Bosu Nextgen Pro Balance Trainer

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Editor’s Conclusion
Proper balance is when all those tiny muscles work in harmony to keep you strong and steady on your feet. Good balance and a strong core are essential to any workout program whether it be running or powerlifting, and the Boso Nextgen Pro Balance trainer is a great way to give those tiny stabilizing muscles a really good workout.

What I love most about this balance trainer is that it is incredibly versatile, and perfect for beginners all the way up to pros.

You can use the rounded side of this ball for beginners, and then flip it over to the flat side for a more difficult workout. Simply standing on the surface and staying upright will activate your balancing muscles and strengthen your joints.

I like to throw in dumbbells or medicine balls to amp up the challenge to build muscle. There are tons of simple bodyweight exercises that you can do on this balance trainer, and it’s also a fantastic tool to use for dynamic stretching as well.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make this super simple piece of equipment a must-have for any home workout space!
Bosu Nextgen Pro Balance Trainer Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Users can use both sides of this balance trainer
Easy to inflate - the pump is included
Made from burst-resistant rubber
Accommodates up to 350 pounds
Textured rubber quadrants for a secure grip
Great for balance training or dynamic stretching


Slightly more expensive than other balance trainers

Key Features


If you are a big fan of bodyweight workouts, this simple and compact piece of equipment amps up the difficulty of any basic bodyweight exercise from pushups to squats. For instance, my powerlifting squats always feel a bit unsteady, but training on this balance trainer has made a really big impact on my heavy squats.

Simply standing on the unsteady platform really activates all of those super important stabilizing muscles, but by adding weight or movement to the board you can really dig deep into those leg muscles. I like to grab a medicine ball and do a few sets of squats while standing on this platform for a really killer leg workout!

What I also love about this balance trainer is that it is a really great tool to have on hand for dynamic stretching after a brutal workout. My lower back and hips are always pretty tight after a day of powerlifting or working at a computer all day.

One of my favorite stretches to do on this ball is to lay on my stomach on the rounded side and kick my hands and feet out in front of me like Superman to melt tension and tightness from my back and hips. I also like using it for yoga stretches like downward dog (where my hands are placed on the ball), or seated leg extensions.

Whether you use it alone or grab a medicine ball to amp up the difficulty, this ball is insanely versatile for bodyweight exercises or post-workout stretching.


If you don’t have a lot of space in your home gym to work with, this small and compact piece of workout equipment is an excellent choice. I even take my balance trainer and pop it in front of my TV in the evening for dynamic stretching and then tuck it under the sofa when I’m ready for bed. It measures to be 65 cm in diameter and when it is fully inflated it measures to be around 25 cm tall.

What I found surprising is that it weighs in at 19 pounds, so you know that even though it boasts a rubber base, it is built like a tank. It also is able to accommodate an impressive 350 pounds!

What makes this balance trainer unique is that the central ball can be deflated for super easy storage. To deflate, simply pop out the plug in the center of the ball and press down on the surface to remove all of the air. This makes it easy to toss into a storage closet or slide it under your bed or weight bench to clear up some floor place.

Don’t worry, inflating the ball is super quick and easy and takes most users about 1-2 minutes to completely inflate with the included pump.


The Bosu Nextgen Balance Trainer doesn’t skimp on the quality of materials used. Each ball is manufactured in the United States in Ashland, Ohio, and is composed of strong and sturdy materials that will hold up quite well over time.

The inflatable base is composed of a weighted rubber that is free of latex and classified as burst-resistant. I always had a fear that the ball would burst under my feet like a balloon, but it is built to easily hold up to 350 pounds.

I can easily stand or even jump on the rubber base and it holds firm! The platform is also made from molded plastic that will not bend or buckle while in use.

The design of this balance trainer also includes quite a few features that you always maintain a sure and steady footing. This ball has textured quadrants on the rubber ball that grip the ground under your feet, as well as provide a grippy foundation for your hands and feet.

It is also skid-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the base damaging your floors.


Often, these types of workout equipment become underutilized because users don’t quite realize the multitude of ways that they can be used.

There are tons of functions offered with this balance trainer, and Bosu includes an easy to follow user's manual, a wall chart that you can download that provides workout ideas and tips, as well as a DVD with workout programs that you can follow to get the most out of your gear. It also comes with a free hand pump to easily inflate and deflate your device as needed.


This balance trainer ships in a flat box, and requires users to manually inflate the balance ball on the base of the unit. It comes with a free hand pump included with purchase that you simply place into the hole and pump it manually to your desired firmness. A very firm ball is much easier to use, while a slightly deflated ball amps up the difficulty slightly.

It’s important to note that blowing up the ball requires a firm touch, so don’t be afraid to use a little bit of pressure. The balance ball isn’t your typical pool float, so puncturing the rubber base is close to impossible. Bosu also includes an instructional DVD and users manual to make setup a little bit easier as well.


Is the Bosu Nextgen Pro Balance Trainer the most affordable balance trainer out there on the market? Not necessarily. However, the higher price point is well worth the investment if you want something that can stand the test of time (as well as keep up with your intense workouts).

Sure, there are more budget-friendly options out there on the market, but these designs are often built with weak rubber that can burst or crack, and just don’t provide the same level of functionality.

I’m all for saving money when you can, but I feel that the slightly higher price tag is well worth the investment when it comes to balance training.

Comparison to Previous Versions

The name Bosu Nextgen indicated that there was a generation prior to this current version. The previous version of this ball was great, but it lacked a few important features that users really appreciate. One of the biggest changes made to this balance trainer is the added grip quadrants built right into the rubber.

Previous versions boasted a smooth base that was just as durable but didn’t provide users with a firm grip on the base of the rubber. The Bosu Nextgen has a superior grip over previous versions, and the base has been improved to be non-skid so it won’t damage your floors when training in the living room.

The molded plastic platform has also been improved for better stability and durability. The new and improved version is able to accommodate higher weights than previous options and offers users a much more secure surface for intense training as well.


Working on your overall balance and core strength is something that is overlooked by many but it is essential when working toward a new fitness goal. Whether it’s a new PR on the bench or speedy lap times on the track, added a balance trainer such as the Bosi Nextgen Pro is an excellent (and fun!) tool to help you reach your fitness goals. What I love most about this specific balance trainer is that it is incredibly versatile.

In fact, Bosu stands for “both sides utilized”. Users can use one side of the trainer for stretching or an easier workout, and they can also flip it over to the molded plastic side to increase the difficulty for a whole new workout.

This ball is easy to inflate (or deflate when you need to tuck it away into storage), and comes with a workout DVD and downloadable poster to ensure that your workouts never become stale or boring.

Whether you use it alone or add a medicine ball to amp up the challenge and difficulty, the Bosu Nextgen Balance Trainer is one of the best tools you can have on hand in your home gym to take your workouts to the next level!