Powerline 125X Bench

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Powerline 125X Bench Review Facts

The Powerline 125X Weight Bench by Body-Solid is a stable, dependable FID bench with a no-frills design and a can-do attitude that harks back to a simpler time at the gym. Easily adjustable, easy to breakdown, easy to store and easy on the wallet the Powerline is for people who want to lift weights and get in shape. No complicated assembly or head-scratching setup required. Just pull it from the closet and get to work. It’s that simple with the Powerline Adjustable Folding Weight Bench.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Has great padding which is comfortable and firm, not too soft or hard

It has incline, flat, and decline positions with seven different adjustments

It is quick and easy to adjust with the ladder-style adjustment


It has a narrow width, 8.25 inches, at the top of the back rest


The 125X bench is a highly recommended piece of equipment. It is very convenient to own, compact and easily portable. It folds down flat for easy storage and then has built-in wheels that can be used to move it out of the way if you need the extra room. The back pad has seven different positions in flat, decline and incline position. The easy ladder style makes adjustments easy.

This is a compact, comfortable bench that is perfect for an athlete with limited space who is still dedicated to getting in that daily workout so you can reach your fitness goals. It is great for dumbbell exercises or any other lifts.


The Powerline Weight Bench is ready to go right out of the gate. Sign for it, remove it from the shipping box and unfold it. That’s it. Adjustment to seven different settings is a snap and when you are done with the dumbbells get in some ab work before folding it back up and going to dinner. The bench adjusts in multiple positions from an incline, to flat, to decline.

There are five different incline positions at approximately 15 and 30, 45 and 60, and 85 degrees. The maximum incline position is not quite vertical. This seems to be a little more comfortable but some people may not like it. The angles are a suitable range for most athletes.
Not having an adjustable seat could be an issue for some people while doing incline exercises. When you do heavy lifts on the incline, sometimes you could slide down the seat with the weight pushing down on you. You can keep the seat flat and use your feet for stability.
The nice thing about the flat position on this bench is that it is actually flat, to the point that you could check it with a level. There is not a whole lot you say about a flat position other than to let you know the gap between the seat and the backrest shows up the most when the seat is in this position. It is about two inches wide. It may bother some people who have been known to stuff rolled up t-shirts or something in the gap.
The decline position of the 125X is at -17 degrees. That is the only decline position. It may be a little shallow but it is pretty good for doing your ab work. It is good to have a decline but it is a little less than comfortable with no back of the knee support. The seat is not adjustable and the pegs are unpadded, situated close to the floor. Going into the decline on the bench may feel a little awkward.

Build Quality

As with all Body-Solid products the 125X is built to last with close tolerances throughout that ensure stability and safety. No loose clangy parts. No balance issues when you are most vulnerable. With a footprint of 57” x 16” x 18,” the 125X is just heavy enough at 57 pounds to keep it planted so you can get your workout in a solid, if unspectacular, fashion.

This bench has a nice, slim profile with a nice geometry to it. It is a versatile bench that is easy to operate and has an attractive, sleek design. The colors are low key black padding with a silver frame which is brushed metal. The wide stance has the legs in a T shape. The pad tapers down and it adjusts with the ladder design on the back. It has plastic wheels built into the rear leg which lets you roll the bench using the metal overhang extension on the seat to hold on to.


For such a simple, straightforward piece of equipment, the Powerline 125X Weight Bench is surprisingly good looking. Its appearance seems perfectly appropriate to the work it’s designed to perform and its uncluttered design reminds you it’s all business.


It’s pretty much impossible to mess up the performance of a bench like this. Flat, inclined or declined, dumbbells or crunches, whatever you want the 125X to do within its design spectrum it will do. With a 500lb carrying capacity, built-in leg holds and a low, lean profile the Powerline 125X Weight Bench answers the call of the most serious lifters.

Portability and Set Up

As stated above in this Powerline bench review the 125X ships fully assembled from the factory and is ready to go. The setup consists of unfolding it, adjusting it to your desired configuration and getting started. When you are done simply fold it back up and roll it out of the way.

If you do not have a lot of space in your home gym, this bench should definitely get your attention. It folds up and is easy to transport. It is hard to find one which folds up like this and is also adjustable. It is easy to stow away. Just put the bench in a full decline position. Lock the backrest to the frame. Then pull the lock pin on the seat to fold the front legs under. It only takes a few seconds. To move it, you can just lift it up by the seat and then roll it on the wheels which are attached to the leg portion. It will fit under a bed, in a closet or leaned up against a wall if you do not have a lot of room to work with.


Stability is an important factor when you are researching a weight bench. You are going to be working with potentially a few hundred pounds of weights and have them, with your body weight, on this bench. So you will want to make sure you can get a safe workout.

The construction on this bench is very heavy-duty. It does not bend or give in any way while you are using it. It is made with 2-inch x 2 inches 12 gauge steel. The bench is sturdy and does not wobble. The front legs point in a forward position from the bench seat to give you a wider stance and good stability. The weight capacity is 500 pounds.


The 125X is comfortable to use. There are not any parts that stick out or make you uncomfortable when you are sitting or laying down on it. The only part which is uncomfortable is the ankle pegs which are not really useful. They are not padded and they are too close to the floor. They are more helpful to rest your feet on them.

The bench legs extend quite a bit forward. It makes the bench nice and stable but they may be in the way a little, especially if you are on the shorter side. If you pick your dumbbells up from the floor, you will have to lean pretty far forward.

The padding on this bench is perfect. It is not too hard or too soft. It is 2 inches thick and is firm when you sit on it. The pads are made from a stain-resistant vinyl cover which covers a polyurethane foam pad and a plywood backing. The stitching is also sturdy and is black to match the material. The workmanship is quality and extremely durable.

The Final Word

The Powerline PFID125X is highly rated and is the perfect answer if you are looking for a folding bench which is also adjustable and at the same time, will not break your budget. It offers an attractive sleek design with quality, sturdy construction. It is very stable and built with high-quality materials and workmanship. There are seven different adjustments that give you ample flexibility so you can move the bench into a position for any of the different exercises for your workout. The ladder back design helps you move quickly and easily from incline to flat to decline. The biggest benefit of the bench is how portable it is and easy to move or fold up out of the way. In just a few seconds, you can fold it up and stow it away in a closet or under your bed.

This bench is like a great pair of athletic shoes that open the door to a higher level of personal performance without ever calling attention to themselves. On top of all that you don’t need a degree in engineering and several hours to put the bench together. You can start enjoying the benefits of it right off the bat.

If you’re on a budget and have been shopping around for a great value option in portable weight benches your search is probably at an end with the Powerline 125X weight bench. The relatively lightweight of the bench also means that shipping won’t cost you an arm and a leg either and the 10-year structural warranty is nice to have, even though there’s very little chance you’ll ever have to invoke it.