Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2019

weider adjustable dumbbells

updated January 1, 2019

A Maximum Workout

The Weider name has been synonymous with “Fitness” for the past decade and its adjustable dumbbell products regularly receive acclaim. Regardless of the product weight—25 pounds or 100 pounds—weightlifters stick with Weider as their brand of choice with respect to a solid weightlifting and strengthening aid. One of the major benefits of Weider adjustable dumbbells is the knurled handle design. As a result, the dumbbell is simple to grip, which also leads to a maximum workout session.

Made for Longevity

The addition of a power switch enables users to easily switch between weights. Move the knob to the desired weight and the dumbbell turns into an automatic trainer for muscles that you need to re-educate. The adjustable dumbbells featured by Weider lie in a plastic tray, all which makes for convenience in storage. These weights are designed for longevity. However, the frame in which the dumbbell rests is not as sturdy.

You February Need to Replace the Storage Tray

While you can use your set of Weider dumbbells for many years, you will need to replace the frame with a sturdier substitute. However, most Weider users seemingly do not mind as they are satisfied about using the dumbbell itself. The comfort grip handle and easy-switching mechanism on the dumbbell makes the storage tray a negligible concern.

Back in the Days of Yore

Back in the old days, dumbbells were adjusted by removing the spin on collar before affixing the spin on collar again. It took a good deal longer than it does today to make such an adjustment.

Faster Workouts Call for Faster Switches of Weight

However, over the years, workouts change and evolve and people consider time to be of the essence, especially when working out. If you are attempting to do fast reps using different sized weights and the adjustment takes longer, then the process can become somewhat frustrating.

Two Types of Adjustable Dumbbells

When reviewing adjustable dumbbells, you will find that there are two main types of these kinds of exercise aids. One is the pin /tool type that is fast and a dial can be used too. It only takes a flick of your wrist and you are on to your next exercise. That is what you can expect when you use the Weider adjustable dumbbells. Quick adjustment, reliable construction and an optimum workout make the Weider dumbbells highly desirable. To learn about the other types of adjustable dumbbells check out reviews here. We know it will be a great read for you.

Mobile and Compact Dumbbells

The dumbbells are also mobile and compact. You don’t need any more room than what is provided by a regular shoe rack. An at-home workout space can adequately supply all your needs if you only have Weider adjustable dumbbells in place.

The 25-lb Dumbbells – Popular Among Users

Many of the Weider users of adjustable dumbbells like to pick the 25-lb. dumbbells. Scientific studies show and confirm that a weight lifting program that uses lower weights and includes more reps surpasses the results one obtains when they use heavier dumbbells. Many exercisers equate heavy lifting with better results. However, scientifically, that belief is not true. Another great dumbbell is the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell, read our review here. It's a fantastic second choice.

An Ideal Fitness Addition

Lighter weights have also been proven efficient in promoting bone density and muscle mass. The Weider adjustable dumbbells often are used in well-rounded exercise programs – programs that also include such activities as running, walking and biking.

Weider Adjustable Dumbbells

Our #1. Recommendation

​Weider Adjustable Dumbbells

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