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Rogue Mono Stand Review Facts

The Rogue Mono Stand is a truly unique addition to any home or commercial gym setting. It is a hybrid between a squat rack and a monolift. This allows you to get the complete benefits of Rogue’s 3 inch by 3 inches, 11 gauge steel squat stand, allowing you to squat, bench, press and front squat (learn about benefits of front squatting for women), but without having to worry about walking the bar out like other products. The innovative design of the Mono stand will revolutionize your training experience. In this article, we give you a detailed review of the mono stand and show you why you should believe it’s worth your time.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Don’t have to walk the bar out from the rack

3 x 3 inch, 11-gauge laser-cut steel uprights

Choice of squatting depths

A very unique hybrid of a fully-functional squat stand and a monolift

Super stable and very safe


Quite large and heavy

Has to be bolted to the floor



The Rogue Mono Stand provides you with two heavy-duty 70-inch uprights which are on a forward position tilt. The loaded barbell is more of a counterweight, allowing the uprights to tilt forward and the bar is completely lifted off of the rack. There is also a set of specially designed j-cups which pin into place and help prevent any motion or unwanted movement as you are trying to position yourself correctly under the bar.

When you lift the bar, the unlocked uprights go back into the 90-degree position, giving you plenty of room within which to train. Rogue Mono Stand has the versatility to also act as a standard squat rack, as the uprights are also able to be locked in a vertical position using the indent pins. You also have the option of making use of the 30-inch and 43-inch cross members which are included for the base. This gives you the option of going narrow or wide on your squatting width. The mount used for bolting the unit to the ground is not included though, and neither is the hardware, so you will have to buy that separately.


The uprights on this rack are made from the strongest material in the Rogue arsenal 3 inches by 3-inch laser-cut square steel tubing. The rack was made in the USA, using local materials. The laser-cut steel tubing ensures that every part of the rack is attached to the frame with great precision. The square shape of the steel tubing means that you will have an easier time moving it around to its destined final position. The material choice does rack up the price quite a bit, but Rogue is known for producing pricey, yet high-quality items worthy of your time. This mono stand is quite durable thanks to the steel, and it will withstand many years of abuse!


When you're working with a lot of weight, the piece of equipment you rely on must be stable. If it's not, you risk having the whole thing topple down on you, and the stand itself is quite heavy, let alone the extra weight you will add! This is why Rogue solved this dangerous problem with one very simple solution - they require the stand to be bolted to the ground. This makes the mono stand one of the most stable units that you can find on the market today. The mounting feet required to bolt the machine down are included in the package, but the extra hardware is not, so you will have to spend additional money to get it. The installation is a bit difficult as well, and you will probably need an extra hand to help you with the installation. And make sure you've chosen a proper spot to put it because once you bolt it to the ground there's no going back!


Rogue is a fitness brand which is known for creating high-quality fitness equipment that is fit for commercial use, and the mono stand is no different from that. Thanks to the laser cut heavy-duty steel, the stand will definitely last the mile. The specially designed j-cups are sandwiched between the parts of the unit, and they will not break nor bend, no matter how hard you try. The mono stand is powder-coated, just like every other product from Rogue is. This coating guards it against moisture and sweat and keeps corrosion away as well. Just make sure you wipe the stand down after every use to get rid of every bit of moisture and wipe down chalk if you use it. If you don't, the chalk will attract moisture and you will invite moisture in, and no coat will save you from that. The pins are very hardy as well, and they won't budge, no matter how heavy you go. Just make sure you're maintaining the stand properly and it will last for a long time. Also, most of the unit is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so even if something does go wrong you will be able to replace it,

Weather Resistance

Thanks to the powder coat the unit has, it is pretty much completely resistant to moisture and water. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of the stand! Remove every droplet of moisture from it after you're done using it to make sure it lasts as long as it was intended to. You can probably use the stand outside as well, without having to worry that much. But we believe that there's no need to take it outdoors, unless you really lack space, or if you feel sad about having to drill into your floors.


The Rogue Mono Squat Stand is truly a formidable piece of equipment. It's huge! The machine is 86" long, 57" wide, and 78" tall! So you will really need to have a lot of space to properly house this unit! The size is what prompted Rogue to require having it bolted to the ground. With a machine that big, you must have extra precautions. The mono stand is also quite heavy, weighing in at 310 pounds, but it's that weight that makes it resistant to a lot of extra weight, giving you full freedom to go as heavy as you'd want. So, before you decide to get the stand, make sure that you actually have enough room in your house to store it. The stand is also not foldable, save for the basic function it has, so what you see is what you get! You will also need to have plenty of room around it in order to execute every motion properly.


Versatility is what makes this unit what it is. It's a unique machine - it's the very first hybrid of its kind. It's both a squat station and a monolift! This means that you can easily squat, bench, press, and front squat on just one machine, saving you a lot of time and effort. You won't need to skip from one machine to other, losing time setting it up beforehand. When the 70" uprights of the stand are positioned forward, your barbell will act as a counterweight, keeping you safe. The barbells will keep the machine in the position until you're done. Once you lift the bar up, the uprights will become unlocked, and they will go back to their original 90-degree position, clearing up a lot of space in the process. But they won't do that on their own - someone will have to be there to manually push the uprights back where they were, so if you don't have a gym buddy, that might be a little problem. Thanks to the detent pins, the uprights can be locked into a vertical and angled position too, and you can use the stand as a traditional squat stand. The 30" and 43" cross members of the base allow you to lift with your preferred width.


Rogue Fitness is a very popular fitness brand that is present in almost every gym in the world. They are an American company, legally named Coulter Ventures, LLC. They've got every piece of gym equipment you may ever need, and a few unique machines of their own, like the Stand we reviewed here. They are quite a young company, having started in 2007, in Ohio. The company was kickstarted by Bill Henniger, simply because he struggled to find the equipment he needed for his Crossfit gym. They first only redistributed equipment from other manufacturers, but soon saw that didn't solve their problems either, and they started building equipment on their own. This is what made them who they are today, and we're glad to have them!


Truth be told, the Mono Stand is a pricey unit. It's around a thousand dollars, and this can be a bit too much for plenty of people. Why should they invest so much money into a piece that is a hybrid, when they can get two individual pieces for a cheaper cost? Well, the Mono Stand is very unique, and it saves a lot of space, which is why it costs that much in the first place. It goes through detailed inspections and every little error is fixed, plus the unit is made out of high-quality, laser-cut steel which promises durability. It has a lifetime warranty, although it is limited, and it's highly versatile, so you will essentially pay a bigger price for more that one machine, which we consider to be a great deal. Still, it can be a bit too much to pay all at once, so the price may turn some people away from the stand.

The Final Word

The Rogue Mono Squat Stand is one of the most innovative pieces of fitness equipment found on the market today. It truly has a lot to offer - the unique design allows you to use it as a fully functional stand and as a monolift! The stand is quite big and heavy, but it is essentially a space-saver because it acts as a hybrid between two quite chunky machines. You won't need to waste time going from one machine to the other, re-setting them every time. But the stand does cost quite a bit, which can become a problem, but we do believe that the unit is well worth its price!