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updated January 1, 2019

When it comes to the best in home exercise bikes, it’s hard to go past Keiser bike. Having established themselves as a market leader in outdoor cycles, Keiser has raised the bar in the home gym cycle scene also. Their range of bikes may not be the cheapest, but many would say that they are the best. In this article, we check out the best in the Keiser range. We also provide 2 alternatives to Keiser.

The Best Keiser Bike Reviews

#1. Keiser M3 Review

Keiser M3 Review

The Keiser M3 indoor cycle is Keiser’s flagship model, representing all the best about the brand. It provides you with an extremely sleek look at in visually impressive, and performance enhanced. The Keiser bike is finished in brushed aluminum and has silver lines and black trim. In addition to its cool look, the Keiser M3 bike looks very solid.

The saddle on the Keiser M3 Plus is generously wide and gives you a good amount of foam padding. You’re able to customize your position with fore /aft and up / down adjustment.

With this model, you get 24 gear eddy current resistance, to provide a huge range of progressive resistance that will suit every member of the family. In fact, this the greatest range of resistance in a home cycle that we have ever come across. Not only that, but the pedal revolution is extremely smooth, natural and quiet.​

This Keiser bike has come about after 10 years of fine-tuning and research. With the main frame being made in Keiser’s California factory under their exacting specifications, every unit is guaranteed to be top quality. You also get adjustable Shimano TM combo pedals, a backlit M series display which provides readouts of all of your vital training data and commercial quality construction.

The M3 Plus Keiser exercise bike is quite expensive, but you will receive a visually stunning bike that will give you commercial quality performance.​


  • 24 gears
  • Sturdy construction
  • Shimano TM Combo pedals


  • Limited LCD display

#2. Keiser Spin Bike Review (M3i)

Keiser Spin Bike Review (M3i)

The M3i spin bike by Keiser is one of the most technologically advanced spin cycles on the market. It features Bluetooth wireless technology to give you a virtually unlimited range of training programs. The high spec onboard computer is able to pair with a wireless phone or tablet or even transmit to a receiver or project into a screen.

The M3i features a stylish black design with red accents. The V-shaped frame is ergonomically designed to provide the ideal body positioning when riding. Four-way multi-grip handles bard with soft grip handles adds to proper body alignment. Both saddle and handles are fully adjustable to provide for customized positioning. The pedals on the all-new M3i have been redesigned to provide for quick fit and a secure grip.

The magnetic resistance and heavy-duty flywheel ensure that your riding experience on this machine is as close to actual road riding as you can get. The pedal motion on this Keiser bike is smooth with jerk free progression through resistance levels. The seat is well padded and shaped for comfort. Overall the M3i provides a commercial gym level spin cycle quality workout.​


  • Bluetooth
  • High spec onboard computer
  • V-shaped frame


  • The computer does not include a performance analyzer

Keiser Alternatives

As we’ve already established, Keiser provides some top quality offerings, but at a premium price. We’ve gathered together 2 alternatives that won’t cost quite as much. Both the Sunny Health Indoor Pro and the Exerpeutic LX7 spin bike provide a 40-pound flywheel and smooth operation. Let’s see how they stack up feature and quality wise.​

Sunny Health Indoor Pro

Sunny Health Indoor Pro

We think the Sunny Indoor Pro matches up pretty well to the Keiser M3 Plus. It provides a heavy-duty 40-pound flywheel that gives you a smooth, natural pedaling action that is very similar to what you get on the Keiser bike. The heavy-duty crank and smooth chain drive mechanism enhance the riding experience.

The heavy-duty steel frame is high quality and rugged, though not quite at the light commercial gym level that the M3 Plus achieves. Just like the Keiser bike, the seat and handle-bars are fully adjustable to allow for a custom fit.

You get a range of resistance levels with the Indoor pro, but not nearly as many as what Keiser provides. A large knob below the handles allows for smooth change of resistance. This bike is considerably cheaper than the M3, and, apart from the resistance choices, offers a comparable riding experience.​


  • 40-pound flywheel
  • Fully adjustable seat and handle-bars
  • Smooth chain drive mechanism


  • No console

Exerpeutic LX7

Exerpeutic LX7

The Exerpeutic LX7 is a worthy alternative to the Keiser M3i spin bike. It features a full onboard monitor system to track your training stats. This, however, does not rival what you get with the Keiser Spinning bikes Bluetooth capability. In all other respects, the LX7 matches the more expensive Keiser model. It has a 40-pound chrome rimmed flywheel, that gives you a comparable pedaling experience.

Just like the Keiser bike, the Exerpeutic LX7 has multi-grip handles that allow for ideal upper body positioning and a fully adjustable seat. The foot pedals come with basket cages for a secure grip and are bi-directional. This bike is very smooth and quiet to operate. We think it is a great, affordable alternative to the Keiser M3i.


  • 40-pound flywheel
  • Full seat and handlebar adjustability
  • Well priced


  • Monitor not as advanced as Keiser M3i

How does Keiser compare to other market leaders? Our guide of Best Exercise Bike 2019 will give you the rankings you need to make an educated buying decision.


Keiser is among the elite when it comes to home cycle manufacturers. They have forged a reputation for excellent design and quality. Their flagship home exercise model, the M3 provides high specs, including 24 levels of variable resistance, commercial quality frame construction, and premium Shimano pedals.

As alternatives to the Keiser bike, we are impressed by the Sunny Indoor Pro, which features a 40-pound flywheel to match the natural, smooth pedal motion of the M3 Plus, yet comes in at a lower price point. We were also impressed with the Exerpeutic LX7, which provides similar functionality to the Keiser M3i spin bike (not including computer specs), but at a greatly reduced cost.​

Keiser M3 Review

Our #1. Recommendation

Keiser M3 Review

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