Nautilus UB300 Adjustable Weight Bench

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Nautilus UB300 Adjustable Weight Bench Review Facts

The Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench is a stable, durable, performance-oriented piece of workout equipment that achieves a high degree of comfort while never losing track of its primary function: to help you lift more effectively. The Nautilus bench is a classic Flat/Incline/Decline or FID bench that expresses the company’s long-held commitment to finding better, more anatomically efficient and effective ways to lift weight in order to achieve greater overall fitness. In this article, we will give you some insight into this bench so you can make an informed buying decision.

Editor's Pros & Cons

There are 5 incline position settings with easy adjustments

Back padding is contoured for comfort

There are comfortable foam rollers to hold your feet in place while you are working out


The bench is not suited for individuals taller than 6 feet


The Universal Adjustable Weight Bench with a bunch of great features that are all geared to give you a comfortable and safe workout that will be effective and get the job done. The backrest has five different position settings between 10 and 45-degree angles, so you can perform a huge variety of exercises for your upper body and core. The leg base is fixed and equipped with 8-inch foam rollers. They will keep your legs stable so keep you safe.

The bench is very lightweight at only 33.3 pounds which makes it so easy to move around. One of the first things you notice about the UB300 is the robust steel frame. This bench has the strength to handle up to 250 pounds of user weight or a combined user weight and lift a load of 430 pounds. It is fitted with stabilizer levelers on each foot so the weight bench will remain stable on all types of floors.

This bench has a padded seat and backrest which is adjustable and contoured. It is made of high-quality vinyl and plush padding so it is super easy to clean and also easy to exercise on. It is easy to put together with all the tools you need for assembly as well as for instructions to help you with the task. The Universal UB300 weight bench is protected with an impressive two-year warranty on the frame and 30 days on the upholstery.


The Nautilus bench is versatile and is easily adjusted on the fly with the ultra-smooth pull pin system. It is easy to move from vertical to decline or any of the angles without missing a beat in between. The nifty leg curl attachment is easy to install and is also available for anyone who wants to include some core components to their exercise routine.

Quality and Appearance

Nautilus is a popular name when you are considering the quality. The UB300 is no exception. This bench is high quality and looks sharp as well. The cushions are 11 inches wide and double stitched, a good sign this bench is built to last. It is made with high-grade steel and solid mechanical elements.
When you attach the leg curl accessory it is completely steady with no shifting or rattling around.

This weight bench is perhaps the least nuanced piece of workout equipment that the Nautilus company has ever made. The appearance of this bench is just plain solid and does not apologize for that fact. It is wide and low with heavy-duty tubing. The upholstery looks like it would easily last until the next ice age. The UB300 shows your strength and durability from every angle.


The Nautilus UB300 slides effortlessly from inclined to flat to declining and once it assumes a new position it stays there as though anchored in concrete. Stability is never an issue with the UB300 nor is comfort regardless of your position or the amount of weight you are lifting. The bench feels bigger than it is and that feeling provides just the psychological edge many lifters need to get the most from their routines.

Size and Portability

One of the reasons the bench feels so solid is the generous footprints, measuring 28 inches long by 21 inches wide. It is virtually impossible to tip this bench over. When you are done with your routine simply fold down the seat back and slip the bench into your closet.

The bench measures 51 inches long, 17.5 inches in width and is about 25 inches tall. The leg brace has 8-inch foam rollers which will help your legs stay in the proper position. This will help ensure that you are using the proper technique during your workout so you remain safe and sturdy at all times. Keeping the proper leg position helps eliminate any unnecessary injuries during your workout. This bench can withstand 250 pounds for the user maximum weight, or if you are working with added weight the capacity would be 430 pounds. Regardless of its strength this bench is very lightweight at only 33.4 pounds, so it is easier to lift but you will not have to go without stability.


Nautilus uses the highest quality materials on their equipment which is why they are one of the leaders in the industry. This frame is made with heavy-duty steel and the upholstery is vinyl so you can easily wipe it down after your workout. Considering this bench is quite a bit cheaper than most benches, you will be impressed with how well this bench is made. The feet are capped with levelers that stabilize the bench at the bottom which helps make sure there is no wobbling or rocking while you are exercising. This bench is also compatible with nearly all types of floor surfaces. It also comes equipped with wheels on the back to make it easier to move around. The comfortable padding is perfect, which allows you to be at your maximum comfort level while working out, allowing you to focus more on your technique and your workout rather than how to get comfortable during your workout.

The UB300 has an adjustable and contoured seat which is crafted from high-quality vinyl and is plush padded. Not only is this material easy to clean but it is a joy to exercise on. The leg base is designed to keep your legs secure with 8-foot foam rollers.

Assembly and Installation

When you receive the UB300 bench, you will have to put it together. The good news is, it does come with some wrenches so you have some help. They are not the highest quality so you might have a little better luck with a wrench that you might have sitting in your toolbox. When you open the packaging you will find a diagram for the parts which will be helpful in seeing how to put the whole bench together. They are not precise instructions though so make sure that you give yourself enough time to properly put the bench together

Who Is This For

The Universal UB300 weight bench works great for those who are just beginning their fitness program or for seasoned fitness enthusiasts. It can be used by both light or hefty individuals or those who weigh less than 250 pounds. Compared to some of the traditional weight benches, the UB300 bench offers a huge variety of exercise options. You can easily do flat dumbbell presses or seated side lateral presses. It will work for incline dumbbell curls or flyes. You can also use it for hammer curls while seated, lunges in an elevated position, or tricep extensions while lying down.

In addition to those exercises, if you set the UB300 bench with the back support in the lower decline position, you have a fantastic way to do your bench presses in a decline position for the development of your lower chest or to target the ab muscles with crunches and sit-ups done in this position.

The Final Word

The Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench is comfortable, durable, stable and affordable. It is an excellent all-purpose piece of fitness equipment that will bring the gym experience home whether you prefer to work with dumbbells or want to hook the bench up to a Nautilus cage and do some barbell routines. It is also a great choice if you are working with a limited budget.

The UB300 is a weight bench that lets you perform a huge range of exercises. It will not disappoint when it comes to performance and safety. It comes with the most sought after right features including a cushioned seat, a sleek and eye-catching design, and the higher user weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is backed by a two-year manufacturers warranty on the frame to make sure it serves you well for several years to come.

In some ways, the Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench seems like a throwback with its no-nonsense appearance accentuated by the oversized upholstery and uber-solid profile. Yet if there is any way the UB300 is actually a throwback it is in the way the bench embraces the old fashioned values of a quality product at a fair price. The UB300 price is about half what comparable benches might set you back. Considering all the bench you get, along with the fact you can hook up to any Nautilus cage system to extend its usefulness even further.