Legend 3 Way Utility Adjustable Weight Bench

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Legend 3 Way Utility Adjustable Weight Bench Review Facts

The Legend 3 way Utility Bench is a quality piece of equipment that’s heavy on the versatility, right up there with the best in build quality and easy on the eye. Easy on the eye? That’s right, 3 Way is maybe the best looking piece of workout equipment we’ve ever seen because you can fully customize the look. There are more than 80 color options available for the upholstery and more than 2 dozen for the steel framing so your Legend 3 can be as individual as you are.

While it’s undoubtedly the ability to fully customize the look of the Legend 3103 that gets people talking, it’s the overall quality of the product that has them laying down their hard-earned for this bench. Let’s take a closer look and see if we can determine why this bench has so many fans.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Commercial grade, super sturdy

Adjusted into seven different angles, including the flat position

High-density padding is super comfy and durable

Upholstery is resistant to scratches and holes

11-gauge 3″x3″ steel tubing frame

Plastic feet caps

Welded instead of bolted together - no setup required

Customizable colors


Takes a while to arrive

A bit pricey


The seat back on the Legend 3 Way can be set to 7 different angles and the seat platform itself to 3 more. This provides you a multitude of possible lifting positions that enables you to engage most muscle groups in some meaningful fashion. Perhaps the only downside is that there’s no decline position. But if you’re buying this bench for the decline position you’re missing the point. The backrest and seat are easily adjusted, and pins lock them into place safely, so don't worry about thumping to ground zero. The 3-way adjustable bench is an excellent weight bench to exercise your core and upper body, and by combining it with power racks, squat stands or Smith machines you do get a very versatile piece of equipment that will be able to do a lot!

Build Quality

The Legend 3 Way Bench is made of tough 11 gauge steel tubing that’s coated to resist rust and light scratches. The bench feels like part of the floor when you’re on it and never betrays the slightest hint of instability. You pay a price for such a tank of a bench and in this case, it’s in the weight: a fairly hefty 93 lbs. The 11 gauge steel may be a bit overkill, but the bench is made to withstand commercial use so the thickness is required. There are pop/pins which hold the seat in place, and they are 3/8" inches thick steel. The footpads have plastic caps that keep your floors safe from dents and abrasions, while also protecting the frame from chipping. This bench is shipped fully assembled, which is unique in the fitness world. The reason why is very simple - the whole bench is welded together to make it more stable, and there's no way they can disassemble that! You won't need to spend time assembling it at home, and as soon as it crosses your threshold it's ready for use! But the shipping will cost much more, as-welded items tend to be pricey.


Normally not an aspect of weight benches we spend a lot of time dwelling on but in the case of the Legend 3 Way it needs to be talked about. Why didn’t anyone before now think to offer equipment like this in a variety of colors? Who knows? But because Legend did 3 Way is one sharp-looking piece of fitness machinery. You can specify the colors of both the frame and upholstery, giving you full freedom of choice. Do you want a crazy colored bench or one that ties up the whole room together? It doesn't matter, you can do whatever you want to! There's actually an amazing 87 different fabric colors and 28 frame colors to choose from! This is definitely more than enough to satisfy every customer out there.


The Legend Fitness 3103 gives you an incredibly stable, solid platform to work from. It eliminates little things that can be distracting and then gets out of your way. And isn’t that what all good equipment should do: help you do your best without drawing attention to itself? With the Legend 3 Way, you’ll be pushing your own personal performance to envelop in short order. This bench was made to withstand commercial use - that means that it can easily withstand multiple users using it differently throughout the day, all the time, without ever stopping. This alone should tell you just how incredibly sturdy this bench is! It will last forever, and you won't need to replace it. The back pad is large and cushy, and it adjusts to seven different angles, which is more than enough to activate your muscle groups. The padding is high-density foam that is unlikely to lose shape or comfort. The upholstery is mighty durable and it cleans up rather nicely.


At 55 (L) x 18 (W) x 48 (H) inches the Legend 3 Way is not the smallest adjustable bench you’ll find, and you may not be able to tuck it into your closet when you’re done working out. But it’s easily portable with built-in wheels and a discreet padded handle so you can move it wherever you want when you’re done working out. It is a bit on the heavy side though, so you still might struggle with moving it around, but it's nothing that should put you off of the idea of buying the bench.


As we mentioned before, the Legend adjustable bench ships fully assembled. This means that you absolutely won't need to waste your precious time setting the thing up, wondering about where the next piece goes and looking over the manual over and over again. With this bench, your job is already done and all you have to do is put the bench where you want it to be and begin using it! However, since the whole bench is welded together, it is heavy and large, and the cost of shipping will be pricey, so do not let that surprise you! Plus, you will probably have to wait for a long time for the bench to ship, also because it comes in one huge piece rather than in more little pieces.


As we mentioned above, the Legend bench was made for commercial use. This means that every part was simply made to withstand insane amounts of abuse! If you're going to use this bench inside your home, you never have to worry about breaking it! The frame is super thick and welded precisely together, so it won't fall apart or warp. The seat declines and inclines with the help of specialized pins and pops which are cast in chrome to protect them from breaking and rusting. The whole frame is coated with a rust-proof coat as well that keeps the structure of the steel intact. The padding is thick and retains shape over a long period of time, while the upholstery is durable and resists scratching like a champ!


This is a commercial bench, so expect it to be a bit pricier than what you're used to seeing. The Legend bench costs about 600-700 dollars, plus shipping, which is more than what the standard home bench tends to cost. You will likely have to save up a little bit to buy it, but trust us the pay off is worth it! You will invest more, but the bench will last much longer than other benches do, so in other words, you will end up saving money. When compared to other commercial benches though, the Legend 3 Way Adjustable bench is actually surprisingly cheap, since the next in line costs more than a thousand dollars, so consider this bench a worthy investment!


The Legend fitness brand is a name that is known all across America. The company is based in East Tennessee, and every machine they build is made right there, instead of it being shipped from all around the globe. Legend Fitness creates outstanding fitness machines that truly withstand the test of time, and the test of abuse, never holding back! This ever-growing fitness company deserves every bit of glory it receives since it truly does create outstanding fitness equipment!

The Final Word

All in all the Legend Adjustable Bench is not one that’s going to start rattling and wobbling from regular use. It’s a bit bigger than other adjustable benches mainly because it’s overbuilt with an eye on the commercial market. But all that welded 3x3 steel tubing assembled to withstand whatever stress you can throw at it means you’ve got a workout bench that will be with you longer than your car, or maybe even your house. Some folks have suggested that the price puts the Legend #3103 out of reach of many fitness buffs, but consider this: over the life of this bench you’ll probably spend many times that amount on high quality athletic footwear and if your feet are worth the investment, why isn’t the rest of you? If you were considering a bench in the 3 or $400 range you owe it to yourself to consider making the stretch and getting the Legend 3 Way Utility Bench.