Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand

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Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand Review Facts

The Rogue SML-3 is one of the beefiest racks in the entire Rogue squat rack range. This is an extra tall rack that has a double pull up bar that takes the height to 110 cm. It is made from Rogue’s most rugged steel – 3 inches by 3 inch, 11 gauge laser cut for maximum strength and rigidity. It features Westside hole spacing and has a compact 49 x 48-inch footprint.

We also provide an in-depth review of the Rogue S-3 squat rack and show you why it’s worth your time, so make sure to check it out.

Editor's Pros & Cons

3 x 3 inch, 11 gauge square steel framing

Westside hole spacing

1,000-pound max weight

Extra strong j-cups, protected with a special kind of plastic

Black powder coat finish for extra safety


Quite Tall


Even though it is marketed as a squat rack, the SML-3 is really a full-on power rack. You can, after all, use it for more than squats, including benchwork, pull-ups, clean pulls, the floor press and much more. This squat rack is compatible with a range of Rogue custom accessories, allowing you to turn it into the central piece of equipment in your home gym. One of the greatest things about this stand is the fact that you can combine it with other Rogue fitness equipment. You can add a bar, a bench, some weight plates, or you can add a set of Monster Lite Safety Spotter Arms, a Wheel Bracket Set that makes it even more portable, or a pair of Floor Mounting Feet. You can also choose between a fat or skinny bar, or a single pull-up bar, and a bar holder attachment is a great add-on for some extra storage. All of these features make the stand a very versatile piece of equipment that every gym should have!


The Rogue SML-3 is made from heavy gauge American steel and hardware. The steel is 11 gauge, which may be a bit too thick, but if you enjoy the extra security and stability, then why not go for it? You get laser-cut 5/8 diameter holes and SAE grade bolt hardware. The entire unit is finished in Rogue’s signature black powder-coat. The rack can safely hold up 1000 pounds thanks to this, making it very secure. It's also quite stable. The J-cups have protective UHMW plastic inserts, which improve the durability of the stand quite a bit.


The Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand is a beast of a rack that has a compact footprint but requires a lot of ceiling height. The footprint of the machine is 49" x 48", the same its predecessors, the SML-1 and SML-2 had. So it's not that large and it will fit in most home gyms with ease. The SML-3 is 110" tall, making it quite taller than the SML-1 and two were. The SML-1 was 72", while the SML-2 was 92" tall. This means that the footprint will fit into most gyms easily, but it might be a bit too tall for some gyms because you will need even more room to work with it. The stand is not that heavy either, weighing in at 167 pounds, so you won't have much trouble moving it around the room, and there's no need to worry about it tipping over either.


You get your choice of a fat/skinny and a single pull up bar. If you don't know which one to select, we recommend going for the skinny bar. This is because it's the lightest one, and if you enjoy doing Crossfit, you won't have that much need of the fat bar anyway. If you do like lifting though, go for the fat bar! The bar is bolted to the rack, so you might have a bit of trouble flipping it over. You also get features that you would usually only expect in a full-on power rack, including Westside hole spacing, which allows you to customize your bench with one-inch hole spacings, supported by two-inch spacings above and below. The stack comes with all the hardware and accessories you need to get started quickly.

The J-cups that come with the stand are really amazing! They weigh about 7.5 pounds, and they are made out of thick, durable steel. Most importantly, they can withstand up to 1000 pounds. Not a lot of people actually work with that kind of weight, but it's good to know that you are protected no matter how heavy you decide to lift. The welds of the j-cups are all clean and precise, and a special kind of plastic protects them from wear and tear damage. Even if you accidentally drop the bar while working out, you don't need to worry as the j-cups will hold them down tightly (although we don't recommend you drop the bar).


This rack has a max lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds, giving you all the strength facility you will ever need. The package comes with a pair of j cups that are protected with UHMV protective plastic covering. Your purchase is covered by Rogue’s famous lifetime warranty, so even if something does go wrong, your beloved stand is protected, and you'll be able to replace it. The whole unit is protected with their black powder coating. This makes it even more durable, since it's resistant to scratches and abrasion, and it just looks cool!


Rogue Fitness is a brand that is renowned all around the world, and you can rarely find a gym that doesn't have a machine from them. They are a company that is located in the United States of America, and they are legally known as Coulter Ventures, LLC. They create every possible fitness machine you need, for all kinds of gyms, thanks to the versatility of their units. Their company saw the light of day in 2007, so they are quite new, but that doesn't mean that their items are not high-quality. The brand was started by Bill Henniger. He wanted to create his own Crossfit Gym, but he saw a big problem because he couldn't find a place where they held all the equipment he needed. So he created the Rogue brand as a re-distributer for the machines he needed. But this was problematic as well because the delivery and prices were not consistent. This leads him to start creating his own fitness machines. This is what made them who they are today, as he recognized the need for high-quality machines and provided the world with them!


Rogue Fitness has equipment that is both high-priced and medium-range, but the price of their items should never scare you. The rack alone costs about 500 dollars, and with every other spare part you can purchase with it, it still doesn't cross the thousand dollar threshold. This makes the stand very affordable, and worth your money, simply because of the lifetime warranty and the very fast shipping. Every item ordered by 3 pm is shipped the very same day! You can even track your order so you know the very minute it reaches your door!


Although the machine is not that small, the addition of transportation wheels makes it very portable. When you're done using the unit, you can simply move it around to where it won't bother you! The stand is not foldable though, and it is quite tall, so keep that in mind. The wheel bracket set is not included in the set though, so you will need to purchase it additionally, but they are not pricey and you shouldn't skip out on buying them! There's no need to bolt this unit to the floor, but if you want the extra security you can always do that.

Weather Resistance

The SML-3 is quite weather-resistant. The reason why is the black powder-coat finish. This is a unique finish every Rogue fitness item has, and it makes them quite durable, and pretty too! The stand is scratch and abrasion-resistant, and it also keeps rust and corrosion away. But you should still make sure to wipe the machine down after every use because even the smallest droplet of moisture that manages to find its way in the frame can be a problem. If you use chalk, make sure to wipe it down as well, because it attracts that unwelcome moisture. You can probably use the frame outdoors, as it will resist the rain and temperature fluctuations, but since the unit is quite small and the wheels make it portable, we believe that there is no need to keep it outside.


The mere width and strength of the steel make this stand a very safe one. The j-cups are very strong and they will keep the bars where they are meant to be, even if you do manage to drop them. Still, you should make sure that you include the safety spotter arms with your purchase, especially if you work out alone. This is simply because it just isn't fun to be pinned down by a heavy bar with loads of plates on it! The spotter's arms have the very same plastic the j-cups do, so they will definitely protect you from the extra weight. The arms will make the unit slightly heavier, but we think that's a good trade-off for safety. You can kip on the stand safely too! It will rock when you do it though. You can solve this by putting some extra weight on the feet, like sandbags, or you can just bolt the stand to the floor.

The Final Word

The SML-3 squat stand is a really remarkable unit. It does almost act like a power rack, and with every extra feature included, it becomes even better than one! The hardy steel and super-protected j-cups make it very durable, while the black powder coat keeps it safe from scratches and abrasions. The unit is also protected with a lifetime warranty! It's quite cheap, and you can purchase even more accessories that make it sublime. Remember that the unit is quite tall, and you might want to check whether the stand can fit into your home before you buy it.