Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Marcy has been around for nearly 75 years and though they’re not a household name like Nautilus they nonetheless can state with certainty that much of contemporary bench design derives from their original concepts.

The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670 is right in keeping with the company’s proud tradition of innovative design and their Olympic Bench will have you pushing the performance envelope in total comfort. Let’s take a look at both of these workhorses of the home gym and see if we can decide which is best.

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench
Marcy bench

The SB670 Utility Bench is one of the most popular benches on the market and after working on it for a few minutes you’ll know why. It has a solid, comfortable feel that’s truly uncommon in such a minimalist bench.

It also happens to position you perfectly for chest, shoulder and tricep work and the overall build quality is superb. If you can’t get a full workout on the SB670 you’re doing something wrong.

Key features include:

  • Full FID capability
  • Breaks down flat for ease of storage
  • Powder coated finish resists wear and tear
  • Adaptable to a range of cages and rack systems
  • Durable, attractive, high density, two-toned upholstery
marcy olympic bench

The Marcy Olympic Bench is engineered to accommodate Olympic weight sets and barbells and will leave you with no more excuses for not working those hard to reach muscle groups. It may also have you rethinking your fitness club membership. The leg developer is ergonomically first rate, providing comfort and support throughout as is the bench seat itself.

Key features include:

  • Wide, firm, comfortable saddle
  • 14 gauge 2” square steel tubing
  • Reverse walk-in squat capability
  • Weight plate storage capability

Marcy SB670 vs. Olympic Bench

Side by Side Marcy Bench Review

  • Best Value - While you’ll get a great all around workout from the Olympic Bench the elevated price point takes it out of serious consideration for best value, especially when it’s up against a $99 pocket rocket like the SB670. The SB670 is a truly remarkable piece of workout kit. Sharp looking, versatile, easy to store, comfortable and durable. If those things plus the price don’t add up to ‘best value’ I don’t know what would. Winner: Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench
  • Best Features - On the other end of the value proposition are features. It’s pretty much a truism that the more you pay the more you have a right to expect in the way of available features and that truism holds up just fine when it comes to the Marcy Olympic Bench. Sure you’re paying more but the list of features from the preacher curl bicep pad to the reverse walk-in squat to the dual plate posts for storage to the silky smooth slide track adjustment means the Olympic Bench wins this one. Winner: Marcy Olympic Bench
  • Performance - This is a tough one since they bring such different things to the table. Both do an outstanding job delivering what they’re supposed to; the SB670 with dumbbell-centric routines and the Olympic with its barbell-centric focus. Both feel solid as an M1 tank and both are extremely versatile and comfortable to boot. So who takes this category? Because all other things are equal the fact that you can just do more with the Olympic Bench carries the day. Winner: Marcy Olympic Bench.

Our Choice for Best Overall Marcy Weight Bench

Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench

In spite of the fact that it’s substantially more than the SB670 there is just no escaping how much bench you get for about the price of a pair of elite lifting shoes.

The Olympic Bench is a modern marvel of engineering and design focus and one of those pieces of equipment that makes you keep coming up with excuses to extend your workout. It’s fun, it’s effective, it’s affordable, it’s our choice for best overall Marcy workout bench.

Final Thoughts

Marcy has been making workout benches for a long time and they’ve got this thing down pat. While we selected their Olympic Bench as best in this Marcy weight bench set review, fact is any true fitness freak would love to have an SB670 sitting in the basement. If you love high-quality workout equipment that won’t clean out your bank account either of these Marcy benches will do you proud. To see the Olympic Bench in action check out this video.

Besides, you can read more to compare with the models from Fitness Gear Utility Bench or Rogue Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench that are also great benches to consider. If you still need more brands, check out this comprehensive guide for all the popular weight benches available out there.

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

Our #1. Recommendation

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

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