Marcy SB-670 Adjustable Utility Bench

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Marcy SB-670 Adjustable Utility Bench Review Facts

Marcy has been around for nearly 75 years and though they’re not a household name like Nautilus, they nonetheless can state with certainty that much of contemporary bench design derives from their original concepts.

The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB670 is right in keeping with the company’s proud tradition of innovative design and it will have you pushing the performance envelope in total comfort. Let’s take a look at this workhorse of the home gym and see if we can decide whether it’s the right choice for your gym!

Editor's Pros & Cons

FID capability

Breaks down flat for ease of storage

Powder-coated finish

Adaptable to a range of cages and rack systems

Durable, high density, attractive two-tone upholstery

The saddle is firm, comfortable and generously wide

Can fit in most Smith machines and squat racks


The warranty is only two years

Meticulous assembly, potential for missing parts


The Marcy adjustable bench is adjustable thanks to the sawtooth design. These indents allow you to set the angle to your preferences and then activate specific muscle groups. You can do this quite quickly, so you'll be able to go from exercise to exercise in no time. The seat of this bench is very comfortable. The high-density foam inside the seat and the backrest retain their shape throughout the years, and the upholstery that covers them is durable and good-looking. The bench has a 600-pound weight capacity, which is excellent for beginners and intermediate users, but advanced lifters may need a bench which can support more. And transporting this bench is quite easy, thanks to the inclusion of transportation wheels which have a handle on them. You can carry it thanks to the handle and roll it around thanks to the wheels, so a lack of space should never be a problem.

Build Quality

The Marcy Sb-670 was built with stability in mind. This bench does sit quite high, but the back stabilizer is generously wide, so you will have no issues with wobbling. The frame has a two-year warranty, which is something we feel Marcy should strive to improve, but considering the low cost of the bench, it's not such a big deal. The frame is made out of 14-gauge steel though, so it will definitely exceed the two-year warranty. Some may say that the 14-gauge steel is a bit of an overkill, but we disagree since this makes it almost commercial grade. The frame is powder-coated as well, so not only is it stable and sturdy, but it also resists scratches and corrosion, two biggest problems steel faces. The back support tapers down slightly near the bottom, giving you all the support you need when you lift heavy. As we mentioned above, the seats are equipped with high-density foam which is covered with sturdy vinyl upholstery which will stand the test of time. This bench model does not have any leg holders, which some may consider a plus, while others miss the extension. The leg holders may get in the way when you do some serious lifting, but otherwise, they serve as support when you lift in the decline position. This means that your back may suffer from some stress, but nothing that should be too concerning.


Adjustability matters a lot in an adjustable bench. If it had no adjustability, it would be just a flat bench, which is not what you came here for. Most adjustable benches have three to five adjustable positions, with angles going from a good decline, all the way up to a 90-degree angle. This allows you to put in at least 30 different exercises, making these benches super versatile. The Marcy bench has an amazing six different angles which you can choose from, so you will have plenty of exercises to try out on it! Incorporating dumbbells with this bench will be a breeze, and you'll be able to put in some barbell work as well. This bench is super compatible with squat racks and power cages, so you have even more bonus exercises to combine with the bench. All in all, the Marcy bench is highly adjustable, which is just what the name suggests. The seat of this bench is also adjustable, and you'll be able to place it in three different positions. This means that there will be no gap between the cushions to bother you when you start lifting! However, some users report that the cushions are not aligned that well when the bench lays flat, but it's nothing that should stop you from exercising effectively on it.


If you lack space in your home, the size of the bench does really matter. The Marcy SB-670 is not too big, but it's not too small either, measuring at 52” by 25” by 46.5”, with the last digit defining height, so it is a pretty tall unit. The bench weighs 46 pounds, and although you might struggle a little bit when carrying it, it's not overly heavy to cause you any real issues. If you lack the strength to do it you may need some help, but luckily Marcy has included transportation wheels on the rear end, and all you will have to do is grab the bench and roll it to where you want it to sit. The bench also has a handle which you can grab for an even easier transporting method. One bonus aspect of this bench is that it can be folded to become fully flat, so you'll only need to make room for it while you're using it - otherwise, just tuck it under your bed or in a closet and it won't clutter your apartment! The white stripes along the vinyl upholstery do make it an attractive piece, so you may wish to show it off to other people!


When you are about to receive your new addition to the gym, you just can't wait to get your hands on it and start exercising immediately, but the truth is that you will need to assemble it first, which can be a daunting task. The Marcy Sb-670 does ship disassembled, but this will lower the overall cost of shipping. You will receive a box full of bolts and nuts that are spray painted. The problem here is that many users report that there is usually some hardware missing, so you'll either have to run down to the local hardware store, or you'll have to ask Marcy to ship you the missing parts, prolonging the wait even more. The spray paint also causes slight issues, because they won't fit all that well where they're supposed to go thanks to the added thickness. So before you go and ruin your tools, it's better to just scrape the paint away and then try to attempt assembling it. Marcy recommends assembling the bench with a partner, and you'll need to ring a friend when the bench arrives if you want to use it as soon as possible. Luckily, the bench does ship with good instructions and wrenches needed for the job, so at least that will save you some valuable time.


The SB670 is a truly remarkable piece of workout kit. Sharp looking, versatile, easy to store, comfortable and durable. If those things plus the price don’t add up to ‘best value’ we don’t know what would! The Marcy SB-607 is one of the cheapest benches you can find. You can tell it's cheap when you look at the small pieces of hardware, or if you look at the 300-pound capacity, but the sturdy frame and the incredible upholstery and cushions tell a different story. If you're an advanced user looking for a very hardy bench, you might need to look the other way though. The two-year warranty could be longer, but as we already mentioned, the bench is surprisingly cheap, so this is a great deal, in the end!


Marcy is a fitness brand that is well-known to almost every fitness enthusiast out there. This brand was started by a young man going by the name Walter Marcyan. He was actually the first person to start offering personal training, emphasizing the importance of a fit body. Walter was a pioneer gym owner that had seven strength gyms where he showed men, women, and children how important it is to work on your strength. Marcyan introduced his very first product - the Master Gym with an automatic barbell - way back in 1959, making Marcy one of the oldest fitness brands out there, so we can credit them for the design of the fitness bench, in some way. After that, he created machine after machine which helped the brand gain popularity, making Marcy's the leading fitness brand in the '70s and '80s. Today, Marcy is under the care of Impex fitness, which consists of Competitor, Hers, Easy Outdoor and Gym Dandy, which actually makes gym equipment for children!

The Final Word

Marcy has been making workout benches for a long time and they’ve got this thing down pat, and the fact is any true fitness freak would love to have an SB670 sitting in the basement. If you love high-quality workout equipment that won’t clean out your bank account either of these Marcy benches will do you proud. The Sb-670 is highly adjustable, with a 14-gauge steel frame that will never do you dirty. The upholstery looks great and it's very sturdy, while the cushions are soft and durable. The bench is lightweight and it can fit in most rooms with ease, while the transportations wheels make moving it around a breeze. Assembling the bench might be a bit problematic, and the missing hardware doesn't make that any easier, but the incredibly low price-point makes this all worth the while!