Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope

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Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope Review Facts

If you are in need of a fun, challenging, portable cardio workout, and you don’t mind feeling like a complete failure for a couple of weeks while you learn, you could do a lot worse than a jump rope.

More than almost any other compact fitness tool, the jump rope will disappear inside a bag or backpack. Well-made ropes are impervious to damage, and most modern ones have adjustable lengths to suit your height and jump altitude. Once you get the basics down, you can try different tricks, double unders, and extended interval sessions. All will get your heart rate up, and provide cross-training for lifting or other strength practices.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope. It is made with the same care and skill we have come to expect from Rogue Fitness. The resin handles are short, making the rope easy to grip for beginner’s hands. The kink-free nylon cable is easy to adjust, with a max length of ten feet. Bearings in the handles ensure fast and smooth motion, with consistent turnover and no jams. If any of this sounds interesting, read on to see if the Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope is right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Glass-filled nylon resin handles are almost unbreakable, sweat resistant

Sealed cartridge bearings last a long time with no upkeep

Bearings and nylon rope make for very fast and efficient jumps

Length of rope is easy to adjust

Price is reasonable, especially for a Rogue branded product

Cable is coated for even more durability and speed

Handle is tapered for comfort and grip


Rope may be too fast for beginners

Cable coating can wear off under heavy use, especially on hard gym floors (easy to replace)

Why It Is Different

The 6-inch handle rotates, like the sleeves on a high end Olympic barbell. That helps stop wrist fatigue, letting the cable do the work while you hold on and focus on landing each jump. Rope revolutions are smooth, not jerky, and you never have to worry about the rope lagging behind your movement.

This is a common problem with lower end jump ropes that use cotton rope or something similar. The bearings and coated cord are what make the Rogue SR-3 Speed Rope a speed rope. It's great for general fitness and cardio but has CrossFit WOD and boxing workouts in its DNA. The shorter handles mean special moves and tricks will be harder, but not impossible for someone at that level.

Each handle has 4 cartridge ball bearings inside. If you ever had to replace them (not likely), you would take the entire cartridge out, not each bearing. The cartridge bearings have the advantage of being sealed, so they are dust and debris proof. They will never need lubricating and will perform efficiently for as long as you own the rope.

When we viewed the product page, Rogue recommends you not use the rope on hard or concrete floors. Rubber or at least nonabrasive surfaces will extend the life of the rope. This also means the Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope is not suited for outdoor use. These are things to keep in mind when you make a purchase decision.

Who Needs It

Anyone who is physically able to use a jump rope will get cardio and strength benefits from one. At the beginning of our review, we cracked a joke about feeling like a failure for a couple of weeks. That's a real thing that can happen if you haven't used a jump rope much and decide to get into it. You will stop the rope, a lot, with your legs and with the floor.

You may also tire easily. We have all been there. We found ourselves jumping so high, tucking our knees up to keep them from hitting the cable, that the impact on our joints was too great and we had to rest often. The best way to jump rope is with short, effective jumps, low to the ground, timed perfectly with the arc of each swing.

Getting there doesn't happen right away. With the Rogue SR-1, the sheer speed of each swing will make things challenging. You'll never have to wonder where the cable is, but you'll also have a harder time staying out of its way.

We encourage you to hang in there. The increased strength, stamina, and cardio you will get are worth a bit of struggle. It is much better to get a well built and durable jump rope, like this one than it is to spend money on a cotton rope with wooden handles, or the like, that will constantly let you down because the rope is light enough to be affected by things like ceiling fans.

That's the kind of challenge you don't want. With a little practice, and maybe some tips from a seasoned jumper, the Rogue SR-1 speed rope will soon become your favorite training partner. Also, if you are more experienced, you can jump right in and the SR-1 will have no problems keeping up with you.

Durability/Ease Of Use

With its nylon cord, tapered resin handles, and sealed cartridge bearings, the Rogue SR-3 Speed Rope is quite durable and will last a long time. The handles and jerk-free rope motion make it easy and comfortable, in spite of the difficulty you may encounter in learning to use it. Even Rogue says not to use it on concrete floors, because that will tear away at the nylon cord and you will have to replace it periodically.

A cord with a chewed-up coating cannot perform at the level you need. Also, stay away from floors with non-slip grit, as you find in some gyms or on top of a nuclear sub (your editors have worked out in a LOT of different places!). If you do find yourself in a cramped and crowded nuclear sub, a jump rope can be your buddy because they take up so little room. Just make sure whatever space you use is big enough for a full swing, and that you won't hit your head on a lowered ceiling.

An easy upgrade would consist of putting grip or athletic tape over the handles. This won't affect the taper or add extra length. It will cut down on you dropping the handles if you get up a head of steam, which is a common problem for beginners. Dropped handles increase downtime and frustration. But the superior construction of the Rogue SR-3 rope means drops won't damage the handles, which is another plus.

Company Background

If you're familiar with our site, you know how much we love all of Rogue's products, even the ones we know we can't afford. Rogue began as a dedicated supplier to commercial gyms. They make all their own racks, free weights, benches, apparel, and accessories. 11 gauge steel frames, machine-stitched vinyl padding, and brushed steel bearings are all standard hardware for Rogue.

If you live near several gyms, chances are at least one of them is rocking a piece of Rogue gear. Maybe a power rack with slots for several clients to work out at once. Rogue rigs and wall mount racks are also favored by college athletic trainers, and sometimes pro franchises like the NFL. You will pay extra for most larger Rogue gear. It's worth every penny if you know you will use it consistently.

The SR-3 Speed Rope is at the low end of Rogue pricing. If you get one, it's a way to bring gym-quality workouts into your daily life without breaking the bank. The craftspersonship and user-friendly design are on par with anything else Rogue makes.

What People Are Saying

We looked over several hundred reviews, searching for trends and consensus. Review sources included fitness magazines, personal blogs, and dedicated jump rope sites. We also visited more than one Amazon listing and the Rogue product page.

The only negatives we saw were problems with the adjusting screws and one person who said the end cap fell off during use. The adjustment screws are for customizing the length. Rogue guarantees their products, and will happily replace any rope that breaks down prematurely. Negative reviews were in the minority.

Those who liked or loved the SR-1 praised its lightweight structure and how durable it is. The rotation and revolution keep your wrists from hurting as you learn to do double unders and the like. The lightweight cord is more efficient than a cotton or leather rope and beats most beaded ropes for speed and consistency. CrossFit clients and trainers both enjoy using the rope, and it makes double under mastery less painful.

Reviewers do agree that the rope will serve you best if you are already able to land between 50 and 100 jumps with your current rope. If you aren't there or haven't touched a jump rope in years, you may want to start with whatever your gym has and polish your skills. Once you're comfortable, reward yourself with a Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope.

The Final Word

We are happy to endorse the Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope for anyone interested in upping their cardio game with something fast, effective, and fun. Any jump rope is going to be compact and portable, opening up new possibilities for cardio and strength training. The design of the SR-1 lets you focus on landing jumps, not worrying that you will drop the handles or lose track of the rope.

Experienced jumpers will appreciate the speed and comfort of the rope. If you are a beginner, with some cardio under your belt, we encourage you to purchase and try out the SR-1. It may take a month or so to catch on, but with a little determination, you will be jumping, skipping, and twirling with the best of them.

Jumping rope is challenging. However, it can also be fun. With this Rogue product, you may just forget your heart is getting stronger and just enjoy the sweaty good time and sense of accomplishment that comes with the elusive double under.