Ethos Olympic Bench

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you find yourself longing for a beefy bench from some of the higher-end brands such as Rogue, you may want to take a look at the Ethos Olympic Bench.

I had to do a double-take when looking at this bench because I initially assumed it was a Rogue bench!

What makes the Ethos design so great is that it has many of the same thick and sturdy design features as the higher-end brands, but it comes in at a fraction of the cost.

This design has a user-friendly frame with advanced features such as number pegs, strong and secure Uspotter pads, and deep j-hooks for a solid lift-off. The sturdy steel construction can accommodate a higher weight load than many casual benches (that come in around the same price point!), which makes the Ethos Olympic Bench the perfect powerlifting option for those that are working with a limited budget. Users found that this design is easy to assemble, and provides a strong and wobble-free foundation for heavy bench presses.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make the Ethos Olympic Bench a great option for powerlifters on a tight budget.
Ethos Olympic Bench Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes in at a very affordable price point
Quality spotter platforms
Numbered J-Hook holes
3”x3” steel gauge frame
Will not wobble
Can handle well over 500 pounds


Takes a long time to assemble
The padded bench isn't quite as supportive as expected

Key Features


The Ethos Olympic Bench has the price tag of a casual bench with the build quality of a high-end powerlifting bench. I would recommend this bench to anyone that is looking for a good quality powerlifting bench that is able to accommodate high weights without wobbling.

One of the biggest problems that budget-friendly benches run into when powerlifting is that the bench can sometimes wobble under heavy bars. This design is built solid as a rock for a strong and stable base to help you achieve a new PR.

It’s also important to note that this design is made for straight benches and nothing else. Benches that are designed for casual weight lifting or bodybuilding often have adjustable features, like an adjustable backrest, to activate more muscle groups in a single bench.

This design has a flat bench that is locked in place, so you can’t really use the rack for anything else other than straight bench presses.


This design has a squat footprint that will take up quite a bit of room in your home workout space. It measures to be 57 inches long, 42.5 inches wide, and stands to be 55 inches tall. The entire machine weighs in at an impressive 202 pounds, which really helps anchor it to the ground and prevent wobbling under heavy weights.

While a heavy machine is great for powerlifting, be sure that you find the right spot for it to live permanently. This isn’t exactly a bench that you can move around when you need to make room for more machines!

If you are working with limited space in your home gym, this beast of a machine will take up a good deal of room. With many weight benches, you also need to leave a little bit of room behind the bar to fit in a spotter, which can take up even more room.

What I love about this design is that it comes with a pair of spotter pads that allows you to push this machine right up against the wall, which will help save a little space.


With a price point that is about a third of what the higher-end machines cost, I assumed that the weight capacity would pale in comparison. Higher-end bench presses, like the Rogue Monster Bench, have an overall weight capacity of around 1,000 pounds. Ethos doesn’t have an exact specification of just how much weight this bench can handle on its website.

However, previous users have reported that this is a bench that can easily handle up to 500 pounds of weight. A man weighing 275 pounds that can bench press over 400 pounds is considered to be in the elite category, so the 500+ max weight capacity should be more than enough for even the most seasoned powerlifters!

It’s also important to note that the 500+ pound weight capacity is designed only for bench presses. The bench bolts into the frame, which means you won’t be able to swap out the bench and use this design as a power rack for squats or deadlifts. The design really locks you into one specific lift.


There are a few quality-of-life features that I feel make this machine really shine. One of the very first things that I noticed about this machine is that it has a pair of spotter pads. When working out with a partner, your spotter can stand on the durable spotter pads to help you without liftoff. These spotter pads also allow you to butt your machine right up against the wall without the need to leave room for a spotter.

While they offer spotter support, you won’t need it. This design comes with a set of adjustable catch bars along the base that will securely catch the bar in the event of a bailout. Simply move the bar to the desired position so that you can extend at the bottom of your lift, but you won’t be crushed when you fail out on a set. These bars are super easy to adjust, so you can make quick adjustments for a variety of users.

A small yet amazing addition to this design is that the J-hook holes are numbered. It may seem like a small feature, but it can make a big difference. On previous benches I have owned, I always took the time to take a marker and number all of the holes. Numbered holes ensure that you place the J-hooks in the right spot so that your lift isn’t lopsided!

If you are working out alone this isn’t much of an issue. If you are working out with friends, however, numbered holes make adjusting the bar much more efficient.


This unit comes shipped in a compact box that is easy to love up into the back of your car to help save on overall shipping costs. The entire unit weighs in at just over 200 pounds, so carting it from the store to your home gym will be a bit of a challenge. I recommend having a lifting buddy help you to cart it into your home space, and possibly convince them to stay for the assembly process.

I have good news and I have bad news when it comes to assembling this beast of a machine. The good news is that Ethos includes all of the hardware you need to assemble your unit, as well as very clear and concise assembly instructions that are super easy to follow. The downside to this monster of a weight bench is that the assembly process is long.

Some users found that when working alone, it took them around 8 hours to completely assemble their machine! That’s why I suggest having a friend help you carry it in, and have them stay to help you assemble it. It’s not difficult, just time-consuming.

I also suggest not tightening all of the bolts 100 percent until you have logged in a few workout sessions. Using your bench with slightly loose bolts allows the components to settle into place. After a few workout sessions, tighten the bolts and you will have a bench that is wobble-free and solid as a rock!


I have saved the best features for last: the price! This bench has all of the hallmarks of an expensive bench, with a surprisingly affordable price point. A too-good-to-be-true price point. I poured over the specs of this bench, as well as previous user reviews looking for a hitch. And I came up short.

There are a few small performance and quality of life features that deviate from the more expensive benches, but these small differences aren’t deal-breakers. The quality of this bench and the affordable price point make it hard for the manufacturer to keep it in stock.

If you find that it is temporarily out of stock, be sure to bookmark the page and check back often. It can be a little frustrating, but the money you will save is well worth the extra hassle!


The Ethos Olympic Bench is the perfect option for powerlifters that need something strong, reliable, and secure. This beefy 3”x3” steel gauge frame is able to comfortably hold up to 500 pounds of weight without even flinching. It has sharp quality-of-life features such as numbered holes and reliable spotter pads to make your workouts a little bit easier and more efficient.

This bench also comes with deep J-hooks included with purchase, and easy-to-adjust catch bars to ensure that your solo lifts are safe. The best part? It comes in at an insanely affordable price point that seems too good to be true.

With such a low price tag, I really had to search to find anything negative about this machine. When compared to the Rogue Monster bench, there were a few differences. First of all, this bench can’t carry the same load, but that won’t be an issue for most users. Also, the cushioning on the bench itself isn’t quite as supportive as the Rogue, but none of these features are real deal-breakers.