Powertec Weight Bench Reviews 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Powertec makes serious lifting equipment. Their company mission is to make fitness-club quality equipment available for the home fitness market. Both the Utility Bench and the Adjustable Bench by Powertec reflect this in that both will handle greater than average loads while at the same time being priced to appeal to the non-commercial market. In this Powertec weight bench review we’ll start with the Powertec Utility Bench review and compare both benches to see which is the better overall value.

Powertec Weight Bench Review

#1. Powertec Utility Bench Review

Powertec Fitness Workbench Utility Bench, Black

The Utility Bench by Powertec can be used on its own or in concert with a compatible rack system. The bench provides a full range of angles from full decline up to 90 degree incline and everything in between. The profile is low and wide for exceptional stability and comfort and handles along the side provide even more stability during leg routines.

The Utility Bench also includes discreetly placed wheels for easy storage or moving in and out of rack systems.

Key features include:

  • A wide range of optional accessories
  • Front feet for enhanced stability
  • Great for Dumbbell or ab training
  • 600 lb total carrying capacity

#2.Powertec Adjustable Bench Review

Powertec Adjustable Bench

The Adjustable Bench is built for serious lifters who need regular access to professional grade equipment. The bench is engineered to handle maximum weight without buckling, bending or breaking under pressure.

The Adjustable Bench shifts effortlessly between positions and, like all Powertec benches, incorporates the Powertec linkage system so that the bench can pivot from front to back quickly and smoothly.

Key features include:

  • Powder coat finish for durability and scratch resistance
  • Industrial grade components for smooth operation
  • 12-gauge MIG welded steel frame
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

Powertec Adjustable Bench vs. Powertec Utility Bench Review: Side by Side

  • Best Value - The Powertec Utility bench offers full FID capability plus the option of wheeling it into any compatible rack system. Like its cousin, the Adjustable Bench the Utility bench is made of 12-gauge steel and slightly overbuilt to accommodate extreme lifters. While the Adjustable Bench may have it over the Utility in some of the details of its construction the advantage is small enough not to overcome the extra you’ll pay out for it. Winner: Utility Bench
  • Build Quality - The high tensile strength steel used in Adjustable Bench components, along with the 2-4” rectangular tubing and chrome weight horns make the build quality of the Adjustable bench second to none in the home fitness market. Yet the Utility Bench shares most of the materials and construction methods used in the Adjustable bench and so neither exhibits a clear advantage in the area of build quality. They’re both top of the line. Winner: Draw
  • Performance - Both of these benches are designed to accept the pressures and stresses of extreme lifting routines in stride. Both are engineered to integrate effortlessly into compatible rack systems and both can be swiftly and easily adjusted on the fly. The Adjustable bench begins to find separation from the Utility bench in the number of exercises you can do with it right out of the box. Winner: Adjustable Bench

Our Choice for Best Powertec Weight Bench

The Utility Bench by Powertec


While the Adjustable Bench arrives with a few more bells and whistles the Utility Bench comes with everything you’d need for comprehensive dumbbell and ab routines.

If you decide you want more than that later you can pick and choose from a wide range of accessories including:

  • Workbench leg accessory
  • Workbench curl machine accessory
  • Lat tower accessory
  • Pec Fly accessory
  • Dip machine accessory and more

If you decide accessories are not for you you’ll still be getting one of the best benches on the market for under $1,000 and an outstanding value proposition no matter how you measure it.

Powertec Bench Review: Final Thoughts

Picking a “best of” is a mostly subjective process which relies almost as heavily on personal preferences as on objective fact. While we believe the Powertec Utility bench to be a superior overall value to the Powertec Adjustable bench that doesn’t mean it’s a better bench. Just that the result of this Powertec workbench review is that you’re likely, in our opinion, to get a bit more for your buck with the Utility Bench.

To learn more about our winner, the Powertec Utility bench, click here.

If you are into the look, the Life Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench is worth considering as it is called "the Ferrari of workout benches". If you want a cheaper weight bench with simple assembly, check out the Powerline weight bench here. Click here for a massive guide about different kinds of weight benches that is just informative to read.

Powertec Utility Bench 

Our #1. Recommendation

​Powertec Utility Bench 

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