Legend 3 Way Utility Adjustable Weight Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

The Legend 3 way Utility Bench is a quality piece of piece of equipment that’s heavy on the versatility, right up there with the best in build quality and easy on the eye. Easy on the eye? That’s right, the 3 Way is maybe the best looking piece of workout equipment we’ve ever seen because you can fully customize the look. There are more than 80 color options available for the upholstery and more than 2 dozen for the steel framing so your Legend 3 can be as individual as you are.

Legend 3 Way Utility Bench

Legend 3 Way Utility Adjustable Weight Bench Review

While it’s undoubtedly the ability to fully customize the look of the Legend 3103 that gets people talking, it’s the overall quality of the product that has them laying down their hard earned for this bench.

Let’s take a closer look and see if we can determine why this bench has so many fans:

  • Adjustability - The seat back on the Legend 3 Way can be set to 7 different angles and the seat platform itself to 3 more. This provide you a multitude of possible lifting positions that enables you to engage most all muscle groups in some meaningful fashion. Perhaps the only downside is that there’s no decline position. But if you’re buying this bench for the decline position you’re missing the point.
  • Build quality - The Legend 3 Way Bench is made of tough 11 gauge steel tubing that’s coated to resist rust and light scratches. The bench feels like part of the floor when you’re on it and never betrays the slightest hint of instability. You pay a price for such a tank of a bench and in this case it’s in the weight: a fairly hefty 93 lbs.
  • Appearance - Normally not an aspect of weight benches we spend a lot of time dwelling on but in the case of the Legend 3 Way it needs to be talked about. Why didn’t anyone before now think to offer equipment like this in a variety of colors? Who knows? But because Legend did the 3 Way is one sharp looking piece of fitness machinery.
  • Performance - The Legend Fitness 3103 gives you an incredibly stable, solid platform to work from. It eliminates little things that can be distracting and then gets out of your way. And isn’t that what all good equipment should do: help you do your best without drawing attention to itself? With the Legend 3 Way you’ll be pushing your own personal performance envelop in short order.
  • Size/Portability - At 55 (L) x 18 (W) x 48 (H) inches the Legend 3 Way is not the smallest adjustable bench you’ll find, and you may not be able to tuck it into your closet when you’re done working out. But it’s easily portable with built in wheels and a discreet padded handle so you can move it wherever you want when you’re done working out.

All in all the Legend Adjustable Bench is not one that’s going to start rattling and wobbling from regular use. It’s a bit bigger than other adjustable benches mainly because it’s overbuilt with an eye on the commercial market. But all that welded 3x3 steel tubing assembled to withstand whatever stress you can throw at it means you’ve got a workout bench that will be with you longer than your car, or maybe even your house.

Final Thoughts

Some folks have suggested that the price puts the Legend #3103 out of reach of many fitness buffs, but consider this: over the life of this bench you’ll probably spend many times that amount on high quality athletic footwear and if your feet are worth the investment, why isn’t the rest of you? If you were considering a bench in the 3 or $400 range you owe it to yourself to consider making the stretch and getting the Legend 3 Way Utility Bench.

Additional Information

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