Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand Review

Updated January 10, 2019

The Rogue SML-3 is one of the beefiest racks in the entire Rogue squat rack range. This is an extra tall rack which has a double pull up bar that takes the height to 110 cm. It is made from Rogue’s most rugged steel – 3 inch by 3 inch, 11 gauge laser cut for maximum strength and rigidity. It features Westside hole spacing and has a compact 49 x 48 inch footprint.

In this article we provide an in depth review of the Rogue S-3 squat rack, along with 3 alternative models.

Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand Up

The Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand is a beast of a rack that has a compact footprint but requires a lot of ceiling height. It stands to 110 cms, which provides you ample room to work above your head. You get your choice of a fat /skinny and a single pull up bar. You also get features that you would usually only expect in a full on power rack, including Westside hole spacing, which allows you to customize your bench with one inch hole spacings, supported by two inch spacings above and below.

The Rogue SML-3 is made from heavy gauge American steel and hardware. You get laser-cut 5/8 diameter holes and SAE grade bolt hardware. The entire unit is finished in Rogue’s signature black powder-coat.

Even though it is marketed as a squat rack, the SML-3 is really a full on power rack. You can, after all, use it for for more than squats, including bench work, pull ups, clean pulls, the floor press and much more. This rack has a max lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds, giving you all the strength facility you will ever need. The package comes with a pair of j cups that are protected with UHMV protective plastic covering.

This squat rack is compatible with a range of Rogue custom accessories, allowing you to turn it into the central piece of equipment in your home gym. Your purchase is covered by Rogue’s famous lifetime warranty.


  • 3 x 3 inch, 11 gauge square steel framing
  • Westside hole spacing
  • 1,000 pound max weight


  • May be too tall for some home gyms

Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand Alternatives

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Rack

The Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Rack is a hard as nails rack that provides you with a max lift of 800 pounds, which is just short of what you get with the Rogue SML-3. The framing is made from 2 inch by 2-inch square steel, 11 gauge framing, complemented by half inch bolts and nuts.

A huge bonus of Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Rack is that you also get a 12 position adjustable bench with durable lock on safety bars. This transforms your rack from a squat stand to a truly multi function gym center piece. It also comes with a multi position pull up bar.


  • 2 x 2-inch square steel framing
  • 12 position adjustable bench
  • Multi-position pull-up bar


  • No Westside hole spacing
Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack

Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack

The Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack comes as a pair of squat stands to provide you with a sturdy and stable squatting base. The stands are adjustable between 39 and 66 inches and comes with heavy duty bar catches. This allows you to adjust for the bench press.

The portable nature of Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack allows for customization of the squat width. The solid “H” base structure of these stands provide you with a very rigid structure. The upright adjustments of the uprights are doubly secured with a pop pin and a bar latch for extra safety when squatting.


  • Adjustable for squat width
  • Solid “H” base structure


  • Max weight of only 395 pounds

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Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack

The Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack is a small rack that delivers a lot of functional power and rigidity. It is made from 2 inch by 2 inch, square steel supported by heavy duty hardware. The max height of 72 inches allows you to get this rack into very low ceiling rooms.

The maximum weight allowance on Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack is 700 pounds, which is a little less than the Rogue SML-3. You also get a chin up bar with this unit, set at a height of 68.5 inches. This will it make it a challenge for taller people to get enough extension to properly perform pull ups and chin ups. Safety spotter pins are included as standard on this rack.


  • Compact
  • Generous walk in space
  • One inch round steel j-hooks


  • Max capacity only 700 pounds


The Rogue SML-3 squat rack delivers a huge dose of grunt to your home gym with its 110 cm height, heavy duty steel framing, Westside hole spacing and 1,000 pound weight capacity. If you can fit this beast into your gym, we highly recommend that you do so.

If you’re after a slightly pared down alternative to the SML-3, our top pick is the Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Rack, which provides you with up to 800 pounds of lifting potential, multi position pull up bar and a 12 position adjustable bench.

The Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand Up Close

Our #1. Recommendation

​The Rogue SML-3 Squat Stand Up Close

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