Are The Rogue Power Racks Worth The Price? Read our Comprehensive Review Below

Updated January 11, 2019

When you’re talking Power Racks, Rogue Fitness means heavy duty. Over the past decade, Rogue have forged a formidable reputation as the industry leaders in high end Crossfit and power training gear. Rogue have a complete range of power racks to suit all budgets and levels of training.

Here’s what they offer:

  • Echo Racks (2 units)
  • R-Series Infinity Racks (6 units)
  • Monster Lite Series (13 units)
  • Monster Racks (6 units)

The Echo Series

​The Echo Series is Rogue’s Budget Power Rack option.The uprights in the Echo series features 2” x 2” 11 gauge steel. The holes are a half inch in diameter. They are laser cut to be two inches apart. All of the hardware for putting the Echo together is also half inch.

The Echo rack is structurally sound,and super strong, able to handle anything you care to throw at it. Being Rogue’s budget model, it does give a little more flexibility in the uprights when going heavy, but it will maintain its structural integrity. The Echo also has fewer accessories available to it than is the case with the other racks.


RE-3 Echo Rack

The Echo R3 is a great option for the trainer on a budget who still wants the durability and craftsmanship of a Rogue machine. It has an economical footprint of just 53” x 32”. The maximum height is 90 inches and the rack features a fat/skinny pull up bar, j-cups and band pegs. This unit requires floor bolting before use.​

RE-4 Echo Rack

RE-4 Echo Rack

A larger footprint (53” x 53”) sets this unit apart from the RE-3 model, along with both a fat/skinny pull up bar and a single pull up bar. Optional pin – pipe safeties are available. This unit must also be bolted to the floor.​

The R-Infinity Series

The Infinity series is Rogue’s most popular power rack option. It features 2” x 3” 11 gauge steel uprights. The holes are five eighths of an inch in diameter. Throughout the bench region of the uprights, the laser cut holes are one inch apart. However, in the squat area the holes are two inches apart.

The Infinity Series are the workhorse of Rogue’s power rack stable. It is in fact, the official power rack of the Crossfit Games. The infinity has the most accessories available to it, with everything from the Matador dip station, to a kid’s pull up bar.​

R3 Range


R3-W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

This Power rack is an innovation which will open up the space of your gym while providing a hard core rack for multiple uses. The unit attaches to the wall and has the ability to fold back to be completely out of the way when not in use. It uses a hinge and locking pin system to accomplish this. It also features a quick attach pull up bar.

Rogue R3 Power Rock

R3 Power Rack

The R3 is inspired by the hardcore trainers at the Westside Barbell Company, leading to the innovative hole spacing that allows you to more readily customise the bar to your movement pattern. It features a pair of j-cups, band pegs and pin-pipe safeties and has multiple optional add-ons.


Bolt Together R3

Whereas the R3 has welded together side panels, this option breaks down for ease of shipping. You simply bolt the sides together when you’ve got all the parts in your straining area. This is a great option when you’ve got to negotiate stairwells or tight spaces to position your equipment.

R4 Range


R4 Power Rack

The R4 is a step up from the R3, offering a larger footprint (43” x 43”). This gives you more space inside the rack to do more explosive movement. It has a single pull up bar on the front and a fat/skinny bar on the back. Like the R3, it features band pegs, pin-pipe safeties and j-cups.

R6 Range


R6 Power Rack

The R6 model is a beefed up version of the R4 which adds a plate storage facility at the back of the rack, a monkey chin up bar and a huge 76” x 49” footprint to allow for maximum work inside the unit. Six band pegs are available on this unit. Throw in Westside hole spacing and fat/skinny, traditional and money bar options and it’s plain to see that this the beast of the Infinity range.

HR-2 Range


HR2 Half-Rack Conversion Kit

This handy unit will transform your Rogue S-2 or S-3 squat stand into a half power rack. This will allow you to spot yourself and it will provide a plate storage facility. The transformation is accomplished with the aid of pairs of uprights, cross members and triangle plates. The conversion bolts on in just minutes, allowing you to instantly squat in safety.

The Monster Lite Series

The Monster Lite series has an even thicker upright dimension at 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel. Holes are five eighths of an inch in diameter. As with the Infinity series, the Monster Lite series features the Westside hole pattern, with one inch gaps in the bench range, moving to two inches during the squat range. The Monster Lite Series offers an appealing middle ground between the Infinity and the Monster Series.

