Titan Fitness Fan Bike

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Titan Fitness fan bike is a great choice for users that want to fit in a killer cardio or strength training workout without draining their bank account.

It is packed with unique features not found on similar air bikes, such as turf wheels, and is made from strong and secure materials that allow you to reach top speeds without the dreaded wobble.

The turf wheels along the front are a great addition to this machine because it makes it incredibly easy to move this bike to a new location to keep things fresh. If you often grow weary of staring at the same wall every time you work out, the turf tires allow you to move it wherever you want, even if that is in the middle of your backyard!

The enclosed chain-drive belt runs quietly, and the fan-driven design amps up the resistance the faster that you pedal. Overall, I would recommend this machine for users that want to build overall strength and endurance, or for those that just want a really good cardio machine.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Titan Fitness Fan Bike worth a look!
Titan Fitness Fan Bike Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Turf tires make it easy to move and maneuver
The display includes pre-programmed HIIT workouts
Runs quietly
Quick and easy assembly takes most under 30 minutes
A comfortable bike seat is easy to adjust
Padded handlebars for a confident grip
Removable fan guard


Weak initial resistance
The onboard display is not backlit

Key Features


This air bike uses a chain-driven belt that moves the large air fan as you pedal.

What’s great about air bikes is that your legs provide all of the resistance that you need. When you need a higher resistance to help build muscle and burn fat at a higher rate, simply pedal faster. By eliminating the need for resistance adjustments, the overall feel of this bike feels nice and natural like you are riding your bike down the sidewalk.

Overall, users found that this bike wasn’t exactly silent when in use, but it is quiet enough to use in the early morning hours when the rest of the house is sleeping.

One thing worth noting is that the start-up resistance level is far easier than similar styles of air bikes, especially when you compare it to brands such as the Rogue Echo Bike. While this fan bike performs in the same way as higher-end bikes, the overall resistance is a little on the weak side.

Overall, I would recommend this fan bike for new cyclists, or for those that are more interested in the cardio aspects of biking compared to those that want to build strength.


The overall footprint of this design measures in to be 50.25-inches long, 50-inches tall, and 20.375-inches wide. When compared to other high-end fan bikes out there on the market, this design boasts a smaller overall footprint.

Similar bikes measure to be closer to 60 inches long and 30-inches wide, which means that this bike will save you a little bit of space. If you are working with a limited amount of space in your home gym, this bike is an overall better fit.

It’s also important to note that this bike weighs in at around 110 pounds, which makes this design incredibly solid.

Many users have reported that this heavy-duty design is completely wobble-free. Even when pushing the bike to its limits in HIIT, it holds firmly to the ground and doesn’t shake or wobble.


What I also love about this design is that it doesn’t skimp on the extra features. It includes quality-of-life features such as a water bottle holder, a phone holder, and even a fan guard. I love a fan with a removable fan guard because some days I like the extra airflow that it provides to keep me nice and cool, and on cooler mornings I like to pop it on to reduce the airflow against my face.

It also comes with the ability to connect a heart rate monitor to your machine via Bluetooth. This design is only compatible with Polar® Bluetooth Heart Rate Transmitters, which you can pick up at your local sporting goods store for a reasonable price point.


Ensuring that you have a comfortable ride that will get you excited about working out is Titan Fitness’ goal.

The seat on this design is made from comfortable and high-quality materials that users find walks that perfect line between durability and comfort. Making adjustments to this seat is as easy as pulling out a pin and popping it back into place.

What I love about this adjustable seat is that the seat bar is numbered, so you can easily place it in your ideal position when sharing this bike with people in your household.

While the handlebars are not able to be adjusted, they are quite long. This means that they will be able to accommodate a wide variety of users quite well. I also love that these handlebars are coated with a thick layer of EVA foam that feels nice and soft in our hands.

These coated handlebars also help to wick away sweat so you can always maintain a secure grip on the bars, even when you are pouring sweat!


The Titan Fitness fan bike is a stationary bike that is made to move, as strange as that sounds! If you grow tired of staring at the wall of paint cans in your garage, Titan makes it super easy to move your bike to a more scenic location.

It boasts a pair of turf tires along the front with a long handle along the rear of the unit that makes it a breeze to move it to a new location. While most stationary bikes include a modest pair of rollers on the front to make it easier to move to a new location in your home gym, these turf tires are also built for the great outdoors.

If you want to take your bike out the front door and place it in the middle of your yard on a bright and sunny day, these turf tires can make that happen.

This design also weighs in at just over 110 pounds, so the long handle along the back pushes all the weight to the front which makes it easier to move.

Whether you need to maneuver your bike into a tight space, or you want to roll it to the end of your yard, the combination of the turf tires and handle make it easy to take your stationary bike just about anywhere.


The display on this design looks a little simple at first, but it is packed with helpful features to help you reach your fitness goals.

At a glance, this display details your speed, distance, calories burned, time, and your heart rate (if paired with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor).

It’s important to note that the screen isn’t backlit, which means that if you use the turf wheels to cart it out into direct sunlight, it may be a little difficult to read the screen.

What I love most about this onboard display is that it also includes a few customizable features. It boasts pre-programmed interval training programs, as well as customizable programs that are more suited to your general fitness level.

You can even plug in how many calories you want to burn each time you jump on, and it will alert you when your goals are met.


When compared to some of the similar styles of air bikes out there on the market, this design falls a little short. It doesn’t have the base level resistance offered by brands such as Rogue, and it is slightly noisier. However, one of the biggest benefits of the Titan Fitness Air Bike is that it clocks in at a very reasonable price point.

This bike is made from the same high-quality and wobble-free materials as some of the more expensive bikes, but it is offered at a much more reasonable price point.

If you need a quality fan bike but you want to save a few bucks on the overall price, this is an excellent option that will not disappoint!


If you are in the market for a bike that is built tough without draining your bank account, the Titan Fitness Fan Bike is an excellent choice.

What I love most about this bike is that it is constructed from the same high-quality materials as some of the higher-end bikes and comes in at a more reasonable price point.

It utilizes an enclosed chain-driven belt that runs fairly quietly and allows the user to make quick and easy adjustments to the bike seat. It’s easy to assemble and allows you to really dial up the intensity without the bike wobbling or becoming unsteady.

Plus the addition of the turf tires makes this bike a cinch to wheel out into the backyard when you are in dire need of a change of scenery!