What’s the Best Hand Exerciser / Strengthener? Improve your Grip, Forearm, and Wrist Strength with our Top Reviews (Updated for 2019)

updated January 1, 2019

When you’re serious about your training, the strength of your grip is vital to getting a good workout. Your grip, dictated by the strength in your forearms and wrists, is the lever that connects the weight to your body.

When you’re working with heavy dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells in moves such as the deadlift or shrugs, you need a powerful grip to ensure that you don’t drop the weight before your working muscle is exhausted and can’t perform another rep.

We reviewed five of the best hand grippers on the market today. Our favorite was the TNT Pro Hand Gripper from Caliber Fitness. With it’s dual grips, including a knurled grip to simulate what you experience in the gym, a free e-book and a money back guarantee, the Calibre crush gripper is a step above.

We also loved the ACF Grip Strengthener, the NSD Power Autostart Spinner, the HomeGym 4U Rubber Ring Strengtheners and the Marci Wrist and Forearm Developer.

Hand Grip Strengthener Reviews

ACF Grip Strengthener

#1. ACF Grip Strengthener

The ACF Grip Strengthener is ergonomically designed to fit into a person’s hands smoothly, as if they were holding a trigger grip. It Comes with an easily adjustable dial and wide range of tensions to provide a workout for all levels, from those who are suffering with joint problems through to the seasoned athlete.

The ACF gripper is constructed of quality materials, including molded foam handles and a durable spring that is built to last.


  • Ergonomic design fits all sizes perfectly
  • Simple dial adjustment to increase resistance with a range from 22 to 88lb
  • Utilises a heavy duty steel spring


  • Some users found the the gripper was a little too tight, not providing a fluid range of motion.

#2. TNT Pro Hand Gripper

TNT Pro Hand Gripper

The familiar looking TNT Pro Hand Gripper is a super affordable grip strengthener that allows you to work on forearm exercises to improve your grip strength anytime, even while watching TV. This hand gripper provides between 20 and 90 lb of resistance, which can be adjusted with a dial. It provides a knurled grip to simulate what you will find in the gym.


  • A sturdy spring hinge ensures a quality, consistent level of resistance
  • The aluminum handles provide a knurled barbell grip to simulate the working conditions of your local gym
  • Removable full-length foam rubber grips provide softness and comfort to allow for extended exercise time


  • Some users found the the gripper was a little too tight, not providing a fluid range of motion.


The TNT Pro hand gripper is a sturdy device with a good amount of resistance built into it. It provides variable tension up tp 90 pounds and features a knurled hand grip. Throw in the lifetime guarantee and it’s not hard to see why this is our favorite hand gripper.

ACF Grip Strengthener

#3. NSD Power Autostart Spinner

The NSD Power Autostart Spinner is an innovative, hi-tech take on forearm, wrist and grip strength improvement. It utilises a pre-tensioner located inside a gyroscope that allows for a simple roll back in order to spin the gyro.

You work the muscles of your wrist and forearms by synchronising your wrist rotation to the momentum of the gyroscope.

The slower the rotor spins, the more of a workout your wrist and forearms will be getting.


  • Auto start with internal pre-tensioner
  • Computer balanced inner gyroscope provides vibration free operation
  • Digital LCD counter provides instant feedback on your workout
  • Military grade plastic shell provides strength and durability
  • Provides up to 29.4 pounds of torque at 10,000 rpm


  • Some users report that, after a few months of use, the rotor appears to lose its mojo, with the resistance not being as strong as at the start.

#4. HomeGym 4U Rubber Ring Strengthener

Rubber rings

These heavy duty rubber rings are constructed of 100% silicone. They will provide you with the means of exercising all four of the grip modalities - crushing, pinching, supporting, extending. The movement involves completely natural manipulation of the rubber rings, so there is no endless squeezing of a spring, hand cramps or repetitive squeaking.

With the Rubber Rings you can move from one workout to the next without having to readjust your grip. The silicone construction provides the ideal non slip grip that is both comfortable and practical.


  • 100% silicone rubber construction for strength and comfort
  • Provides variety of movement, allowing for pinching, crushing, supporting and extending
  • A noiseless workout option
  • Grips available in a range of resistances,from 60 to 175 pounds


  • The rings are a little difficult for people with small hands to use
Marci Wrist and Forearm

#5. Marci Wrist and Forearm Developer

The Marci Wrist and Forearm Developer looks like a piece of medieval armor. It is, in fact, a very effective builder of flexor and extensor muscles to improve grip strength. It provides a variable resistance to allow you to make the movement harder as you get stronger and to monitor your progress.

The adjustability of the Marci Wrist and Forearm Developer makes it ideal for all shapes and sizes. When wearing the developer, all you have to do is to rock your hand back and forth in order to improve your strength as well as your functional ability in ball handling sports.


  • Develops the flexor and extensor muscles for improved gripping strength
  • Provides forearm and wrist support
  • Variable resistanceAdjustable grip to fit all sizes


  • You need to use your non exercising arm to hold the stabilizing armature which prevents you from buying two units and exercising both arms simultaneously.
  • Made of plastic

Why Use A Grip Developer

Grip developers have often been seen as a gimmicky play exercise device that doesn’t really do much good. The truth is quite different and, quite frankly, it’s about time that this compact exercise machine started getting some respect.

Here are four reasons why you need include grip training into your routine:

  • They will develop hugely impressive forearms. The forearm flexors and extensors control the opening and closing of your fingers, which is the very action that a grip developer works on.
  • They will dramatically increase your hand endurance. This will allow you to apply force for a longer period of time. You’ll also be able to carry heavy objects for longer periods of time.
  • You will have far greater hand strength. This will allow you to hold a barbell for longer when doing exercises like the deadlift and to keep going longer on moves like chin ups.
  • You will improve in your dexterity. This means that your individual fingers will each be stronger. If you do things like typing or playing a musical instrument, you will know how important that is.

Contrary to what people believe, general strength training does not usually transfer over to grip strength. Doing a lot of deadlifts or barbell curls is not going to give you a mega powerful grip. It will require specific grip training to achieve that. And to achieve that you will need to invest in a quality grip developer.


Your hand gripping strength is the vital link between your body and external forces that you are required to lift. Developing it should be a prime concern.

When you’re ready to get serious about your grip training, look out for the The TNT Pro Hand Gripper. Here’s why

It was the most impressive grip strengthener we came across. . .

  • It’s traditional, old school design provides the robust strength and spring quality that you need to consistently improve your gripping ability.
  • The downloadable e-book will provide you with a wide variety of workout options to keep your body guessing.
  • The knurled handle option simulates the conditions that your hands encounter down at the gym.

For those reasons, it crushes the opposition.

Learning how to improve your grip means stepping into the world of grip strengtheners. We’re all familiar with the over sized spring type grippers that we used to play with when we were kids. Well, all these years later, the spring gripper is still around.

The spring grip has stood the test of time because it works. There are a range of newer, more techno looking grip developers on the market today, too. Many of them are nothing more than mere toys, lacking the grip resistance to be of any use to serious trainers. But there a few standouts that definitely deserve your consideration.

ACF Grip Strengthener

Our #1. Recommendation

ACF Grip Strengthener

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