Rogue S-2 Squat Stand

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Rogue S-2 Squat Stand Review Facts

The Rogue S-2 squat stand sits between the S-1 and S-3, providing you with 2 inches by 3 inches, 11 gauge steel framing, backed up by 5/8 inch bolts and fasteners. 


Though we’re quite taken with the S-2, we need to note that it is not a squat rack or even a half rack. It is a squat stand. It can double as a bench upright, but its low profile means there are no options for plate storage and no capability for belt squats.


The S-2 does feature Westside hole spacing, allowing you to customize your bench press placement with staggered spacing as you move up the stand. Above and below the bench zone, the holes are set at two inches apart. The base of this rack has been redesigned with bolted triangle plates to provide you with a sturdier base.


The Rogue S-2 is compatible with a full range of accessories that allow you to turn it into the central feature of your gym. These include safety spotter arms, the Matador dip attachment, and more via the Rogue website.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Tall 92 inch uprights

Westside hole spacing pattern for safety, custom starting point

Choice of skinny or fat pull up bar

48X48 footprint--extra space, room for upgrades

Triangle plate base means no floor bolts needed

146 pounds, light for what it is

Works as an upright for any bench


No plate storage options

More expensive than some Rogue full racks


The S-2 is perfectly suited to a range of lifting exercises, though it does not bring as many possibilities as a full or half rack would. Its main function is to hold loaded barbells in place so you can stand under them and do squats. Having a squat rack also makes plate loading easier and safer, provided you are comfortable picking plates as heavy as 45 pounds up off the floor. If you use a plate rack, you will want to place that near the squat stand so you are not carrying plates across your floor. The stand lends itself to double duty as a bench upright, too, so we can’t imagine storing plates away from the bench anyway.

With a height of 92 inches, the Rogue S-2 provides you with plenty of room overhead for your pull up and chin up work. But it will fit into an eight-foot ceiling room, and it comes with a compact 49 inch by 48-inch footprint. This rack comes with your choice of two pull up bars as standard. The fat / skinny pull up bar is set at 80.5 inches from the floor, while the single skinny bar is set at 88 inches. The rack has a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

It is possible, too, to store plates temporarily on the bar itself. With a 1,000 pound capacity, the stand can take the weight of almost any hobbyist lifter’s entire set. Make sure you pair the stand with a quality Rogue barbell or one from a maker of similar caliber. Even a specialty bar like the Kabuki Strength Duffalo bar will be at home on this rack, though you’d need to get used to using the bar upside down since the central dip won’t let the Duffalo rest right-side up. You could order Kabuki’s custom J-Cups as a workaround, though. They will fit perfectly in the post holes on the S-2.


We have yet to see a Rogue product receive anything less than glowing reviews for durability and craftsmanship, though we look far and wide in researching our reviews. Though it isn’t a full-featured rack, the S-2 will provide dependable service in any commercial gym, just as it will in your garage gym.

Uprights are made of 2X3 inch 11 gauge steel, the same size used in many Rogue half racks like the HR-2. Full and power racks use 3X3 inch steel. The change makes the unit less bulky, without compromising the strength and resilience Rogue is known for. A triangle plate base stand provides rock-solid stability and motion control. Those plates are an upgrade from the formed socket foundation used in older S-2 releases.

The steel is finished with black powder coating, for persistent resistance to rust, moisture, corrosion, staining, and nicks from stray bars or dumbbells. J-Cups feature a hard plastic liner, which protects the knurl on your bars and also makes the stand even more durable. Rogue J-Cups will not wear over time, so your safety is assured and you can lift with ultimate peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Though it can handle your most grueling workout sessions, the S-2 is simple to use once you get used to moving the J-Cups and working with the staggered Westside hole spacing. It fits a bench comfortably, with enough open space for bench attachments if you use them. Since there is no depth, though, you will probably have to drag your bench out of the way when you want to do squats. There is no mechanism for bolting the stand to a bench, should you want that and be okay with reduced squat capability. The weight, materials, and foundation all work together to ensure the rack won’t tip over as long as you use it properly, to hold loaded barbells in place and provide a home for them at the end of your reps or extended set.