RML 390

RML-390 (3 units)

The RML-390 racks provide an interior depth of either 24” or 30”. You can choose either bolt together or welded versions. You can choose between ten custom semi-gloss powder coats.

RML 490

RML-490 (2 units)

The RML-490 offers a larger footprint than the 390, at 53” x 53”. It also features a 43” beam with gusset cross member and a single skinny pull up bar.


RML-690 (2 units)

The RML-690 offers a hybrid between the Infinity R6 and the Monster R-6 rack. This powerhouse features a huge 80” x 53” footprint for the maximum workout space. It doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor, providing all of the strength and sturdiness that you could ask for within itself. It offers a full range of custom height, depth, cross member and accessory options.


RML-3 (2 units)

The RML-3 is a combination of the 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel tubing of the RML series with the five eighths inch bolts and fasteners of the Infinity series. This compact unit features a 53” x 34” footprint and stands at 90 inches.


RM Fortis (2 units)

The Fortis range features 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel tubing but beefs up the bolts and fasteners to a solid inch in diameter. It also features fully welded panel in a black satin finish. This unit comes in both 30 inch and 40 inch depths.

Monster Series

The Monster series is the mother of all power racks, with 3” x 3” steel uprights that come in 11 gauge or 7 gauge steel. The holes are a beefy one inch, with a two inch gap between them. You also get laser cut numbers next to each hole. All of the hardware that comes with the Monster is one inch thick.

The Monster system is the best of the best. The structural strength of the unit is unrivalled, as is its vibration absorption. Accessories are plastic lined to ensure minimal contact powder coat to powder coat.

Rogue RM3 Monster Rack


Using bigger 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel tubing and one inch bolts and fasteners, this unit is designed for the hardcore lifter. The bolt together design also makes the unit more portable. You also get your choice of ten color options, laser cut pin position numbers and a key-hole pattern system for ease of add-on attachment.

Rogue RM4 Monster


The RM 4 feature all of the heavy duty adaptations of the RM-3, but offers a larger foot print to afford you a greater training area inside the rack. With the RM-4, you’ll have 53” x 53” of space to throw the weight around!


Rogue RM 6 Monster

The RM-6 offers even more workout space than the R-4. You have the option of upright height at either 90, 100 or 108 inches. The foot print of this beast is 80” x 53”, providing you with the freedom to do a variety of bench work inside the safety of the rack.

Combine this with the massive 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel framing, one inch bolts and fasteners , Westside holing and patterned, labelled numbers and it’s not hard to see why the RM-6 sets the standard in hardcore.

RM 390-F Flatfoot

RM 390-F Flatfoot

The Flatfoot is the heavy duty bad boy for the trainer who doesn’t want to have to bolt their power rack to the floor. It has all of the hardcore features of the Monster series, with the addition of a Monster squat Stand triangle base design to provide a solid, stable base. The unit features laser cut numbering on the front and uprights for optimum visibility.​

5 Reasons to Rely on Rogue

There’s a reason why Rogue Power Racks are the rack of choice of the Crossfit Games and thousands of trainers around the world. In fact there are atleast 5 of them . . .​

  • Rogue Racks are custom built in the USA to the toughest specifications. You can have confidence that you are making a life long investment when you buy a Rogue rack.
  • Rogue offer a full range to suite every budget. Their Echo range starts in the mid five hundreds, with the Monster Range going up to around $2000.00. And make no mistake – their budget units are still able to do the business!
  • Rogue are constantly offering huge reductions, including no cost, on shipping. When we’re talking something as bulky as a power rack, this can add up to some serious dollar savings.
  • Rogue’s reputation hasn’t been built on slick marketing and sales executives. They’ve done it all the hard way – through word of mouth. Their attention to detail after-sales service has been a big factor in that success.
  • Rogue offer one of the best warranties in the industry – lifetime on structural welds and frames and 5 years on bushings, bearings and pulley wheels.


Rogue offer one of the most complete range of power racks in the industry. Their reputation is second to none, they cater to all budgets and levels of training and they offer awesome back-up service. With all that going for them, we can’t think of a reason not to make Rogue your first port of call when you’re ready to get serious about a power rack.​

RE-3 Echo Rack

Our #1. Recommendation

RE-3 Echo Rack

jim roose

My name is Jim Roose. I’m a former competitive power lifter and gym owner. I’ve bought millions of dollars of fitness equipment over the last 20 years. This site is my way of giving back to the fitness community that’s done so much for me. Every article on here is carefully researched and written by me. Leave a comment if you have any questions.


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