Best Strongman Workout Sled and Yoke Reviews 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Strongman training requires working out on apparatus that simulates what you experience in competition. Two moves that are unique to Strongman competition are the Yoke and the Sled. The only way to prepare for these events is to train with your own versions of these pieces of equipment. In this articles we will check out the best sled and yoke equipment in the marketplace. We’ll also show you how to get the most out of your sled and yoke investment.

The Yoke Carry

The Yoke consists of a metal frame with a padded crossbar. It is based upon the wooden yoke that oxen would wear to carry heavy loads. The frame has four corners that can have weight added to them. Some yokes will also act as a squat rack and / or power rack and sled.

The Yoke will feature an adjustable cross beam to allow for the height of the user. Cross bars vary in width. Wider bars are generally more comfortable as they allow for a spread of the load. The Yoke walk is the event that is used in competition and involves getting under the cross-bar and picking up the device and walking over a set distance with it.

There is not a lot you can do with traditional weight training exercises to prepare for the unique muscular and psychological demands of the Yoke walk. The bench press, squat and deadlift will provide you with a foundation of strength, but you really have to train for this move by repeatedly doing it.​

The Yoke walk will build up a tremendous amount of strength in your upper back, your posterior chain (glutes, lower back, hamstrings), your quadriceps and your hips.​

Getting the Most From Your Yoke Workout​

​You should start training with 2X your bodyweight. Aim to achieve 3X your bodyweight as your long term goal and you will be on target for successful competition.

The goal of the yoke walk is to move as heavy a weight as possible as quickly as possible. To achieve this you don’t want to just train with max weight all the time. You should mix up your training between heavy weight, short distance (10 - 15 meters), medium weight, medium distance (20 - 30 meters) and light weight, long distance (30-40 meters).

Make sure that your body is tight and braced when performing this exercise. You want to stay tight throughout the entire movement. The best way to make progress is to take small, fast steps. Don’t try to take large steps or you will find yourself staggering and risking serious injury.

Grab a hold of the frame about 12 inches below the height of the cross beam to create a shelf of support. Set your eyes on a finish point ahead of you and keep focused on it throughout the entire exercise.​

Best Yoke Review 2019

Rogue Fitness Y1 Yoke Rack

The Rogue Fitness Y1 Yoke Rack features everything you need in a yoke plus such extras a J-Hooks, a fat bar and inch spaced adjustable setting holes. On this device you will be able to do squats, front squats, bench press, yoke carry, sled pulls and sled pushes.

The Rogue Fitness Y1 Yoke Rack is easily adjustable to make it extremely versatile for all sorts of pulling and pushing moves. It is constructed from 2 inch by 3 inch heavy duty 11 gauge steel tubing. The width of the yoke is 50 inches.

The weight capacity of this yoke is 750 pounds. It has versatile skid / storage feet, allowing you to push this machine as a sled. It has a powder coat finish which looks very sleek. All of the holes are laser cut for precision and ease of adjustment.

Rogue also offer the Y2 and the Y3 version of the Yoke rack. The key difference is the height of the yoke. The Y2 is nearly two feet taller than the Y1, with the Y3 being even taller.

TDS Fitness Strongman Yoke

The TDS Fitness Strongman Yoke is a budget priced yoke that still delivers the strength and rigidity that you need for an intense strongman workout. The base is constructed from 2 x 4 inch square high density tubular steel. There are four evenly positioned tubular steel pegs with a total carrying capacity of 600 pounds on the base. With the weight of the unit being 75 pounds, this allows for a total carry weight of 675 pounds.

The uprights of the TDS Yoke are made from 2 inch square tubular steel, with the cross beam being constructed of two inch round pipe. Two wing nuts on the ends of the cross beam allow you to remove it at will.

The Feet are fitted with rubber end caps to protect your surfaces. However, these are prone to falling off when you carry the yoke, so you may want to remove them before you being the yoke carry exercise.

The TDS yoke can be broken down into three pieces for movement or storage. The dimensions of the unit are 52 inches wide, 50 inches deep and 67 inches tall.

The TDS is not a multi-function unit, so you are not able to bench press or squat with it. It is a basic, simple carrying yoke which does a great job at that function at a price that is hard to beat.

