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updated January 1, 2019

P90X Multi Function Pull Up Bar

My home gym was almost complete. All I needed was a reliable piece of equipment to do my pull ups on I’d have everything I needed to get an awesome workout without leaving my front door. I knew that a doorway pull up bar was the solution I needed, but I also knew that many of the models out there are unreliable at best. I’d also heard that they can do permanent damage to your door frame.

Then I came across a familiar name that put my mind at ease. . . P90X. I’ve been training with Tony Horton and P90X in my living room for years. When I saw that they’d put out a P90X Pull Up Bar, I knew that it would be a quality product. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Needless to say, the P90X pull up bar rounded out my home gym and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Doorway Pull Up Bar

  • Stability: Of all the home pull up bar options, the doorway bar will be the least stable. However, doorway bar technology has come a long way in recent years. You should expect a bar that will lock in tight and allow you to perform both pull ups and chin ups with no wobbling or rocking. Rigidity is of paramount importance.
  • Maximum Weight: Again, a doorway pull up bar won’t allow us much weight as a mounted or free-standing variety. You should expect a bar that can handle up to 300 pounds, though. That should be enough to take your body weight and any extra poundage you care to carry when you get extra strong.
  • Attachment Method: A simple, reliable method of attachment that won’t mark the door jamb is essential. Your options are a bar that rests over the rear door trim or a telescopic bar that fits between the doorway opening. The latter option will involve screwing in safety cups.
  • Grip Variation: By varying your pull up grip, you’re able to work the muscles in slightly different ways. A bar that allows for variety of grip will give your back workout more oopmh. Look for a bar that offers pronated, supinated, wide, close and neutral grip options.
  • Bar Thickness: A variation in the thickness of the bar will allow you to work your forearms far more effectively than a constant grip.

Presenting the Product

P90X is the DVD fitness program from Beachbody that has revolutionized the industry. The huge popularity of P90X has, naturally, led to the market release of associated products and more DVDs. The P90X pull up bar is Beachbody’s solution to performing perfect pull ups in the comfort of your own home.

Sportline P90X Multi Function Pull Up Bar

The P90X Pull Up Bar hangs over the rear trim of your doorway. It has an impressive 12 grip positions to allow you to work the muscles of your back, arms, shoulders and chest from a wide variety of angles.

The P90X pull up bar can be installed in seconds and offers a very rigid and stable base from which to perform your pull ups and chin ups. It is available from Amazon, complete with a full workout DVD.

The P90X Pull Up Bar is a natural fit for anyone who has trained with Tony Horton the P90X way. It allows for all of the exercises in the program to be done safely and accurately. This bar will also appeal to people who want to get in a great upper body workout at home but are unable to go to the extent of investing in a wall or ceiling mounted pull up bar. That may be because they are renting, in a condo or simply don’t have the space. The P90X pull up bar will provide the all-in-one portable solution that can be put up in an instant and taken down just as quickly.​

P90X Pros and Cons


  • 12 grip positions to allow you to maximally work the muscles of your upper body.
  • Very rigid and stable.
  • Constructed of heavy duty gauge steel.


  • One of the most expensive doorway pull up bars on the market.
  • Doesn’t fit all doorways.
  • Requires fairly wide lip on the doorway trim and may leave a smudge on the door trim.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi grip positions - the P90X pull up bar offers 12 different gripping options, each one which has a foam padded grip to prevent sweating and discomfort. You can perform wide, extra wide, medium, close grip, as well as neutral grips to hit your back from a range of angles. This will take your workout to new heights beyond what you can do with just a straight bar.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction - the maximum weight capacity of the P90X pull up bar is 300 pounds. This affords you the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will not fail when you’re repping out on your back workout. You’ll also be able to add extra weight when you feel like a greater challenge.
  • Easy Install - From out of the box until on the door, it takes just minutes. From there, taking it down and reinstalling takes just a matter of seconds. This allows you to get into your workout quickly and hassle free.


Iron Gym Extreme Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition

The Iron Gym Extreme door pull up bar is packed with features that allow you to extend your workout beyond the basics of pull ups and chin ups. It comes completely disassembled, but assembly is quick and easy. The unit is also a breeze to put up and remove from your door frame.

The bar offers a wide pull up as well as grips to allow for a variety of angles to work lats from 4 different angle. There’s also a narrow grip option to put the focus on your biceps. It even offers a couple of hammer grip options to target the delts and forearms. This provides a truly impressive number of training options in the one device.

P90X Pull Up Bar vs Iron Gym

Iron Gym extreme offers similar features to the P90X Pull Up Bar but comes in at a lower price point. It does not, however, come with a workout DVD. The P90X offers a wider range of gripping options, including extra wide grip pull ups. The construction of the P90X is more robust. Even the foam grips are more securely glued in place. When it comes to a head to head P90X Pull Up Bar vs Iron Gym comparison, P90X comes out on top.

Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

​This stylish black and white unit is constructed with steel tubing, foam and plastic. The unit comes unassembled with a separate bag consisting of screws, nuts and washers, along with a wrench and Phillips screwdriver.

The bar is very securely held by the door frame alone, without the need for drilling or screwing. It fits a standard door frame from 27” to 35” wide. There are three contact points to ensure that the bar is totally secure. The parallel L-shaped bars are connected to a cross-bar which has a metal stay on it that sits atop the door frame moulding. The L-shaped bars are bolted to the pull up bar itself. The bar has cushioned supports on each end which push into the sides of the door frame to provide extra support when performing the exercise.

The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar is a more affordable version of the P90X pull up bar that offers impressive rigidity and construction. It doesn’t afford quite so many hand grip options at the P90X bar.

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus (Black, Chrome)

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus offers five grip positions, each one with a generously padded foam grip. The sturdy steel construction will accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

Assembly takes just a few minutes and the bar can be fitted in seconds. The door frame fitting requires a minimum of 2 inches of door trim thickness. Because the bolts are placed on the outside of the bar, as opposed to inside with most other models, you can be confident that there will be very minimal scuffing or scratching of your door surrounds when you use the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus.


Sportline P90X Multi Function Pull Up Bar

The P90X pull up offers a fantastic solution to your home pull up dilemma. If you are unable to invest in a wall or ceiling mounted pull up bar and don’t have the space or budget for a free standing pull up tower, then the P90X bar will provide you with a multi purpose way to work your upper body with a huge range of gripping positions. You will never have any concerns about stability and rigidity when using the P90X pull up bar. It is a little more expensive than the competition, but you will not be disappointed with the performance of this product. Or you can check out more on this article or some outdoor pull ul bars that may suit what you need especially if you love the outdoor atmosphere.

Check out the P90X Pull Up Bar reviews and buy the product at Amazon . . .

P90X Pull Up Bar

Our #1. Recommendation

​P90X Pull Up Bar

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