Hammer Strength Bench Review

updated January 1, 2019

Nautilus Inc. was the brainchild of one Arthur Jones and after he died some years ago his son Gary took over the company and eventually transformed it into Hammer Strength. The Hammer Strength Bench carries on the Jones tradition of encouraging what they believe to be proper biomechanical movement through the convergence of divergent arcs of motion. There’s no doubt the bench is well made but let’s take a closer look to see what really makes it tick.

Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench Review


The Hammer Strength Bench for sale through most online retailers comes in standard and pro styles. For this review, we’re going to focus mainly on the standard model though we’ll touch on the Pro before we’re done.

  • Versatility – The bench has the feel of being cast from a single piece of steel yet in spite of its rock-solid physique it retains a high degree of versatility. Back pad adjustments are quick and painless and you can drop it all the way and use it as a declining bench with dumbbells. It’s also an excellent platform for abdominal routines.
  • Build quality – The apparatus is constructed from high quality 11 gauge steel tubing the company purchases in mill run quantities to ensure product consistency. It shows. The bench looks indestructible and with few moving and/or detachable parts it darn near is. The foot platforms are polyethylene coated to resist abrasion and corrosion and the upholstery is high-grade Naugahyde.
  • Performance – Though compact and lightweight the bench never feels unstable, even during the most intense workouts and the pads are comfortable enough to melt quietly into the background of your workout where they belong. Slipping is also not an issue. The bench can be set up in seconds in virtually any space, adjusted on the fly and does everything you ask of it without complaint.

hammer strength bench

Hammer is justifiably proud of their plate load bench technology. They’ve obviously invested serious time in order to create something that delivers on its promise and fits nicely into the company’s long legacy of innovative, effective workout equipment.

The Adjustable Bench is the product of:

  • Computer Aided Design and development along with years of field research and picking the brains of athletes and coaches the world over
  • Ground-based technology that simulates real-life body motions with the goal of achieving better overall balance and stabilization.
  • Hammer Strength’s long-standing commitment to quality production.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk at least a bit about the Hammer Strength Bench Pro Style. The ProStyle takes those things that make the standard bench so good, (versatility, quality construction) and builds on them to create a bench you may still be using 20 years from now.

The most noteworthy features of the Pro Style include:

  • Superior build – Maybe the best-built weight bench you can buy for less than $2,500, bar none.
  • Extreme stability – As if the bench weren’t stable enough on its own (and it is) it can also be screwed directly into the floor if you wish.
  • Ease of setup/use – A few minutes after unboxing the Pro Style you’ll be lifting like you’ve had it for years. Moving it is also a snap and it will tuck away easily in any decent sized closet.
  • Versatility – The seat can be adjusted to 8 different positions ranging from 0-90 degrees and done so without the use of levers or bulky knobs.

hammer strength adjustable weight bench

All in all the Pro Style is a pretty amazing piece of equipment though at nearly $2,500 it doesn’t really qualify as an impulse purchase. If the Pro Style’s price point is a little beyond your current budget you can still enjoy the high-end versatility of a Hammer Strength bench by purchasing the standard Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench model for a more reasonable $699. Either way, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

You can find the Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench for sale on a slew of fitness related websites, with some offering decent discounts as well.

Final Thoughts

Hammer Strength designs and builds state of the art plate-loaded lifting equipment that is likely to be among the best, if not the best, available today. Their benches are engineered to perform and to last so the extra ducats you’ll lay out up front will wind up paying dividends over time. Both the Hammer Strength Bench and the Hammer Strength Bench Pro Style come with a 10-year warranty, not that you’ll need them.

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