Rogue S-4 Squat Stand

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Rogue S-4 Squat Stand Review Facts

The Rogue Fitness S-4 stand is designed as a set of rugged uprights which you can set up perfectly to customize how far apart you put them for your workout. Since it comes in two pieces, it makes it easier to store your rack when you are not using it. This is an optimal set if you need to consider limited space.

The uprights are made of high grade heavy-duty, 11 gauge steel. They are designed with a Westside hole bar placement system which means the area where your bar will sit has holes closer together so you can get the exact bar placement you need to get a good lift. In this article, we will give you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when considering purchasing the Rogue Fitness S-4.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The overall dimensions of these stands allow them to fit almost anywhere so they are perfect for a compact area or if you have lower ceilings

This stand comes standard with rubber feet which will protect your flooring and help with stability by preventing it from moving while you are working out

This is a perfect entry-level squat rack, with good quality functionality at a decent price


The uprights are not connected so you need to carefully set them up parallel to each other every time you use them to be sure they are safe to catch the bar in the J-cups properly

There are not safety armbars available as an option for this stand


The Rogue Fitness Company builds all of its equipment at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The company was started in 2007 by Bill Henniger who set up shop in his garage originally. They are focused on building a quality team there with the entire company together in one big building and jobs which help to enhance the local economy. This company which started in the founder's garage now sells its products worldwide.

This squat rack is made of two completely separate uprights. Each one of them stands on its own with a 26-inch x 22-inch base which gives them excellent stability. Since they have a small base which makes them easily portable, this is a good unit for athletes who are working with limited space.

The uprights also have a Westside Hole Pattern with 1-inch hole spacing to the bench area and clean pull zone then a 2 inch spacing above and below the area. They also come with a pair of Infinity J-cups which have UHMW plastic liners to protect your bar.

The S-4 sets a whole new standard for quality squat stands. It combines the stability and strength of quality steel bases with the efficiency of a new bolt-together, triangle-plate design. Each set includes a pair of 72-inch Infinity uprights which have the Westside pattern hole spacing in the area where you need a precise placement of your bar. You can set up the included J-cups at 1-inch increments right where you need them.

Many Olympic lifters prefer Indy squat racks because of their small footprint and low profile design. This one is perfect in that regard. The new S-4 Stand takes up very little space on a platform and can easily be moved by one person.


This stand is strong and stable. It combines the stability and strength of heavy steel bases with the quality and efficiency of a new design.

Every laser-cut and weld on each product manufactured at this company is individually inspected at each step during the process for integrity and appearance. They are once again each inspected for the perfect quality finish after the powder coat process. Then the entire order gets one more complete quality assurance inspection before the company ships it out. Once you receive it, the SML-1 is guaranteed for life.


The Rogue S-1 is wonderful because it is both cost-efficient and space-efficient. This model is the smallest in the Rogue series squat stands and was tested to stand up to a bar weight of 1,000 pounds. It will be perfect for most lifter’s needs. This stand has features designed to be solid such as 11-gauge steel uprights and a Westside hole pattern to hold your bar.

What Is The Squat

A squat is a very basic weightlifting move. It used to be called a deep knee bend and started to become recognized as a lifting move in the early 1900s. At first, it was done by lifting lighter weights over and over repetitively while the person lifting would keep his bodyweight balanced on his toes while keeping his heels off the floor. The weight bar went across the back of their neck on the shoulders. Then they bend down until their thighs were almost parallel to the ground. From the crouched position, they then push back up to the standing position, focused on pushing upward with the legs. Then they repeat the move to create a set.

The squat started to gain more popularity in Europe after World War I. During that time, it became more of a powerlifting move instead of just a repetitive lifting move like the deep knee bend. The first official squat contest took place in Germany, and it was won with a lift of over 500 pounds. The squat became known in America in the 1920s.

Originally, the lifter would have to move the bar from the floor to his chest, lift the weight overhead, and then lower it down to rest on his shoulders. This really limited the amount of weight that could be squatted. Then a lifter whose name was Steinborn came up with a different way to lift the bar up onto his shoulders. He raised the end of his bar so it was almost vertical and then moved under it so that it rested on his shoulder. Then he positioned the other end on his other shoulder. This new technique really helped lifters increase the amount they were able to lift.

As the squat grew in popularity during the 1920s and 1930s, of course, it spawned the development of a squat rack. This let the lifters accomplish an even better lift with greater amounts of weight, which lead to the current record squat of 992 pounds. Rogue Fitness strives to carry on this mission of helping you reach your lifting goals by providing the very best in quality squat stands.

Why Do You Need A Squat Rack

The squat rack is designed to help you lift heavy weights more safely without needing a human spotter. It acts as a mechanical spotter in case you lose control of the bar and weights. The Rogue S-4 gives you this benefit in its simplest form. It is two upright bars. These bars have a dual purpose. They actually work to catch the bar for you after your lift, or if you start to lose control, then even during the lift.

To use the rack, stand between the uprights with the bar set at an appropriate level for your height. Your knees should be slightly bent as you get the bar to your shoulders. You will then straighten up at your back and your knees to get the weight bar off the pegs, move your body forward a step or two to clear the rack, and then start your reps. As you finish, you reverse this procedure to put the bar back on the rack.


We have said it a million times before, and we will say it again. When it comes to fitness equipment, you get what you pay for. Yes, the Rogue Fitness products are expensive, but if you have the budget to afford these products, you are going to get something absolutely top of the line.

Squat Stand or Power Rack

Why would someone buy a squat stand instead of a power rack? There are two typical reasons. The first one is your budget. Yes, a squat stand will cost you less money than a power rack. However, if you are planning to get a squat stand that includes pull-up bars and safeties, the price difference is not going to be all that great.

The other reason someone might choose to look for a squat stand over a power rack is that they do not feel they will have enough space for a full rack. Actually, the fact is that a squat stand can take up more space than you might think, or you could say that a power rack can take up less space.

There are lots of reasons to prefer a squat stand over a power rack for some reason or another, but you do not want to automatically assume you have to settle for one just because you are working with limited space. There are definitely some smaller power racks and half racks you can check out before you commit to a squat stand.


The squat is the most effective exercise you can do for working the quadriceps and your posterior chain which are a critical group of muscles in your legs and back that keep you upright all day. They are also the best exercise you can do to build power, strength, and muscle. If you are really serious about your strength training goals, you need to have barbell squats as a core part of your fitness routine. It is as simple as that.

The squat stands like the Rogue S-4 let you safely perform squats while you are training alone in your home gym. Odds are you will also be bench-pressing, so a squat stand will make sure you can do this exercise safely as well. Having a stand like this is an absolute must, especially if you are planning to work with heavyweights.

The Final Word

Rogue Fitness has an earned reputation as a manufacturer of quality fitness gear. This S-4 Stand is no exception. It is probably the heaviest squat stand you will ever come across. It is an excellent choice for home gym trainers who have limited space as well as those who want to have a more adjustable squat width since the individual uprights can be set exactly the way you want them.