Powerline Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

The Powerline 125X Weight Bench by Body Solid is a stable, dependable FID bench with a no-frills design and a can-do attitude that harks back to a simpler time at the gym. Easily adjustable, easy to breakdown, easy to store and easy on the wallet the Powerline is for people who want to lift weight and get in shape. No complicated assembly or head scratching setup required. Just pull it from the closet and get to work. It’s that simple with the Powerline Adjustable Folding Weight Bench.

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The Powerline Bench Review

Body Solid has made their reputation creating simple, versatile, high quality weight benches that are easy to use and geared toward serious lifters. The 125X Folding Weight Bench is no exception. The Powerline 125X Weight Bench asks for no special treatment and never fails to live up to its maker's reputation. So without further ado let’s have a closer look.

  • Adjustabilty - The Powerline Weight Bench is ready to go right out of the gate. Sign for it, remove it from the shipping box and unfold it. That’s it. Adjustment to 7 different settings is a snap and when you're done with the dumbbells get in some ab work before folding it back up and going to dinner.
  • Build Quality - As with all Body Solid products the 125X is built to last with close tolerances throughout that ensure stability and safety. No loose clangy parts. No balance issues when you’re most vulnerable. With a footprint of 57” x 16” x 18” the 125X is just heavy enough at 57 lbs to keep it planted where you put it so it can do its job in solid, if unspectacular, fashion.
  • Appearance - For such a simple, straightforward piece of equipment the Powerline 125X Weight Bench is surprisingly good looking. Its appearance seems perfectly appropriate to the work it’s designed to perform and its uncluttered design reminds you it’s all business.
  • Performance - It’s pretty much impossible to mess up the performance of a bench like this. Flat, inclined or declined, dumbbells or crunches, whatever you want the 125X to do within its design spectrum it will do. With a 500lb carrying capacity, built in leg holds and a low, lean profile the Powerline 125X Weight Bench answers the call of the most serious lifters.
  • Portability/Ease of setup - As stated above in this Powerline bench review the 125X ships fully assembled from the factory and is ready to go. Setup consists of unfolding it, adjusting it to your desired configuration and getting started. When you’re done simply fold it back up and roll it out of the way.

In a world of disposable everything the Powerline Adjustable Weight Bench is an exception. Built to last and not ashamed of it. When today’s high end autos and $30,000 Ultra HDTVs are moldering on the scrap heap this beauty will still be kickin’ it.

Additional Information

Body Solid makes several different versions of its adjustable FID bench though as this Powerline bench review hopefully shows, the 125X bows to none of its more expensive cousins. The 125X is like a great pair of athletic shoes that open the door to a higher level of personal performance without ever calling attention to themselves. On top of all that you don’t need a degree in engineering and several hours to put the bench together. You can start enjoying the benefits of it right off the bat.

To learn more about the Powerline 125X Adjustable Weight Bench have a look at this short but informative demonstration video.


If you’re on a budget and have been shopping around for a great value option in portable weight benches your search is probably at an end with the Powerline 125X weight bench. The relatively light weight of the bench also means that shipping won’t cost you an arm and a leg either and the 10 year structural warranty is nice to have, even though there’s very little chance you’ll ever have to invoke it.

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Powerline Bench

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