Body Solid GFID225 Bench

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Body Solid GFID225 Bench Review Facts

The Body Solid GFID225 is a commercial duty adjustable weight bench. At less than $300 USD retail, it is a great way to train yourself for heavy lifting, with the security and rigidity of a gym bench, while easing the dent to your finances that other commercial models can cause.


Commercial and consumer reviews we found are generally favorable. Many users praise the durability and stable feel of the bench. It has a no-nonsense look to it, with black padding and a gray powder-coated frame to match almost any decor. There are ample incline and decline positions for targeting different muscle groups and keeping your routine fresh. If space is at a premium, the bench folds all the way flat so you can slide it under a bed or into a closet until the next use.


We did the math, and it is not hyperbole to say you would need to spend over $1000 USD if you wanted a bench for each function the GFID225 meets. The list includes a decline bench, incline bench, a flat or utility bench, and one in a fixed seating position for things like overhead presses. Read on and we will tell you more.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to adjust and accommodates common press positions

Durable steel frame with parallel front and back levelers

Seat wider than backrest, which means less restriction and discomfort during certain presses

No extra features, so great for beginners and those who value simplicity

No shakiness during even heavy lifts, giving you peace of mind

Rear casters make transport easy


Decorative trim buttons fall off after use, some reviewers say (buttons serve no functional purpose)

Tech Specs

One good quality of the bench is that you can do a slight incline or decline. Many recreational lifters find they do not need a lot of extra back extension angle to meet their goals, and too steep an angle can even cause injuries or strains. With the GFID225, you can slide the one-piece pin into the right bracket even if that is just one or two brackets down the line. There aren’t any complicated arrangements or extra adjustments to reduce efficiency.

The bench comes fully assembled, which is a huge plus considering how many hours we have logged counting the number of nuts and bolts in different product kits to share with all of you.

There are seven positions you can adjust the bench to, all controlled via a center cross member that looks like a ladder. The pin goes into the rungs to lock the bench in place. For those of you who are good at visualizing, here are the six angles (number seven is flat): 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and -15 for the single decline. If you are a specialty lifter or just really enjoying deeper declines, this bench is not for you. But most hobbyists will find more than they need with the seven adjustments.

If you look at the front of the bench, you will see padded foot pegs on either side of the post. The post connects to the front leveler, which looks like an oval when viewed from the side.

The footpegs are a nice touch, adding extra stability by locking down your ankles. You can use the pegs during presses, but also for Roman chair style situps or back hyperextensions. No reverse hyperextensions, though, and no place for a leg station or similar attachment. The footpegs have clean weld joints with no rough edges.

The bench is made from oval 2 by 3-inch steel tubing and has a 600-pound weight capacity, which we verified through the Body-Solid website. Some reviewers inflate this number for reasons that are unclear. Always check with the manufacturer rather than trusting reviews alone--yes, this even includes our reviews.

The 600 pounds includes you, your barbell, and the bumper or steel plates. Since there are no uprights, the bench is compatible with both Olympic and standard barbells. You can pair the bench with almost any set of uprights or squat rack for enhanced safety and bar/plate storage.

The GFID225 is 57 by 16 by 18 inches (LxWxH) in the flat position. Folded, the height reduces to 9 inches. Back and seat pads are both 2.5 inches thick, providing ample support. The bench weighs 54 pounds after unboxing, making it portable although you may need a dolly to get it out to your car for a trip. This bench and perhaps a set of adjustable dumbbells would be right at home in a hotel room. Body Solid also offers a series of optional racks, Smith machines, uprights and multi-use training centers that pair with the bench for expanded use.

Comfort Features

Aside from the footpegs, which provide comfort and extra stability, the bench features padding with enough foam to keep your back from feeling excessive pressure during bench presses. The vinyl seat covers are durable and feature machine stitching, so they won’t lose shape or develop rips or tears over time.

As we mentioned, the GFID225 has a seat that is wider at the bottom than at the top. This also means the seat is wider than the backrest. Reviewers indicate the seat adds comfort and peace of mind. As for the backrest, it is of a width that will not restrict arm movement for most users.

The bench does have a gap between the backrest and the seat. The gap is present even when the bench is inclined. It may feel uncomfortable for some users, or may just take some getting used to. It’s usually pretty simple to place the arch of your back over the gap unless you are unusually tall or short. If you are afraid the gap is something you can’t live with, consider finding a brick and mortar retailer or gym that will let you lay on a sample bench before you make a purchase decision.

Though the backrest can incline or decline, the seat on the GFID225 is fixed and cannot be moved from a flat angle. If you like to have an angle for doing seated presses, you may not want this bench. Many users will be able to adapt or may not even notice the difference.

Whether placed at an incline or left flat, the bench is rigid and feels very stable, with no wobbling or shakiness. As with any weight bench, you will want to use caution and get a human spotter for doing heavier bench presses. Unless you have a power rack with pin and pipe safeties, that is. Body-Solid benches can pair with any competitor’s racks, and will usually save you money versus buying from the same company that sells you the rack.

What Makes It Different

There isn’t anything really special or outstanding about the GFID225. It is a dependable, adjustable bench that will support you and your loaded barbell during lifts. Having it opens more possibilities than a flat or utility bench. It is portable, which is noteworthy only because folding benches are typically only for home use. The GFID225 is rated for commercial gyms, with a comprehensive warranty to reflect the high level of use in a commercial gym. What does stand out about this bench is its versatility, durability, and weight capacity at a lower than average price point. If you can only afford/only have room for one bench in your gym, this may be the one that makes you happy.

Who It’s For/Who It’s Not For

The Body Solid GFID225 is not much use to powerlifters, who need to lift heavy weights, or to professional athletes who need a commercial unit. The 600-pound weight capacity will not be enough for strength and mass competitors. For recreational athletes or those who cross-train as part of sport-specific conditioning, the bench is a perfect compromise that will last for years while providing dependable service.

Why A Bench Anyway?

The internet is filled with benches you can buy, as well as reviews of them. For many of us, a bench was the first piece of gym gear we used or owned as young people. Since we are adding to that collection, we thought it would be good to briefly summarize the place weight benches have in a lifting or overall fitness plan.

A bench opens up possibilities for new exercises. While bodyweight circuits are great for strength and cardio training, a bench lets you set new goals and define your muscle groups by adding progressive resistance to your plan.

A bench will support you during exercises like bent-over rows. With a dumbbell in your right hand, and your right leg resting with a bent knee across the bench, you can pile on the weight over time without worrying about back injury from less than stellar form.

Although everyone needs a weight bench, a simple adjustable one like the Body Solid GFID225 is great for beginners because the limited features make it easy to learn and to use safely. A beginner can quickly expand their repertoire and build their physique while focusing on making each rep count instead of worrying about proper form or injury from a dropped weight.

The Final Word

We recommend the Body Solid GFID225 adjustable weight bench for anyone who wants a commercial duty unit as part of their home gym. Construction is solid steel for durability and rigidity. The 600-pound weight capacity is enough for all hobbyist and recreational lifters. Though the bench has no uprights, you can match it with any squat stand or power rack to enhance safety and open new possibilities. The parallel floor levelers keep the bench stable, and Body Solid added fixed footpegs to the sides of the front post. Inclines are easy to adjust with a single pin and ladder, and the bench has an extra-wide seat for comfort and range of motion.

If we could add anything to the features, we would give the GFID225 compatibility with leg developer stations and other attachments. But not having that will not limit the gains you can make with this reasonably priced, portable, versatile adjustable bench.