Life Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench

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Life Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench Review Facts

When it comes to design, the Multi-Adjustable Bench from Life Fitness is the Ferrari of workout benches. Sleek, subtle curves accent the kinetic profile that somehow seems to make sense and beckons you to have a seat and get to work. The visual appeal of this bench is so strong it makes one wonder if the bench can live up, performance-wise.

Below we’ll take a close look at the Multi-Adjustable Bench and find out what works and what, if anything, doesn’t. The Life Fitness Adjustable Bench is the culmination of some 20 years of industry experience for Life Fitness, a company that has made it its mission to fuse aesthetics with functionality. Here’s a look at some of the critical things to consider when determining if the Multi-Adjustable bench is right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Black PU leather upholstery

Attractive powder coating

Adjusts to 7 different positions

Beautiful customizable colors

Comfortable, molded seat

Aluminum collars and handles for non-slip surfaces

Lightweight and compact

Rubber molds on footprint to protect floors


Frame bends if bolted too tightly


The company’s single pin adjustment mechanism lets you simultaneously adjust both the seating platform and the backrest to any of seven different positions. The bench lends itself to all manner of lifting routine, and when coupled to the Life Fitness Power Rack, Squat Rack or Power Cage can quickly negate your need for an expensive fitness club membership. A simple flat bench is always a good addition to any gym, but you will miss the extra angles adjustable benches add to the game. And with the Life Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench, the seven different angles definitely spice up the game. You will have additional ways to activate your upper body muscles, adding more exercises to your fitness routine. Be prepared for a challenge with the Life Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench!

Build Quality

Much has been made of the high-end design cues of the Life Fitness Adjustable Bench, but enough is probably not said about the way all those design elements dovetail seamlessly with engineering concerns to produce a bench that feels incredibly solid. The 11 gauge rounded steel tubing is powder-coated to resist scratches, and no detail has been overlooked even in the most mundane areas like the non-absorbent, thermal rubber handgrips. The frame also comes in a million different colors, and the color of the seat cushions can be changed as well, so you can play with what color suits your preferences the most. Urethane paint guards are utilized as protection for the lovely colors, so they will last a long time.


As we stated earlier, the Multi-Adjustable bench is a pleasure to behold. It’s confident, alluring, and yes, sexy lines still manage to evoke effortless function. The design focus here is all about lines, forms, and their relationship to one another. As with plenty of Life Fitness products, you have an array of colors to choose from that will make your bench pop. We don't often think about the style of our fitness equipment, but it's always better to have a pretty piece to liven up the room than having to settle down for a simple steel one that you don't want to present proudly to the world. You can select simple colors such as black, white, or silver, but you can also choose to go bold and select colors such as bright red, electric blue, and yellow, and the cushions can be made bright too, complementing the colors of the bench perfectly. In the end, the choice is left up to you!


The Life Fitness Adjustable Bench lends itself to regular use. It’s ultra-low profile, and its ability to easily integrate with the company’s lifting racks and cages means you’re not likely to find yourself unable to perform any particular routine. As we said, the bench is constructed with durability in mind, so don't worry about it breaking down on you any time! And even if it does, you get a lovely warranty that covers any accident. The comfort of the bench matters when it comes to performance and this bench is definitely comfortable. The cushions are contoured to let you lay down and sit for extended periods, and it's all thanks to the molded foam which is super cushy and mighty durable. No matter how much you sit on it, the foam will retain its shape and comfort! The pads are equipped with plastic backers that protect the cushions and make them last even longer. The 11-gauge steel ensures the bench remains stable and safe to use at all times. The frame has rubber feet which protect both your gym floors and the machine itself. Do not worry about the handles slipping out of your hands when you get down to business, as the aluminum collars prevent that altogether. As mentioned above, the grips are made out of a rubber compound that does not absorb sweat, leaving them odor and bacteria-free.


The Multi-adjustable bench sets up reasonably easy. Directions are comprehensive and clear, and everything fits together logically and intuitively; as you might expect from a bench that undergoes such intense design and engineering focus. You might wonder why this matters so much that we decided to include, so let us paint you a word picture. You got your new bench, and you're all excited to begin using it; but alas, you don't know how to put it together, and you're losing hope after trying so much, so you quit on the bench altogether, or you rely on others to help you which is again not so fun. So making a bench that is quick and simple to put together is relatively important!


The Multi-Adjustable Bench is not so big, so you won't need to worry that much about finding the room to house it. When completely outstretched, the bench measures 53 in x 32 in x 17.5 in, which is much smaller than what we're used to seeing with other adjustable benches. This means that when you set it to a degree it will take up even less space, so you'll definitely have enough room for it wherever you decide to place it! The bench is a bit on the heavy side, measuring at 125 lb (57 kg). This is again lighter than most fitness units are, and the weight does not compromise quality, so this little bench will happily support you and your weights! The bench does not have any transportation wheels, only rubber pads that protect the floors underneath. But don't worry, as it's light enough to lift and move with ease, and you'll be able to change it's location more than once!


At $895 the Life Fitness Multi-Adjustable Bench is not the least expensive bench on the market, but that price doesn’t seem out of line either when you spend a few minutes in the presence of this design marvel. Part of what you’re paying for is the looks, no doubt, but the Life Fitness Adjustable Bench goes way beyond mere looks and may wind up being the only workout bench you’ll ever need. It's always better to invest into an excellent bench than to settle for less and then end up having to replace the bench over and over again!


Life Fitness is not a recent fitness brand. In fact, these people have a lot of experience under their hats, and their products really show that. The brand was brought into life in 1968, which makes it half a century old! That's more than enough time to master constructing exceptional fitness machines, and they definitely did that. Their story began when they created the Lifecycle® Exercise Bike. Since then, they really branched out and create a myriad of fitness items that are perfectly fit for all kinds of gyms across the world. You can find machines for both novices and seasoned veterans, built both for cardio and strength training.

The Final Word

It’s rare indeed to find a piece of mechanical equipment that seamlessly fuses engineering considerations with aesthetics, but this bench is one of those products. The uncompromising craftsmanship evident throughout the Life Fitness Multi-Adjustable Bench makes it a joy to use. You've got a million colors to choose from that compliment your gym, while a durable paint finish protects the colors from chipping and fading away. The cushions are comfy and the handles are non-slip, and they are both super-durable as well.

The bottom line is that you can concentrate on the job at hand and not have to worry if your bench will be able to follow you into the world of new personal bests.

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