Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

The Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench is a stable, durable, performance-oriented piece of workout equipment that achieves a high degree of comfort while never losing track of its primary function: to help you lift more effectively. The NT 1020 as it’s known is a classic Flat/Incline/Decline or FID bench that expresses the company’s long held commitment to finding better, more anatomically efficient and effective ways to lift weight in order to achieve greater overall fitness.

Nautilus Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Nautilus NT 1020 Weight Bench Review

Nautilus has a long and illustrious reputation for finding new ways to get more from your workouts and the NT 1020’s FID capabilities don’t let you down in that respect. The Nautilus NT 1020 looks exactly like the solid, dependable piece of equipment it is with its extra wide cushions and generous footprint. Here we’ll take a look at some of the features that make this workout bench a perennial best seller.

  • Versatility - The NT 1020 can easily be adjusted on the fly using the ultra smooth pull pin system. You won’t skip a beat as you go from vertical to declining or anything in between. A nifty and easy to install leg curl attachment is also available for those who want to include a core component to their routines.
  • Build Quality - The double stitched, 11” wide cushions are a major tip off that Nautilus wasn’t fooling around when they designed the NT 1020. The bench is built to last using high grade steel and solid, no nonsense mechanical elements. The leg curl accessory seems completely at home when attached with no shifting or rattling to be felt or heard.
  • Appearance - The Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench is perhaps the least nuanced piece of workout equipment the company has ever made. The appearance is straight up in-your-face solid and doesn’t hide or apologize for that fact. Wide, low, with heavy duty tubing and upholstery that seems it will last until the next ice age, the NT 1020 expresses strength and durability from every angle.
  • Performance - The Nautilus NT 1020 slides effortlessly from inclined to flat to declining and once it assumes a new position it stays there as though anchored in concrete. Stability is never an issue with the NT 1020 nor is comfort regardless of your position or the amount of weight you’re lifting. The bench feels bigger than it is and that feeling provides just the psychological edge many lifters need to get the most from their routines.
  • Size/Portability - One of the reasons the bench feels so solid is the generous footprints, measuring 28" long by 21” wide. It’s virtually impossible to tip this bench over. When you’re done with your routine simply fold down the seat back and slip the bench into your closet.

Final Thoughts

In some ways the Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench seems like a throwback with its no-nonsense appearance accentuated by the oversized upholstery and uber-solid profile. Yet if there’s any way the 1020 is actually a throwback it’s in the way the bench embraces the old fashioned values of a quality product at a fair price. The NT 1020 is about half what comparable benches might set you back and considering all the bench you get, along with the fact you can hook up to any Nautilus cage systemto extend its usefulness even further.

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Additional Information

The Nautilus Adjustable Weight Bench is comfortable, durable, stable and affordable. It’s an excellent all purpose piece of fitness equipment that will bring the gym experience home whether you prefer to work with dumbbells or want to hook the bench up to a Nautilus cage and do some barbell routines. If you’re working with a limited budget the NT 1020 is the smart value choice.

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Nautilus NT 1020 Weight Bench

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​Nautilus NT 1020 Weight Bench

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