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Nike Metcon 2 Reviewed Review Facts

The Nike Metcon 2, which stands for metabolic conditioning, is the ultimate cross-trainer which is a good all-around shoe for any workout. It features lightweight Flywire cable construction and a flat firm heel. There is also a grooved flex forefoot and all-terrain traction, which helps you with overall stability and allows you to focus more on your run and reaching your fitness goals. Since this shoe was designed as a cross-trainer, it gives you the ability to use this shoe as you work out in a gym, as you workout outside in a  parking lot, sidewalk or pavement, and even when you feel like amping up your cardio a bit by going for a short sprint. In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into the Metcon 2  and breakdown each component to reveal what this shoe is all about. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

The super-strong Flywire cable material combines with the laces to lock down your foot

Insides include lightweight foam cushioning which keeps your feet comfortable while you are lifting, jumping, climbing and running

The flat heel will help you feel stable and grounded during explosive lifts.


The fit is about half a size too small


The Metcon 2 was designed to be an all-purpose workout shoe, but it has developed into being the best women's shoe for CrossFit. It has the features you need to effectively do a wide variety of training. The sole is flat and stable, cushioned enough to keep your foot snug and steady but not so much that it interferes or throws you off balance. The instep has special traction which helps with rope climbs and the entire shoe is made to be extra light and breathable.

This shoe comes in a wide range of color options, typical for Nike. Whether you like bright neon colors, more basic earthy colors or even just black on black, there is a color combination to suit your taste. The sleek shape and color coordination sections make these shoes quite stylish. They are designed for general training, so you can wear them throughout your workout and not have to trade out shoes for different activities. They have a great mix of solid support and flexibility.

The Metcon 2 is designed to be comfortable and breathable with a mesh upper and lightweight inner cushioning. The sole is stable and has a flat heel which is perfect for weightlifting. They also have reliable traction. The shoe design is pretty standard with the basic lacing pattern. The sole gives an even amount of traction but, in contrast to targeted running shoes, there is no special structure to enhance your step.

See how Metcon compares to Romaleos shoes before deciding which Nike model to buy.


Nike is known for having comfortable shoes, and Metcon 2 is no exception. This shoe features Nike Flywire which allows lightweight fibers to support your foot in key points, ready to support your feet during any type of workout which makes them perfect for CrossFit. Due to their lightweight, breathable design, these shoes are comfortable enough for any activity such as distance running, weightlifting, and even the most rigorous CrossFit activities. They are also flexible with segmented rubber in the forefoot part of the shoe which makes them a shoe you can run in as well as offering some control and stability during your deep lunges.


Nike Metcon 2 is an effective workout shoe for so many different activities. It was designed to be all-purpose but has since gained popularity as a CrossFit shoe. The breathability and comfort make them perfect for long-distance running because you won't end up with sore feet or blisters. The flat soles and heels make them a good choice for weightlifting exercises, offering the right amount of stability. They also have reliable traction for sled pushes and rope climbs. These shoes are a great choice for your entire workout program, no matter if you are just starting out a new fitness program or have become an avid CrossFit trainer. Having the ability to rely on only one pair of shoes that you can wear throughout your entire workout sessions without having to constantly switch to a different shoe for each specific activity saves you an awful lot of time and unnecessary frustration. These shoes are durable enough to last through even the most rigorous of workouts.

When Nike came up with Metcon 2 they had four main foundational elements. These are the areas which shaped the decisions and designs of the shoe, combining style and function. First, it has to have the perfect LOCKDOWN so your foot is fastened in place and ready for responsiveness. Then they looked at MOBILITY, being able to stand up to the many movements fitness requires strength and flexibility in the forefoot. There needs to be a good GRIP in the midfoot for rope climbs and in the sole for quick movements. Lastly, they considered STABILITY in a stable and strong base to work from.


