Hammer Strength Bench

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Hammer Strength Bench Review Facts

Nautilus Inc. was the brainchild of one Arthur Jones and after he died some years ago his son Gary took over the company and eventually transformed it into Hammer Strength. The Hammer Strength Bench carries on the Jones tradition of encouraging what they believe to be proper biomechanical movement through the convergence of divergent arcs of motion. There’s no doubt the bench is well made but let’s take a closer look to see what really makes it tick.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very stable and sturdy

11-gauge steel frame

Customizable colors

Super comfy cushions

Lightweight and compact

10-year warranty

Easy and quick setup


A bit pricey


The bench has the feel of being cast from a single piece of steel yet in spite of its rock-solid physique it retains a high degree of versatility. Back pad adjustments are quick and painless and you can drop it all the way and use it as a declining bench with dumbbells. It’s also an excellent platform for abdominal routines. The Hammer strength adjustable bench has eight different angles you can choose from. The bench was simply made for a myriad of lifting exercises, and when you couple it with a power cage or a squat rack you've got yourself a pretty great piece of fitness equipment. Sure, a flat bench is an excellent addition to any gym, but you don't get all the perks you would with an adjustable one! Adjustable benches give you more ways to work on your body, and you'll get better results by using one!

Build Quality

The apparatus is constructed from high quality 11 gauge steel tubing the company purchases in mill run quantities to ensure product consistency. It shows. The bench looks indestructible and with few moving and/or detachable parts it darn near is. The foot platforms are polyethylene coated to resist abrasion and corrosion and the upholstery is high-grade Naugahyde. Hammer is justifiably proud of their plate load bench technology. They’ve obviously invested serious time in order to create something that delivers on its promise and fits nicely into the company’s long legacy of innovative, effective workout equipment. Every detail was sure to be made perfect. The frames come in various colors that liven up the machine and make it a worthy member of your interior.


Besides being functional, this bench is truly a looker! It has gorgeous sleek lines than compliment the bright colors of the frames. Although the way your bench looks is hardly on your priority list, we do believe that the way your bench looks does matter, because you won't shy away from showing it off, nor will you rush to hide the machine when guests come over. Instead, you will proudly display the beautiful yet very well-made bench. You have a whole palette of colors that accompany the bench, and the choice is yours. You can either go for the classic, urban grays and blacks, or you can go bold and choose vivid yellows and bright blues and reds. The padding can also be customized to those same colors, although you have more options here, and you can create a bench that will match your interior to the tee!


Though compact and lightweight, the bench never feels unstable, even during the most intense workouts and the pads are comfortable enough to melt quietly into the background of your workout where they belong. Slipping is also not an issue. The bench can be set up in seconds in virtually any space, adjusted on the fly and does everything you ask of it without complaint. This bench was simply made to withstand all kinds of wear and tear damage, and even if something does happen to it, Hammer Strength offers a great warranty that covers all kinds of damage. The frame has a 10-year warranty (not including the coating), the foundation has a one year warranty, while other parts have a 90-day warranty. It's worth saying that this bench is also quite comfortable. The cushions are made out of thick foam that has a great bounceback, molded to fit you perfectly. The cushions will keep their shape no matter how long you use them. They also have a plastic backing that extends their life. The frame's feet are protected with rubber caps, and they keep both the frame and the floors of your gym intact. The handles are also protected with rubber, which makes them slip-proof, and resistant to sweat and all kinds of bacteria.


The size of the bench matters for one simple reason - if it's too large to fit inside the room you've chosen to be a gym, there's no point it getting it, right. Luckily, this bench from Hammer Strength is compact and it won't bother you or take up a lot of space. When the bench lays flat, it measures up to 55 in x 26 in x 17 inches, which is so much smaller than most adjustable benches out there! This means that this bench will easily fit into any room you decide to put it in, and the gorgeous colors will only bring out the best in that room. When it's in use, or in other words, when it's folded, it takes up even less space. And it doesn't even weigh that much! It weighs exactly 115 pounds, which is much lighter than most fitness machines. The bench doesn't have any transportation wheels though, only rubber caps, so if you wish to move it somewhere else, you will have to lift it and move it or drag it across the floor and risk marks. If you have enough strength you will probably be able to move it around, but otherwise, you will likely need some help!


The small size of this bench makes it rather easy to set up. You won't get all the hardware you need to set it up though, but it's going to happen fast and without any issues. The reason why we decided to include this aspect is very simple - if you struggle to put the bench together, you will likely give up on it, or you'll have to wait for help to put it together, while the parts lay all sprawled out on your floor. No one enjoys doing this, so it's excellent when you can tackle a task such as this one all by yourself. Hammer Strength has excellent customer support that will gladly help you put it together if something comes up, and they even send a crew that puts the machine together for you!


Usually, the very thing that drives people away from purchasing anything is the price. If the price point is too high, more often than not, people will just settle for an item within a reasonable price range. This bench is a bit pricey, costing about 900 dollars, but you must take everything into consideration before you write it off. It lasts for a very long time, and it has an excellent warranty to boot, so you will get a lot for your money. Plus, you can customize the bench to your wishes, which is more than what some manufacturers will allow you to do! Investing this kind of money once for this bench is much better than investing two hundred dollars over and over again, risking your safety along the way!


Hammer Strength designs and builds state of the art plate-loaded lifting equipment that is likely to be among the best, if not the best, available today. Their benches are engineered to perform and to last so the extra ducats you’ll layout upfront will wind up paying dividends over time. Both the Hammer Strength Bench and the Hammer Strength Bench Pro Style come with a 10-year warranty, not that you’ll need them. Hammer strength creates gym equipment that is fit for seasoned veterans, but there are items for beginners too, and no matter where you stand you will always have a choice. Many college and athletic school programs decide to equip their gyms with their items, which should show you just how good and reliable their products are.

The Final Word

The Hammer Strength Multi Adjustable Bench is a bench to behold. It has many great qualities, with the only setback being the slightly higher price point. When investing in this bench, you will get a world of excellent features. First, the bench is super stable and reliable, with sturdy parts that last the mile. And even if they don't you have a 10-year warranty that covers most faulty parts. You can customize the colors to your liking, and enjoy the super comfy seat and rubber handles to the fullest. The bench is also small and lightweight, so it will fit in most rooms around the house. All in all, we do believe that you should give this amazing bench a try!