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Editor’s Conclusion
The Assault AirRunner isn’t your typical treadmill. I have to be honest - I’m not a fan of treadmills, but they are a necessary means to an end when the weather just isn’t cooperating outdoors. I noticed this very unique treadmill at the gym one day, and I just had to give it a try. It was a little strange at first, but once I got the hang of it, it felt really natural and didn’t grind on my joints like your average treadmill.

Due to the fact that this isn’t a powered machine (it works the same way as a hamster wheel), it is able to adapt to your natural range of motion. If you want to run faster, you simply position yourself higher on the track, and you can come to a natural stop by moving back and slowing your pace. If you love running but aren’t a big fan of the traditionally powered treadmill, the Assault AirRunner is certainly worth checking out.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make this unique treadmill well worth every penny!
Assault AirRunner Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Belt has a durability rating of up to 150,000 miles
It burns 30% more calories than a traditional treadmill
Powerless design won’t drain your electric bill
The curved design is easy on your joints
Great for walking for HIIT
Corrosion-free steel frame
Smaller overall footprint


Very expensive

Key Features


Some treadmills are built for high endurance training, while others are designed for basic cardio and jogging. What I love most about the Assault AirRunner is that it is designed for just about anything. If you are looking for a killer HIIT machine, this unique belt really delivers. Additionally, if you want a machine for walking on recovery days, the belt can adapt to your nice and easy pace.

Overall, I would recommend this machine for anyone that likes to lace up their running shoes and burn a few calories, whether it be walking, sprinting, or running for long distances.

What I also love about this machine is that it helps to support your natural gait cycle. Flat machine-driven belts feel anything but natural. If you switch over to treadmills when the weather stops cooperating outside, you know firsthand that running on a treadmill doesn't quite capture the magic of running outside.

The natural curve of this belt feels more natural and will help reduce injuries that occur when adapting your stride to match the treadmill.


Even though this machine is fairly simple to use, the LCD display is packed with helpful features to help you get the most out of your daily workout sessions. The screen is able to display your time traveled, heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled at a glance. It even boasts pre-programmed interval programs to give you targets to shoot for and to help keep you active and engaged in your workouts.

What I didn’t expect to find on this modest LCD display was Bluetooth compatibility. With a press of a button, you can pair this device with your smartphone or tablet and pair it with your favorite health app to keep details on all of your progress.


The curved design of this belt dictates how fast or slow you run. When you run on trails or sidewalks, your natural pace is never even. Sometimes you speed up, and sometimes you slow down. We are humans, not machines, which means our performance is never quite consistent.

With motored-powered machines, the machine sets the pace and you have to adapt to the machine - which is a breeding ground for injuries. This curved and powerless treadmill is different and made to adapt to your natural and inconsistent pacing.

The belt of this design boasts a slight curve that helps adapt to your natural gait cycle in a few different ways. It has a 9-degree curve in front that is made for speed. If you want to travel faster, simply inch up on the curved belt. The back of the belt has a more shallow curve, which is designed for walking or brisk joggingYou won’t need to constantly tinker and toy with the overall speed of the belt- your legs will naturally adjust the speed for you.


Motor-driven treadmills often require a lot of additional maintenance to keep your machine running like new for years. I am notorious for skirting my responsibilities on ongoing maintenance, which is why I love this treadmill.

The belt has grooves on it like a tire and offers the same level of durability as the tires on your car. It is also made to last for up to 150,000 miles!

To put that into perspective, you can run about 5,769 full marathons on this treadmill without a lick of preservative maintenance! Overall, this is one of the most rugged and durable treadmills currently out there on the market.

It also boasts a strong steel frame with steel handlebars that are corrosion-resistant. You can store this device in your humid basement or garage without worrying about the metal components (as well as the included hardware) from rusting.


One of the things that users also love about this design is that it is much smaller and more compact than your average treadmill.

It measures to be 69.9 inches long, 32.8 inches wide, and stands to be 64 inches tall. If you are running low on space in your home gym, this is an excellent alternative to larger treadmills that dominate a good deal of space.

Plus, due to the fact that it is power-free, it won’t be a drain on your electric bill, and you can freely place it far from any electrical outlet. This design doesn’t take up a lot of room and gives you the freedom to place it wherever you wish.


With traditional treadmills, moving them is a big faux pas. The mechanical components inside of the device run the risk of damage if you need to move it. Plus, the bulky designs are a bit of a nightmare to wield. One of the things that make the Assault Air Runner so great is that it boasts a design that is easy to move.

It weighs in at around 280 pounds, which may seem heavy but it isn’t as heavy as your traditional treadmill. It has a pair of wheels along the base and a handlebar at the back that makes picking this device up and moving it to a new location super easy.

Sure, 280 pounds seems a bit too heavy to move around, but the dolly-like design of this machine is easy enough for a single person to move this machine as needed. Plus, the very simple construction limits the risk of damaging your machine as you move it.


This machine ships in a giant box that may feel a little overwhelming at first. If your handyman abilities are a bit limited, have no fear.

This treadmill arrives almost completely assembled. Once the box is opened, many users can be up and running (quite literally) in under 20 minutes.

The base comes completely assembled, and all you need to do is affix the handlebars onto the base, which screws in place fairly quickly and easily. In fact, if you don’t want to wait for the handlebars, this device can even be used without it!

Plus, due to the fact that there are no electrical components, it means that you can place this device anywhere you like. Outlets in home gyms are often scarce, especially if you are working out in your garage or a basement.

With no need for electricity, you can place this machine pretty much anywhere in your home workout space!


The biggest downside to this machine that I noticed is that it clocks in at a very steep price point. Overall, this is one of the more expensive treadmills that money can buy.

However, when you compare the versatility of this design, as well as the overall performance and durability, it is well worth every penny. It requires no ongoing maintenance, and the belt is built to last for up to 150,000 miles.

Plus, without any motorized components, there is less of a chance that this machine will break down on you over time. If you can swing the high price point, the Assault Air Runner is an investment worth making for your home gym.


If you hate the feeling of running on a traditional treadmill, I suggest giving the Assault AirRunner a try. What runners love most about this unique design is that the curved motorless belt feels much more natural and more forgiving to your gait cycle.

It is powered through you, so if you run faster, the belt will shift into high gear to mirror your movements. This style of running helps to reduce injuries and just feels better overall. It also comes with a detailed LCD screen with pre-programmed HIIT workouts, and the Bluetooth compatibility easily pairs with your phone.

It may cause a big dent in your bank account, but the maintenance-free belt is built for up to 150,000 miles, making it a fantastic value overall.