The Metcon 2 is made of quality materials which were designed to keep your feet comfortable and protected. It has a 100% mesh upper made with the special Nike Flywire which is a material made of Vectran or nylon. It supports your foot in key points, making this a comfortable, breathable fit. This material is designed to be lightweight with maximum support.

The sole is a solid rubber material which gives excellent traction while not having any special structure to enhance your step in any way. The tread is versatile and works for all different types of workout, from running to CrossFit to weightlifting. The inside of the shoe keeps your foot snug with a lightweight foam cushioning. This provides a stable platform to help with your lifts.


The upper part of the shoe is made with breathable mesh, designed with the Flywire cable. The shoe has some mesh on the front of it. This is good for ventilation, while also keeping the weight of the shoe down. There is a slight bumper pad on the toe of the shoe. This provides extra protection and prevents excessive wear when doing exercises where you make foot contact through the toes, such as push-ups and burpees. The toe box is large enough to provide a decent amount of wiggle room. At the same time, it is tight enough to give you the confidence to plant your toes properly.


The instep of this shoe features little rubber nubs along the inside and outside of the arch. This design is perfect to help you grip the ropes with your feet during rope climbs for your Crossfit workout. This shoe features what Nike calls a zero-drag heel, with a portion that protrudes slightly from the base. This is designed to assist with moves like handstand push-ups to prevent you from gliding across the wall. The sole is very stable which is perfect for lifting. It has reliable traction which will help with activities like sled pushes and rope climbs. It is even tractioned with no special structure to enhance your step in any way.

When you are powerlifting, the slightest hint of instability can throw off your big squat or deadlift which is why standard lifting shoes have hard, elevated heels that are made of hard plastic or even wood. The Metcon 2 imitates that support structure with their flat outer sole and foam padding in the heel which is firm, so your lifts will feel rock solid.

Inner Sole

The inner part of the shoe is made with lightweight foam cushioning which is designed to keep your feet comfortable while being snug as well to give you a stable platform to work out from.

There is only a minimal amount of cushion in the heel of the shoe, which is perfect for lifting stability. Your shoe will have enough structural integrity so that you will not be wasting your training strength and energy into the shoe rather than the lift. Still, the heel is not too solid that it will not provide you with a bit of give when you are doing sprint work.


The Metcon 2 is designed to be an all-purpose shoe for your workout, but they definitely cater to CrossFit training and have become very popular for that purpose. Nike has anticipated that and has included a smooth heel which they call “zero-friction” which allows your feet to easily move up and down on a wall.

The heel cup is nicely padded, but not excessively so. This makes this shoe easy to put on. The addition of a small lip on the back to help pull your foot into the shoe, however, would have been helpful. The sole of the shoe provides plenty of sticky rubber to give you a good grip. However, there are no differentiated zones on the sole.

The Nike Metcon 2 does not have a raised squatting heel. The heel height is about a half-inch (considerably less than a weightlifting shoe), which is another thing that makes this a very good all-round training shoe.


These shoes are designed to be lightweight and breathable. They are designed with mostly mesh and Flywire which is a special material designed to be durable, light and breathable. That is why these shoes are perfect for intense workouts. They will not drag your feet down and will also help you to avoid sweat and slipping.

They are comfortable for running, Crossfit, lifting and any exercise which is part of your routine. The foam cushioning inside is also lightweight to keep your feet comfortable and snug.

The Final Word

When you consider Nike you are looking at a quality product from one of the leaders in the industry, and the Metcon 2 is no exception. This is a high-quality durable shoe which is specially designed for all-purpose athletics. If you are into CrossFit you will especially love this shoe. It has the combination of the Free running features along with the stability and flexibility features that are known in the Metcon line.

You will enjoy the breathability of this shoe and the fact that the laces will stay in place. They are stylish and come in a wide variety of color combinations so you are sure to find one to match your tastes. The toe is roomy for your toes, the heal is very stable, and the entire shoe is comfortable and flexible. It features a special textured instep and a sole which is flat to offer perfect stability. The texture is not at any specialty angle so it works for any activity.