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Rogue R3 Power Rack Review Facts

Working out at home has its obvious benefits. You do not have to drive to the gym, wait in line to use a machine or pay a monthly fee. One big downside, however, is that there is usually no one around to act as a spotter, especially if you usually work out alone. This is when it is safe and smart, to invest in a power rack.

Rogue Fitness offers a nice selection and if you have limited space and want a more compact model, the R-3 is a perfect choice. You can get an effective workout in total safety without a spotter. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision about the Rogue R-3. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

It is very easy to assemble and only requires putting 4 bolts in.

The safety adjustments are simple to use.

The rack is very sturdy. You can do pull-ups, dips and heavyweight lifts in absolute safety.

It comes with two pull up bars, a normal one, and a fat bar.


The safety bars holes are not numbered. This makes it a little tricky to match the height of the bar on each side when adjusting the safety bars.

Features and Benefits

The Rogue R3 claims to be the serious lifter’s power rack solution. Its design was inspired by the crew at Westside Barbell, renowned for producing some of the strongest lifters on the planet. The product specs are definitely impressive. The rack is made with 2 inches by 3 inches sturdy 11 gauge steel, put together with ⅝ inch hardware. The uprights are drilled with the hole pattern which has holes 1 inch apart through the area where the clean pull zone and bench attach and then 2 inch spacing on the rest of the upright.

You get unique a 1.25 inch and a 2 inch pull up bar at seven and a half foot tall with a shorty version at 7 foot tall. The rack also comes with a pair of Infinitely J-Cups, a pair of pin/pipe safeties, and 4 of the band pegs so you can add resistance to your workout. The Rogue has a ton of optional extras that can be attached to the rack to provide even greater workout options. These include a lat pulldown bar and dip station.
The Rogue R3 has a simple assembly based around 4 key bolt positions. Two bolts on each side connect to pull up bar across the top of the machine. You will be able to bolt this unit together and be ready to lift in ten minutes flat!

It is very simple to adjust the safety bar. You simply slide out the pin, lift the bar and push the pin back through the holes. Holes are set at two inches apart for squatting and one inch apart for benching. This allows you to adjust the safety bar very quickly so you don’t lose time between working sets. The proximity of holes also means that you have a whole lot of variety when it comes to adjustment of the safety pins to accommodate your bodily dimensions.

Many manufacturers will drill their safety bar holes. Rogue laser cut them. So what? The laser precision means that they line up perfectly, time after time. If you’ve ever been on a lesser machine that has alignment issues, then you know what a difference that makes!

The Rogue R3 features two pull up bars; a standard grip and a two-inch grip bar. This allows for variation of grip strength as well as for specialized forearm strength training. The unit comes with a set of four band pegs to allow you to perform band resistance lifts. This offers a proven intensity enhancing technique to allow you to get more results from your workouts.

Consider When Shopping

Power Racks are all about heavy lifting and safety. They will allow you to train like an animal without risking life and limb. It is imperative, therefore, that the device that you bring into your home gym is able to perform under the heavy iron. Here are the basic parameters of a good home power rack.

The rack should be solid, constructed of high-grade steel and feature a minimum of plastic. The hole spacing is critical. A generous number of spaces (one inch or less apart) will allow you to adjust the safety pins and the j-hooks exactly where you need them. You’ll then be able to customize the height settings for the power rack. If the hole spacings are too wide, you won’t get the right setting. Check the weight capacity. A maximum load of 1,000 pounds (455 kg) should be your standard. The rack should also feature several bars for plate storage.

The rack comes with a set of J-Hooks which are the hooks that the bar sits on. A rack that comes with a second pair of J-hooks is a very handy thing indeed. The minimum width of power racks can vary enormously. Obviously the standard width of a barbell doesn’t change, but, unless you check the width before purchase, you could be left high and dry when you want to throw a bench in the middle of the rack for bench pressing. You might also want to use dumbbells inside the rack, so make sure that you’ve got enough room to drop them.

