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Editor’s Conclusion
The Echelon EX 15 stationary bike took a few design tips from brands such as Peloton, without borrowing the high price point.

Often, budget-friendly exercise bikes sacrifice stability and quality to achieve a lower price point. This stationary bike, however, is constructed from high-end materials that provide users with a stable and wobble-free ride even at high speeds.

It offers an impressive 32 different levels of magnetic resistance that runs super quality, and the 20-pound flywheel keeps your rides as smooth as gliding down the fresh pavement. One of the reasons that Echelon can keep the quality high and the price tag low is because it completely omits a central console.

To track your progress, you will need to subscribe to the Echelon app and mount a tablet or smartphone into the tablet rack. The downside of this design is that it is only compatible with the Echelon app and nothing else. If you want to track your progress in any capacity, this bike will require a monthly subscription to their app.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make the Echelon EX 15 a perfect fit for those on a limited budget.
Echelon EX 15 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes in at a very affordable price point
Offers 32 levels of high-quality magnetic resistance
Very small footprint
Padded handlebars and a wide seat
Easy to make adjustments to the seat and handlebars
Runs very quietly


Only compatible with Echelon app
Does not provide a digital central console

Key Features


The Echelon EX 15 is an exercise bike that is built like a tank without a tank-like price point. It offers users high-end magnetics resistance that allows you to switch up the resistance on the line to 32 different resistance levels.

What users also love about this bike is that it boasts a very small frame that is perfect for smaller workout spaces. It is composed of a strong metal frame with a matte black powder-coated finish that is resistant to chipping, cracking, or rusting when used in musty basements.

Overall, this bike is a great option for users that want to fit in a great cycling workout without draining their bank account. The only real issue that many users had with this bike is that it does not provide a central console that tracks your performance.

If you want to track your distance or calories burned, you will either need to employ a smartwatch or subscribe to Echelons monthly membership app.


If you are working with a very limited amount of space in your home gym, this bike is one of your best options. In fact, this bike is one of the most compact stationary bikes currently out there on the market.

It measures to be 20.28 inches long, 10 inches wide, and stands to be 37.8 inches tall. To put that into perspective, the Peloton Bike measures to be 59 inches long, 23 inches wide and stands to be 53 inches tall. If you are running low on space, this design from Echelon is clearly the better option.

While it may be small, it is built tough. This machine weighs in at just over 100 pounds and offers a max weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.


Echelon provides users with plenty of adjustment features to make your ride nice and smooth. Users have the option to adjust the seat to their desired position, and the numbered seat rail makes it a cinch to pop it back to your unique placement if you are sharing this bike with many members of your household. It also allows you to adjust the position of the handlebars in the same manner as the seat.

Adjusting the handlebars is a great tool to ensure that the tablet you are using is always at eye level.

Making adjustments to this bike is super easy and can be executed in under a minute. To make adjustments to the seat or the handlebars, simply pull out the large central knob at the bottom of the seat. Glide the seat up and down the metal bar until your find the position the is perfect for your needs.

Personally, I love that Echelon numbers that various seat positions to make it easy to adjust it back to your desired position. Many exercise machines don’t label their adjustments, which means I often have to take a sharpie and mark my perfect position when sharing the machine with workout buddies.


I found that assembling this bike is fairly easy, but slightly time-consuming. Even if you aren’t exactly considered a skilled handyman, the full-color instruction manual makes assembling your machine incredibly easy. The main unit of the bike ships completely intact, and all you will need to do is affix the feet and the handlebars.

With all of the complicated mechanisms completely assembled before it arrives at your door, it means that there is a slim chance that this bike will break down on you due to errors in the home-assembly process!

As always, if you want to ensure that your bike is properly assembled the first time around, you can always hire the pros to assemble your bike for you. It may cost a little bit more, but it is well worth it for users that don’t want to take the better part of an afternoon assembling their bike.


The seat on this design is simple but is built to keep your bum nice and comfortable even on those long rides.

What I love most about the construction of this seat is that it is built slightly wider than most standard exercise bikes for a highly cushioned ride. I did a little bit of digging to see if users are able to swap out the seat for something more cushioned, and found that this seat is only compatible with similar Echelon competition seats.

However, if you wear down your seat over the years, Echelon offers affordable replacements seats on their store’s website.


Surprisingly, this bike doesn’t even boast even a super simplistic digital screen display. It provides a central rack where you can place your tablet or smartphone to watch Nexflix or read a book on your device.

While the absence of a digital display helps to keep the price tag low, many users miss the ability to have quick access to time traveled, speed, and calories burned at a glance.

If you download the Echelon App, it will automatically pair with your device and will display your progress as you train, as well as provide unique workout videos to keep your rides new and exciting.

The downside to the Echelon App is that it is slightly more expensive than similar monthly membership workout apps. It’s more affordable than Peloton but slightly more expensive than Bowflex’s JRNY app.

To further complicate things, this bike is only compatible with the Echelon App and nothing else. While other brands allow you to pick your favorite workout subscription app to use, the EX 15 locks you into their app and does not play well with others.

If you really need to keep tabs on your progress but don’t want to invest in the monthly membership, smartwatches from Garmin or even most FitBit watches offer biking workout modes.

These watches can track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned while riding on your bike. It may not be as convenient as a central digital display, but it’s better than nothing.


One of the best features of the Echelon EX 15 is that it provides users with high-end resistance to help them carefully craft a high-intensity workout.

With the help of a magnetic flywheel, this design offers up to 32 different resistance levels. To switch up the resistance on the central flywheel, simply twist the red resistance knob between the seat and the handlebars to change the resistance to your perfect level.

Users found that even at higher resistances, this machine runs virtually silently, which is perfect for those easy-morning workouts.


The very best feature of this bike is that it clocks in at a super affordable price point. Many budget-friendly bikes out there on the market get the job done but aren’t exactly made from quality materials that hold up well over time.

Budget-friendly bikes are often quite wobbly, especially at high speeds, and just don’t provide the same level of high-quality resistance. Despite the affordable price point, the Echelon EX 15 is built like a tank.

It provides users with a strong and stable ride that is wobble-free and holds up quite well over the years of continued use.


What I love most about the Echelon EX 15 exercise bike is that it provides users with a high-end and challenging workout on a strong and steady machine without the steep price point. Sure, it’s missing a few extra bells and whistles, such as a central display console, but this bike really gets the job done.

Another great product we reviewed is the Echelon EX5, so make sure to check it out as well.

Plus, with many users often wearing wearable fitness trackers, onboard display consoles may soon become a thing of the past.

If you really want to transform your humble bike into something more modern, be sure to subscribe to Echelons monthly membership app.

Overall, this app costs around the same amount as a gym membership and provides users with a ton of workout programs and extra features on and off of your bike.

This app allows you to track your progress while you ride, and even provides heart-pumping playlists and cool-down exercises as well!