Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

You are already to embark upon a weightlifting routine – one which will be fueled by the choice of a premium set of adjustable dumbbells. The Powerblock adjustable dumbbell set is such a fitness tool and is a popular way to stay in shape anaerobically. In terms of repetitions and sets, you need to keep some basic guidelines in mind when using the Powerblock adjustable dumbbell set.

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbell

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells review

Many weightlifters are tempted to call the Powerblock brand “Powerlock” as the dumbbells are indeed well-locked and do not have the tendency to slide away during bodybuilding activities. Once you use the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells, you will proudly admit that the pin lock on the weights simply does not break, thereby making each unit exceptionally and memorably strong. If you want to become strong, you need an adjustable dumbbell set that is considered strong too. Powerblock, from all indications, meets this criterion.

Some Basic Weightlifting Guidelines

Beginners should begin with lighter weights, performing four sets of 10 repetitions for each bodybuilding exercise. More advanced exercisers who want to bulk up should work up to 4 sets of 8 repetitions each.

Brand Awareness

While a lot of research has been conducted with respect to the science of dumbbell use, you still need to choose a brand that meets with your basic training needs – most of which do admirably. However, most of us become accustomed to a brand and find that we just prefer the design and manufacture of certain dumbbells over others.

Easer to Adjust than Other Adjustable Dumbbells

Powerblock adjustable dumbbells offer weightlifters benefits in terms of adjustability, space requirements and customization. The weights can be made lighter or heavier, depending on your fitness goals and current needs. Naturally all brands of adjustable dumbbells can be adjusted accordingly. However, the Powerblock dumbbells are easier to adjust than many of the dumbbells on the market. After all, what good is an adjustable dumbbell if it takes too much time to reset it for the next group of repetitions?

Why Bowflex Users Switch to Powerblock

While Bowflex has been proven to be an ideal brand for beginning weightlifters, many bodybuilders, after they work out for some time, find they ultimately make a switch to the Powerblock brand. Again, the Powerblock adjustable dumbbell features a fast and easy weight change mechanism that entices a switch to this weightlifter-friendly piece of equipment.

Some Advantageous Features

Some of the best adjustable dumbbells are listed on this site. The set comes with a selector pin, which can be fitted into one of a variety of sockets that decides upon the 10-pound range the lifter wants to use. The Powerblock Elite 90 dumbbell features increment weights from 5 to 90 pounds. The system features two 2.5 pound weight bars, which can be easily removed as well.

The Most Advanced Dumbbell System on the Market Today

Fitness experts consider the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells to be the most advanced dumbbell system on the market today. You will probably agree with that claim if you have been working out for several years, or are a seasoned weightlifter.

Experienced Weight Lifters Prefer this Brand

Comparatively, Bowflex is a good brand. However, when you have become more advanced in your weightlifting training, you will probably want to migrate toward the Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbell set. Veteran weightlifters like the features of this dumbbell product. Check our review for Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells which are also very sturdy products.

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