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Editor’s Conclusion
The Echelon EX5 stationary bike offers all of the advanced functionality of a commercial spin class bike right from home. This is a bike that is built to compete with brands such as Peloton but at a much more affordable price point.

It’s important to note that this bike doesn’t include a central console that will help you track your progress as you train. Instead, it provides a media shelf to mount your own smartphone or tablet that you can pair with the Echelon Fit app.

While this companion app requires a monthly subscription, I feel that it is well worth the extra cost to transform your uninspiring home gym into a place where calories come to die!
Echelon EX5 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Competition Aero Handlebar System with elbow rests
Transport wheels make it easy to move
Provides up to 32 levels of magnetic resistance
Runs virtually silently
Dual-sided pedals with toe cages included


Echelon Fit app requires a monthly fee
No built-in progress display

Key Features


The Echelon EX5 is an exercise bike designed for those that want to fit in a killer cardio workout right from home. Whether you are a biking newbie or an experienced veteran, this is a stationary bike that is approachable for all skill levels.

With high-end resistance, it’s a great tool for building muscles in your lower body, or you can simply dial down the resistance for a faster-paced heart-pumping workout.

This bike is super easy to use and offers comfortable features in the seat, handlebars, and pedals for a smooth and easy ride. The 28-pound magnetic resistance flywheel runs virtually silently, making it a great choice for those early morning rides.

One of the biggest downsides of this bike, however, is that it does not include even a very simple digital display to track your progress.

Without a smartphone or tablet to mount on the media shelf and the Echelon Fit App, there is no way to track your progress. I feel, however, that the Echelon Fit App is well worth the monthly fee, but more on that a little later!


Without an onboard screen, users will need to manually adjust the tension on the flywheel. To dial up the intensity, simply turn the bright red dial located at the base of the handlebars. This flywheel provides riders with up to 32 different levels of magnetic resistance.

With so many levels of resistance, it’s super easy to dial in that muscle-burning sweet spot that is perfect for your strength level.

What users also love about this sleek 28-pound flywheel is that using magnetic resistance means that the tension on the pedals will also be consistent and won’t cause any frustrating sticking points. It also runs very quietly, even when placed at a higher intensity.

The tension offered is so intense that many users never quite hit the highest setting! If you want something that will build muscles in your lower body, this bike is a great choice.


There’s no screen display built into this machine, but it does offer a media rack. This rack extends to accommodate devices such as smartphones to tablets by locking them in place on the shelf.

While it supports Bluetooth, it only works when connecting it to the Echelon app, which means that you cannot use any other fitness tracking app with this bike.

However, if you have your own streaming service subscription such as Netflix, you can binge your favorite show while using this bike (it just cannot track your progress).

This bike isn’t completely unusable without the Echelon Fit app, but it just means that you will need to utilize a smartwatch or a FitBit to track your time, distance, and calories burned.

While there are ways around the absence of a central screen built into the bike, you won’t benefit from the full range of features that this bike offers. To get the most out of this bike, it’s best to make the investment in the Echelon Fit App.


This bike isn’t exactly budget-friendly (although it is far more affordable than a Peloton!), so investing in an additional monthly fee is a bit of a big ask of its users. Typically, I’m not a big fan of monthly subscriptions, but I feel that the Echelon Fit App brings a lot to the table that makes it worth the monthly cost.

Overall, this app costs about as much as your monthly gym membership, and packs in classes and features that will give your local gym a run for its money.

With the Echelon Fit App, users have access to live classes, leaderboards, and up to 50 unique trainers to select from. In addition to live classes that transport gym-level spin classes right to your home gym, it also offers scenic roads and trails to take you out of your garage and into nature.

I love the scenic rides because it inspires me to push myself just a little farther to see more of the trail ahead.

The benefits of this app don’t end when you hop off of the bike. It also provides killer workout programs that you can use on and off of your bike. These workouts include bodyweight exercises, yoga, stretchy, and cross-training.

The adjustable head of the bike allows you to flip your tablet all the way around to use it as a screen mount as you train off of your bike.


The size of this stationary bike is a little bit smaller than other designs out there on the market. With a smaller frame, you can tuck this bike up against a wall and have plenty of room to pack in more workout equipment.

Unlike other workout machines, this bike isn’t able to be folded compactly to clear up floor space as needed. However, many users found that it is fairly easy to move.

This unit weighs in at around 128 pounds, and it comes equipped with transport wheels on the base that are easy to roll to a new location. What I also appreciate about this bike is that it has a max weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

Other workout machines typically top off at around 250 pounds, and the Echelon EX5 goes above and beyond the standard weight capacity of most machines.


The price of this bike is slightly more expensive than many budget-friendly designs out there on the market, but it is well worth the overall price tag. The performance of this bike is very similar to brands such as Peloton that often cost around the same amount as a used car!

By eliminating a central touch screen display, the Echelon EX 5 helps to keep the price tag low. You most likely have a tablet or smartphone that you can use for this machine, so there is no reason to invest in a machine that comes with a built-in touch screen!

Comparison to Previous Versions

While the Echelon EX3 and EX5 may look very similar in design, there are a few key features that make the EX5 the superior choice. They both are constructed from the same quality materials that hold up quite well over time and utilize the exact same flywheel with up to 32 levels of resistance. However, Echelon made a few key design changes that are worth checking out.

The biggest change made to the EX5 is the built of the handlebars. The EX5 boasts a Competition Aero Handlebar System that is more nuanced than previous designs. The curved angle of the bars allows for a more natural grip, and it also provides riders with additional elbow rests to keep your ride nice and comfortable. These handlebars as well as the console display provide more angles of adjustability than previous designs.

Overall, this newest model is slightly smaller. The EX3 measured to be 53-inches long, 23-inches wide and stands 59-inches tall. The EX5 measures to be 53-inches tall, 20-inches wide, and 54-inches tall. It’s not a huge difference, but it certainly helps if you are working with limited space in your home gym.

The Echelon EX3 is slightly more affordable than the EX5, but those small quality of life improvements made to the lasted model are worth the slightly higher price point overall.


If you have been eyeing stationary bikes from brands such as Peloton but are reluctant to spend that kind of money on a bike, the Echelon EX5 is one of your best options. The build quality and performance of this bike are very similar to Pelton, but it comes in at a much more affordable price point.

Eliminating a central console and bringing your own tablet or smartphone to the table helps keep the price tag of this bike low.

Users love the small and compact frame, comfortable seat, and ergonomic handlebars that are easy to adjust to accommodate your frame. With up to 32 levels of magnetic resistance, this machine is a great tool for building strength and shedding fat.

With the addition of the Echelon Fit App’s live classes and leaderboards, working out from home just got a lot more exciting!