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Keiser M3 Review Facts

When it comes to the best in-home exercise bikes, it’s hard to go past Keiser bike. Having established themselves as a market leader in outdoor cycles, Keiser has raised the bar in the home gym cycle scene also. Their range of bikes may not be the cheapest, but many would say that they are the best. In this article, we check out the Keiser M3, and tell you why you should consider adding the bike to your gym!

Editor's Pros & Cons

24 gears
Sturdy construction
Shimano TM Combo pedals
Small and compact with transportation wheels
Magnetic, whisper-quiet resistance
Excellent warranty
Very comfortable padded seat
Feels like a road bike
Wireless heart rate sensors
Easy assembly


Limited LCD display
Very Pricey
Handlebars sit at an odd angle when adjusted to be higher


We feel that the price point of this bike is the first thing we should mention because it can put people off the idea of getting in the first place. Considering that the M3 is their flagship bike, you should not expect it to come cheap. This bike ranks at around two thousand dollars, and you must be prepared to save up for it. This bike is definitely one of the most expensive models out there, costing as much as a home gym system! But you also have to consider that the M3 was built to last, with every piece constructed to perfection. You will pay a lot for the bike, but you will also get a lot out of it! As we said, this bike is rather pricy, so it's only natural that you expect it to last the mile. And that it will definitely do! You often come across people complaining about how their indoor bikes broke down after only a year or two of use, and that their money invested into them was for naught. Well, the M3 is not like that. Your hard-earned money will not go down the drain, and you will purchase a bike that is sure to last you a lifetime.


The Keiser M3 indoor cycle is Keiser’s flagship model, representing all the best about the brand. It provides you with an extremely sleek look at in visually impressive, and performance enhanced. The Keiser bike is finished in brushed aluminum and has silver lines and black trim. In addition to its cool look, the Keiser M3 bike looks very solid.

The saddle on the Keiser M3 Plus is generously wide and gives you a good amount of foam padding. You’re able to customize your position with fore/aft and up/down adjustment.

With this model, you get 24 gear eddy current resistance, to provide a huge range of progressive resistance that will suit every member of the family. In fact, this the greatest range of resistance in a home cycle that we have ever come across. Not only that, but the pedal revolution is extremely smooth, natural and quiet.​

This Keiser bike has come about after 10 years of fine-tuning and research. With the mainframe being made in Keiser’s California factory under their exacting specifications, every unit is guaranteed to be top quality. You also get adjustable Shimano TM combo pedals, a backlit M series display which provides readouts of all of your vital training data and commercial quality construction.

The console of the M3 is battery powered. The console measures your RPM, how much calories you burned, how much energy you generated, and the distance you crossed, which is enough to keep most fitness lovers satisfied. The console also precisely measures your heart rate, and it does so thanks to a polar heart rate strap. Don't worry about grasping the handlebars tightly or about using a fitness watch when riding the bike, as the heart rate readings are very accurate. The console has an LCD screen that is backlit, so it's easy to read. But the M3 does lack one important feature - it has no tray for your belongings, nor does it have a place to put your water bottle in! So you will need to stop riding to grab a drink, which most users consider annoying. But then again, the front part of the frame cover does have a neat dent which can actually support your bottle, but it might roll away.


The M3 has a wheel that sits in the back, and it uses magnetic resistance to propel the pedals and handlebars. This makes the ride super smooth, and the speed is changed easily. There are 24 different resistance levels to choose from, which is more than enough to challenge most users. The M3 does an outstanding job mimicking the favorite outdoor bike, even up-hill rides! The magnetic resistance also makes the bike run as quiet as a whisper. Even when pushed into higher speeds, the bike will remain dead silent. This means that if you do begin to hear some noise, you should probably check whether everything is where it was meant to be. You can easily watch movies and listen to music while riding the bike without the noise of the ride bothering you. It also won't bother anyone around you when you use it! The M3 is quite small, considering what it brings to the table! It's thin and compact, without compromising the quality of the build, unlike many bikes out there. The small footprint doesn't take up much room in your house, and the addition of transportation wheels on the front makes moving the bike around your home a simple task. Also, there's no need to worry about placing the bike near an outlet, since the console is powered by batteries.


You will probably notice how incredible this bike is as soon as you feel the touch of the pedals and the seat. In addition, it also looks sleek and it complements every room you decide to put it in. Every single part of this bike was made with durability in mind, and there's not a single fault we feel we should mention here. The frame is even resistant to rust and corrosion, so it will look good for years to come. One thing some users did report is that when you put your mind and body into the bike and go full speed on it, it may sway a little, but it's nothing concerning. Some older models of the M3 had knobs that were used to secure the handlebars and the seat, instead of the pin system seen in recent models. If you get a bike with the knobs, you will need to make sure that you properly tightened them before getting on it. Nowadays, the bike has pre-drilled holes that have a positive lock, which activates as soon as you begin spinning, This means that the seat post almost has a zero possibility of slipping, and you will remain on the bike as long as you use it.

Ease of Use

Glancing at the K3 without getting on to use it may make you think that it's rather uncomfortable. Most high-end bike models have a flywheel that sits in the front, while the M3 has a wheel that sits in the back. This is where some users say that they had issues. When adjusting the handlebars to sit higher, they will also move further away from you, and it's all because of the rod that connects them to the wheel, which sits at a 45-degree angle. In other words, the handlebars will flare out when you set them to be higher. This then means that you will actually have to curve your back to reach them, and that can put some unnecessary strain on your back, and you won't be able to maintain that perfect form required to avoid stress and injuries. Most people have had zero issues with this, but if you feel worried that you will not be able to use the bike the way it was meant to, it's worth trying it out in the store. The seat is super comfy thanks to the thick padding, so there's one thing that you don't have to worry about, and the handlebars, no matter how flawed they are, are padded and comfortable when you grip them.

The Final Word

Keiser is among the elite when it comes to home cycle manufacturers. They have forged a reputation for excellent design and quality. Their flagship home exercise model, the M3 provides high specs, including 24 levels of variable resistance, commercial quality frame construction, and premium Shimano pedals. The most important factor that will ultimately decide whether you will get this amazing bike or not is, you guessed it, money. It's a rather pricey unit, and it does chip your budget considerably. But you will be able to rely on this bike for ages to come, never worrying about it breaking down mid-cycle. The M3 does have some issues regarding comfort, and it's all because of the handlebars. They will flare out the higher they sit, and tall users will then have to stretch uncomfortably to grab hold of them, putting a strain on their back. However, everything else on the M3 is extremely comfortable, and the handlebars are not that big of an issue, as many users report. All in all, if you have the money to treat yourself, definitely go for the M3!