The pull-up bar, situated 92 inches above the ground, will also be easy to use. There aren’t contoured grips with either the skinny or fat bar, but there is plenty of room for you to use a wide, narrow, or median grip for pull-ups. We would like to see padding or texturing on the pull-up bar, but it’s a minor comfort complaint and does not affect how long this stand will perform for you.


Though it will facilitate bench presses and squats with ease, the squat rack is something of a trade-off if you use it as the centerpiece of your home gym. The S-2 costs less than most Rogue power racks or cages. Since it does not have four enclosed corners spread far apart, there are some compromises with what you can do. If you squat alone, you won’t be able to approach powerlifting weights because there is no place to put safety stands. Rogue does not even offer spotter stands on the product page. The lack of an enclosed corner also means no attachment for Rogue’s Matador dip attachment.

Because there’s no way to catch weights if you lose control, you’ll want to limit your working weight with any squat stand. Also, consider using rubberized bumper plates instead of old fashioned iron. They will do less damage to your floor if the worst thing that can happen happens one day. The squat stand also doesn’t make deadlifts possible, the way a full cage would.

The advantage of a stand, of course, is that it will save you space. It can even go into a corner or almost up against a wall. Should you decide to move the stand, it will be easier provided you have a helper or a large hydraulic dolly. The squat stands also have fewer upgrade and customization options, as evidenced by Rogue only offering a bench as an upgrade accessory on the product page. That same page does let you choose a skinny or fat pull up bar, but whichever you choose is standard issue and not a custom upgrade.

Stick With It Factor

If you aren’t looking to be a powerlifter or a World’s Strongest Man/Woman competitor, we’re sure you’ll keep using the SR-2 over time. It is simple, effective, reliable, and solid. You will get results, too, doing lifts you would feel less comfortable trying with no uprights. In fact, barbell squats become impossibly dangerous without uprights, unless you stick with a very low weight or with dumbbells. It just isn’t safe or effective to pick a loaded bar up off the floor and try to muscle it onto your shoulders to move to a standing position. So if you are a recreational lifter looking to amp up your practice, and you have an understanding of the squat stand’s limitations, the SR-2 will repay you with years of consistent performance.

Company Reputation

Rogue Fitness and its founder, Air Force veteran/CrossFitter Bill Henniger, founded his company to centralize commercial gym equipment, streamlining the process of opening a gym or box for owners. The company has never compromised on its mission to make strength equipment available and accessible to anyone who is interested. Steel is forged, and parts are fabricated, In Rogue’s central facility, as they have been since the company started. Rogue Fitness brings years of knowledge to what they do, and their customer service department will be proactive and enthusiastic if you need to contact them for any reason.

What People Are Saying

The S-2 squat stand received an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Rogue product page at the time of this writing. There were 120 reviews. Reviewers praised the stand’s ease of assembly, solid feel, and customer service support. One reviewer noted they were unable to do kipping pull-ups because of the user’s taller than average height. Overall, though, customers are pleased with the stand’s performance.

We were unable to find any Amazon reviews at the time of this writing, but similar products from Cap Barbell and Titan Fitness received lower Amazon ratings compared to what we found on the Rogue site. All reviews came from confirmed purchasers.

The Final Word

Are you looking for a low priced tool that will act as a platform and stabilizer for your Olympic lifts, with the Westside hole spacing, proprietary J-Cups, and sturdy foundation that are all standard equipment on a Rogue rack? We say your search is over. You can find a squat stand/upright for less money, but it will not be as reliable, may be harder to assemble, and won’t have options for a pull-up bar. Rogue racks are also finished with a durable coating that prevents damage and premature wear. You can’t do certain lifts with any squat stand, and you may feel a little shaky doing your heaviest possible single rep lifts, but if you are aware of the limitations inherent in a squat stand, you could do a lot worse than the Rogue S-2 unit.