Best High End Yoke

Rogue YM-3A Monster Yoke

The Rogue line of Yoke’s are standouts as far as strength, durability and overall gruntiness is concerned. The undoubted leader of that pack is the YM-3A Monster Yoke. This beast stands nine feet tall, nut only takes up a modest footprint of 50 x 48 inches. It offers more versatility, exercise options and adjustable yoke and pull up bar options than any other any other yoke on the market.

The Monster Yoke features an 11 gauge steel, 3 x 3 inch design and has an awesome weight capacity of 1,500 pounds. The skid feet and drag friendly base offer great traction and versatility when it comes to moving the Monster Yoke around. It also features an easily adjustable cross-bar and j-cups, meaning that you can quickly convert the unit into an unencumbered squat rack. It is also ideal for the bench press and pull ups.

The Sled

Sled Training is a Strongman exercise that also has applications for general fitness training. Sled pulls and sled pushes are popular exercises to improve athletic ability and can be found in CrossFit training as well as on the track. The key difference with Strongman training is, of course, the amount of weight used.

Sled training has its origins with Scandinavian loggers who developed tremendous strength in their legs and back by harnessing logs to their body and pulling them out of the forest. The first commercial sleds appeared on the market in the mid-2000s. Nowadays you will find them being used the world over for everything from fat loss to endurance training.

Because of the abundance of training outcomes from sled training, there are a number of different sled designs. However, they all feature the same basic concept: they are a platform to which you add weight that can be dragged, pushed or pulled. They will also have a point at which a harness or towing strap can be added.

The major benefit of sled training is that there is no eccentric loading. That means that you don’t have a negative, or lowering, aspect to the exercise.

This conserves a lot of your energy, allowing you to put more power into your push (or pull). Sled training is also a fantastic way to improve your acceleration, build your lower body strength and improve your endurance.

Weighted Training Sled Reviews

Rogue Dog Sled

The Rogue Dog Sled is a compact, sturdy unit that is able to be used for all sorts of push, pull and drag training. Holes have been added to the skis of the sled to allow for the addition of all manner of mountable attachments to make your training more versatile.

The Rogue Dog Sled is the official sled used in the CrossFit Games. It has a quarter inch steel base plate, 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel tubing and a pair of 3 inch upright push bars that re designed to accommodate both high and low push stances. The Rogue sled is a lot more compact than most other sleds on the market. It has a footprint of 24” x 40”.

A key benefit of the Rogue Dog Sled is that it features a whole lot of new and innovative attachments to make your sled training more versatile, fun and effective. The Rogue sled has laser cut holes on both sides in the frame to allow you to pull the sled without any other attachments. There is a low bar attachment that puts you in a bent over position, similar to as if you were doing a mountain climber exercise. There is also a high bar attachment for a more upright pushing stance. There is also a double handle attachment will allows you to switch from low to high as the push gets more difficult.

Another unique attachment is the lawnboy. This looks like the handle of a lawnmower. The lawnboy creates a greater distance away from the weight, providing you with a unique pushing challenge. A wrap around rail attachment is ideal for when you are pulling the sled. It allows you to change directions quickly. You simply stop and slide around and the carabiner will swing around in the new direction with you.

The wheelbarrow attachment works with a normal bumper plate. This will allow you to carry the bar as a wheelbarrow, allowing you to develop your grip and work on your mid-line strength.

​When you purchase a Rogue Dog Sled you will get a carabiner. Optional accessories are a dragging strap, one hundred foot pulling rope and plastic skis.

Rep Power Sled - Prowler Sled

The Underground Training Prowler Sled is a heavy duty piece of training equipment. The unit requires self assembly, which is reasonably straight forward with instructions provided. The center loading pillar of the unit bolts to the main frame and the rear push poles slide into position and can be locked in placed with the turn of a knob.

The sled is constructed from 11 gauge heavy duty steel. The skis are made of one continuous piece, allowing them to slide freely on all surfaces. You can even use the Underground Prowler sled on grass. The unloaded sled weighs in at 70 pounds.


Training for Strongman man competition is challenging, calling on you to get your body used to unique movements with maximum weight. To do it right, you need the best of training equipment. The gear that we have reviewed is the best that the market has to offer. If you stick with Rogue Fitness, Underground Training, Riot, TDS and One to One as your base suppliers when building up your strongman home gym, you can’t go wrong. If you are looking for best Strongman grip strength equipment, we have done a complete review here for you. Make sure to check it out. Click the following article to see more reviews on sleds.

Rogue Fitness Y1 Yoke Rack

Our #1. Recommendation

Rogue Fitness Y1 Yoke Rack

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