What Is Included

The Rogue R-3 comes with everything you need to get your workout going, including all of the hardware and basic accessories needed to have this quality power rack at your disposal. You receive all the bolts and hardware. The rack also comes with a fat/skinny pull up bar which you can easily switch back and forth depending on what type of exercise you are working on. It also comes with a pair of J-Cups, 2 pins, and pipe safeties as well as 4 band pegs.


This power rack is built at the Rogue Fitness headquarters in Ohio. They use 2x3 inch 11 Steel Gauge uprights to create a super sturdy frame and then add holes which are laser cut and sturdy hardware. The completed frame will work well with a huge assortment of Rogue’s accessories and attachments.

Along each step of the process, every weld of the rack is individually inspected for a smart appearance and structural integrity. The laser cuts are inspected. After the powder coat processing each part is individually inspected again for the perfect finish. Then before the entire package is shipped, it receives one more comprehensive quality assurance check. Once it reaches your home, it is guaranteed for life.

Space Saver

If you have limited space for gym equipment, this is a great choice for you. The R-3 has a smaller footprint, in fact, it is the most compact rack in the series. It will fit into almost any gym space or tight corner. The rack is 7’6” tall and has an inside depth of 24 inches and a total footprint of just 53 inches x 34 inches. If that is a little too tall there is also a shorty version which is 7 foot tall.


When you purchase the Rogue R-3 not only do you have to accessories which come with the rack, you have the option to add a whole variety of other accessories that Rogue Fitness offers.

First, there are the adjustable mono lift arms. These are awesome for benching without a partner. It is so much safer because you do not have to worry about the lift-off. You can also use them for squatting if you would rather not walk the weight out. If you buy the mono lift arms you should also get the retrofit kit which lets you adjust them on the fly.

There is also Infinity Safety Straps which are one of the best designs available. Manufactured with super-strong nylon, they are tested at 10,000 pounds so they are strong and durable and way better than pin and pipes.

The spotter's arms are a great safety option you can use either inside or outside of the uprights. There is also the Matador Dip attachment which gives you an easy way to set up to do your dips and give you some variety for your grip width. If you have gymnastics rings you can use those as well.

You can also get a multi-grip cross member. As you probably guessed, this tool gives you more variety in your pulling. You can pull neutral, supinated or pronated at various widths. Take a look at the landmine as well. It is a useful tool for core stability, rows, and shoulders, among others. You should use a beater bar with landmines. If you use a nice bar, you will end up with cosmetic issues with the sleeves.

Benefits Of Using A Power Rack

A power rack is a backbone of any home gym. They have many benefits for your set up. Having a power rack lets you train alone in your gym while still being safe. You can move the safety hardware so it is lower than your range of motion. That way, if you are lifting and accidentally drop the bar, the safety bar will be able to catch it before it lands on your feet. The rack will also allow you to work with heavier weights than you would normally.

You can choose to use dumbbells instead of a bar for your upper body workouts if you want. You can also use the power rack as a squat rack. The power racks are perfect for partials to help you develop your strength while you are working with heavier weights in your workouts. You can also use it for functional isometrics. A power rack is just a wonderfully simple exercise machine, but it will be versatile enough to help you with your goals safely.

The Final Word

A power rack needs to form the corner-stone of any home gym worthy of its name. A good power rack provides the user with peace of mind when training and that is worth its weight in gold. Knowing that you have a fail-safe system to catch you when you fall will allow you to push beyond your barriers with absolute confidence.

The R3 Power Rack from Rogue is a top of the line offering that provides for a safe, sturdy weight training experience. The laser precision and seamless welding that has gone into its production not only looks great but provides you with a hassle-free experience, especially when changing the position of the safety pins. If you are looking for a quality power rack that will last the distance without hogging your floor space, you couldn’t do much better than the Rogue Fitness R3 Power Rack.