Rogue Ohio Power Bar

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Rogue Ohio Power Bar Review Facts

While the name of Rogue stands out as being a quality brand among weightlifting aficionados, some of the company’s bars are one and the same kind of bar, except with different finishes. The Rogue Ohio Bar fits under this category. The Castro bar, which is made of steel, the Froning Bushing Bar, which showcases black zinc and the brand’s Operator bar (featured in olive) are all the Ohio Bar in various finishes. Therefore, you might say this review covers those bars as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Undisputed durability
The knurling in the bar provides a confident grip
The brand's reliability is well known throughout the weightlifting world
Perfect for Crossfit workouts


A little pricier than some others


The Rogue Ohio bar is regularly given a 5-star out of 5 stars rating by consumers who use the exercise equipment. It is not surprising then that the company also makes other models that are basically the Ohio bar in a different finish. If you already feature a 5-star bar, why not make other models that are basically alike. If you are looking for a solid and reliable barbell for Cross Fit workouts, general weightlifting or powerlifting routines, then this may be the bar for you.

Rogue bars generally can be listed in one or more four kinds of classifications. Bars can fall under the category of Cross Fit and General Weightlifting, Bars Designed for Women, Olympic Weightlifting bars that are 22 mm in size and Powerlifters. The Ohio bar and the aforementioned bars fall under two of the four categories. The Ohio bar is made for Cross Fit and general weight lifting activities as well as for powerlifting routines. It is not considered the bar to use if you wish to engage in Olympic weightlifting on a routine basis.


If you love Cross Fit training and are committed to weightlifting in general, then you will appreciate this quality barbell. Should your goals veer toward Olympic weightlifting, then the Rogue Ohio Bar and other featured Rogue bars, such as the Operator, would not be suitable for your weightlifting goals or routine.

If you are new to weightlifting, you will soon find that most weightlifters like to stick to specific brands. Rogue is one of these weightlifting brands. Buyers of Rogue bars are known to keep their barbells for many years. For anyone committed to the exercise then, Rogue provides plenty of ways to test your abilities in this respect.

How The Ohio Bar Is Made

The Ohio Bar is manufactured with 190,000 PSI steel, one of the best variants of steel for a multi-purpose exercise tool. Each shaft of this Barbell is ground and polished before machining, which permits the barbell to maintain an exceptionally smooth finish, whether it is coated with zinc, chrome or black oxide.

The knurling process is a form of art in the barbell industry. Up-to-date Haas machines are used for machining bar shafts and the knurling process has become an art in the manufacturing of these bars. Producers say that there is a certain “look and feel” that goes into the testing of every bar. The Rogue Ohio bar is offered in three finishes, which also impact the feel of the knurl. For example, black oxide is one of the finishes used. The steel treatment provides the best knurl feel and can be likened to a naked bar.


While this bar is not used for Olympic weightlifting, it certainly is a commendable bar to use for a Body Blast workout (see the review) or to keep in shape at home. The bar is regularly rated five stars. Therefore, if you are in a quandary about your choice, take a look at other reviews online. The company has made practical replicas of this high-quality bar. Therefore, it stands to reason that the bar is a coveted, high-quality choice in the weight-lifting community.