstructure and 10 years on parts. One of the best warranties in the business. They can offer such a warranty because they’re pretty darn sure you’ll never have to take advantage of it. The bench is built that well.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quality weight bench at an affordable price and you don’t have a lot of space to work with, the Precor Multi-Angle Bench is for you. The tough as nails construction masks a subtle versatility and the comfort and stability provide the perfect platform for all manner of free weight routines. Learn more about the Precor Multi Angle FID Bench by checking out this short video.


At 329 bucks the Precor Bench will set you back a few dollars more than some other comparable benches. What you get for those few extra dollars is the knowledge that your bench is produced by a well known and respected maker of fitness equipment and is therefore unlikely to start giving you problems shortly after you buy it. In fact, this is a bench for people who are serious about their home gym and their overall physical conditioning. A solid overall value proposition.

If you want something simple and easy to use yet affordable, check out more on Powerline Weight Bench and Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench. You may also want to learn more about other kinds of weight benches in this comprehensive review which covers almost all of the popular brands out there.

Precor Adjustable Multi Angle Bench

Our #1. Recommendation

​​Precor Adjustable Multi Angle Bench

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