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MorePro X-Core Fitness Tracker Watch Review Facts

MorePro is an international company with an attractive, easy to use the website. The company provides smartwatches, fitness trackers, and different colors of wristbands. This makes their inexpensive trackers easy to customize. Their most expensive product is a waterproof swim watch that retails for around 80 dollars. This is an attractive alternative to more established, more expensive brands like Garmin.

We reviewed the MorePro X-Core fitness tracker watch. It is a stylish, low profile, a bracelet-style wearable that comes in 4 colors. The watch reads heart rate, which is common in even low priced fitness trackers, but it also gives you blood pressure. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure.

If you are affected, you may know how easy it is to forget frequent blood pressure checks. You can go to your doctor, use a storebought monitor, or use a kiosk at a pharmacy. Either method involves a change in your daily routine. But a wearable can always be there and can estimate your blood pressure at the touch of a button.

The X-Core is useful for people of any gender, but its onboard period tracker may make it of special interest to those of us who have uteruses.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Reviews across the board find the BP function accurate enough to share with a healthcare provider

Makes target HR training, resting HR tracking, and blood pressure logging easy with a proprietary app

The tracker will interface with Google Fit as well, unlocking advanced Google Fit features and streamlining goals

Watch is lightweight and can be accessorized with different colors of bands

Offers a sedentary alarm to--can tweak in settings

The menu is easy to navigate and learn, even for beginners or kids

The charger is not proprietary, so you can use any USB port (cable not needed)


The screen is hard to read in the sun

The battery lasts 3 to 7 days--similarly, priced products can last up to 3 weeks

Only connectivity is with Bluetooth--no WiFi or ANT+

The Rundown

This is not a GPS watch, which makes the short battery life even more surprising. Typically, constant GPS and streaming music are the features that drain energy. You can get a GPS map of your outdoor run after the run is over. But sharing it on social media or in a FaceBook group is hard; it's not clear if the watch has screenshot capability. Our guess is no.

One thing we really like is the band range. The band is adjustable and has a traditional wristwatch closure, with holes in the band and a metal clip. It will fit wrists from 5.1 inches to 9.1 inches. We have seen plenty of universal fit watches that only went down to 7 inches or so. That cuts out a lot of adult users, and most kids. If we had to guess, we'd say the smaller bottom end is based on the assumption that women have smaller wrists than men. Whether that is accurate or not, the 5.1 inches lower limit means kids will be able to use this watch and start developing healthy habits.

The MorePro X-Core will work with Google Fit. This is becoming the standard for mass-produced fitness wearables, and we support it because Google Fit is so widely used and offers a user-friendly interface. However, you will not be able to unlock all the features of Google Fit with this watch. At last count, Google Fit offers metrics for over a hundred forms of exercise. The X-Core tracks minutes of activity, steps, calories, and distance traveled throughout the day. It does not offer specific activities like weightlifting, yoga, or horseback riding.

Tech Specs

All objective technical information and operating instructions came from the X-Core owner's manual. Manuals for all watches are easy to find on MorePro's website.

Often, with older products, you can find specialist sites where users have downloaded PDFs or scans of the manuals. We don't recommend looking for those murky sites if you want information on the X-Core. The information may not be reliable.

The manual we looked at is well-written, with step by step directions, customer support info, and photos of the different features in addition to drawings. It is only 12 pages long, which reflects the simplicity of the watch. What you see is what you get--who remembers the 50-page monster manuals that came with 2000ish flip phones? Technology is a wonderful thing.

To charge the watch, you have to snap the band off. The permanent port is attached to the face. Though the band is pliable and durable, we're concerned that taking the watch apart repeatedly could weaken the connections over time. But it is convenient to not need a cord. Charging takes 1 to 2 hours. The strap has to be reinstalled a certain way, as described in the manual. This will make the strap last longer, according to MorePro.

Instead of a touchscreen, you have a central button at the bottom of the oblong display. The display is readable, with big digits, but as we said earlier there's no extra feature for direct sunlight reading. This could be an obstacle during outdoor runs. Heart rate and blood pressure come from a wrist sensor, located just below the USB port. If you use an Android phone, you'll want to make sure location settings are turned on. Otherwise, the phone and watch will not be able to find each other.

The first things the X-Core will ask for are your height, weight, and gender. This helps make calorie, step, and distance tracking more accurate. You can call up heart rate at any time, and take a manual reading with a menu icon on the screen. Navigating the screen and menu is simple and straightforward.

Bonus Features

There are extras. They include a run mode, sleep tracking, find my phone, and a timer/stopwatch. Each one has a clear and unique icon, in a different color to aid in memory and selection. The main screen is also where you access blood pressure readings.

The watch doesn't have much memory, but you can upload your data to Google Fit and/or the free MorePro app for monitoring. Even if you do not use an app or get deep into data, the X-Core is a helpful training partner that will make you more aware of your activity and calorie burn levels. The blood pressure feature can make you healthier, though no fitness wearable is a substitute for medical advice.

Long pressing the main button takes you to run mode, where you can track calories during a planned run while continuing to log total steps and distance for the day. By default, the watch tracks your total sleep and sleep quality from 6 PM until 8 AM. This gets wonky, though, when the battery runs low. Keeping the watch charged is a good plan. The watch knows when you get up from bed, but only if you interact with it and review the previous day's numbers. It's a gentle way for the watch to program you so you are making use of it consistently and getting all the health benefits.

Who Is It For?

This watch will appeal to those of us whose main focus is cardio. That's a lot of us, actually. Working steps into your daily routine is easier and, sometimes, more fun than committing to a gym regimen with lifting. We still say everyone should incorporate resistance training, with bodyweight or barbell and dumbbell workouts. It will improve the quality of your life. But for most of us, regular cardio is more than enough to help us sleep better, give us more energy and focus, and bolster our immune systems. The great thing about the MorPro X-Core and other wearables is that they work for you all the time and you never have to gear up. You can walk around your building in work clothes, without compression shorts or specialized sneakers for running.

And because of the run mode, the X-Core will grow with you if you do decide to go the more serious, 5K or greater runner route as a life choice. Eventually, you may want a watch that is just for runners. The X-Core can't tell you things like how to improve your stride. But if you are a recreational runner, or just starting out, MorePro has your back at significant cost savings.

The Final Word

The MorePro X-Core fitness tracker is a great alternative to more expensive trackers with features that beginners and kids may not need. The 3 to 7-day battery life isn't great, but charging once or twice a week is fast and easy with the fixed USB port. In addition to steps, calories, phone alerts, distance, and heart rate, you get real-time blood pressure monitoring and a menstrual cycle tracker (if you need one). Though the watch seems to be aimed at women, anyone can wear it. The wrist strap expands to 9 inches and closes securely and comfortably. MorePro offers a huge selection of lightweight, inexpensive bands, so you can customize the color to match your aesthetic or favorite sports team. If you aren't looking for in-depth analysis or extra connectivity, the MorPro X-Core fitness tracker is for you.