Marcy Pro Power Cage and Utility Bench

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Editor’s Conclusion
When I first started building my home gym, I didn’t have a whole lot of extra cash to spare. I had spent a lot of money on dumbbells and plates (which added up quickly) and found that I didn’t have much left over to spend on equipment.

I found that Marcy equipment was a great option for those that are working on a budget. The Marcy Pro power cage and utility bench gives casual lifters and newbies a great tool to help build strength in all muscle groups and comes in at a super affordable price point.

This machine is able to build strength in your upper and lower body, and it's super easy to use. The only downside to this machine is that it doesn’t have a super high weight capacity, so it’s not ideal for powerlifters, or those that can bench press over 300 pounds. Even as I graduated to more powerlifting-friendly machines, I still hung on to my Marcy machines for supplemental lifts and high-rep days.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Marcy Pro power cage and utility bench an excellent entry-level investment to kick off your home gym or upgrade your existing Marcy equipment.
Marcy Pro Power Cage and Utility Bench Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price point
Works a wide variety of muscle groups
Easy to make quick adjustments to the bar
Sleek black and white powder-coated finish


Low weight capacity
Difficult and time-consuming to assemble

Key Features


What users love most about this machine is that it hits almost every single muscle group in one compact package. This machine comes with a padded and adjustable weight bench that is great for straight bench presses as well as incline and declines.

By simply angling the bench at an angle, you can hit smaller muscle groups in your chest that you can’t quite target with classic flat bench presses.

This machine also comes with a useful pulley system to build muscle in your upper back. The bar boasts an angled grip that is perfect for wide or narrow pulldowns.

Just like the bench press, simply changing up your grip in the bar can help to activate hard-to-hit muscle groups in your upper back and lats. It even has a modest pull-up bar along the top to fit in some bodyweight movements as well.

For your lower body, this weight bench comes with a classic leg developer that hits your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Load up the bar with your desired weight, lock your legs in place and start knocking out reps.

By sitting upright, this movement primarily targets your quads. If you lie on your stomach, this movement will really dig into your hamstrings and glutes.


The Marcy Pro power cage and utility bench is surprisingly tall, so be sure to take measurements of your indoor space before slamming down your credit card.

The tower stands to be just over 81 inches tall (or 6 feet 9 inches), which may be a little too tall if you are setting up your machine in a basement. Obviously, if you are setting up this machine in your garage the height won’t be much of an issue. It is also 50 inches wide, and 48 inches long. The measurements of the tower run par for the course when compared to other options out there on the market.

The weight bench measures to be 68 inches long, and stands to be 48 inches tall when the back is placed in the upright position. What I love about this particular machine is that the bench isn’t affixed to the tower. This means that you can remove the bench to fit in some free weight work without the tower getting in your way.

By moving the bench out of the way, you can also use the pulley system while standing, or even use the catch bars to squats or standing shoulder presses.


While I haven’t personally assembled this particular power cage and bench, I have witnessed someone who has (insert dramatic music). My biggest piece of advice for anyone assembling his cage is to be sure to set aside a good chunk of time, stay organized, and keep a cool head!

This system ships in very small pieces and components that can seem a little overwhelming at first, but Marcy has provided very detailed instructions to ensure that you put it together right the first time.

A great way to save time assembling your tower is to employ a workout buddy to lend a hand. The assembly process will go by much quicker if you have a friend assemble the bench as you work on the tower. It will cut assembly time in half, and as my mom always said: two heads are better than one!

It’s super important that this machine is assembled correctly for your safety and longevity of the machine. If you feel that your handyman skills just aren’t up to snuff, there is no shame in hiring the pros to assemble your machine for you. It may cost a little extra, but it will be well worth it for the long haul.


The style and functionality of this machine look very similar to many of the higher-end designs from Rogue, but it doesn’t even come close to possessing the same weight capacity.

If I’m being honest, I was a little underwhelmed by the overall weight capacity of this machine, given its beefy frame. The maximum user weight clocks in at 300 pounds, which isn’t great but it should accommodate most users.

What I found most surprising about this machine is that the weight bench catch bars can only accommodate up to 300 pounds. If you are looking to get into powerlifting, this cage may fall a little short of your overall goals.

However, if you are looking for reps instead of volume, the weight capacity of this bench will be just fine. My 1RM for bench press is only 150 pounds, so for someone like me, this bench would work just fine.

The leg developer only has a max weight capacity of 100 pounds which even for me is surprisingly low. Quads are one of the bigger muscle groups on your body, so you would need to knock out at least a few sets of 20 reps to burn out your quads.

It’s important to note, however, that this machine won’t crumble or burst into flames if you go over the recommended weight capacity. I’ve gone over the weight capacity of Marcy machines in the past and noticed that the bars start to slightly bend. It affects the overall durability of the machine, but it doesn’t make it unusable.


I love that this machine has nice and cushioned features that make grueling workouts just a little more pleasant. The weight bench is composed of high-density EVA foam that won’t squish down into a pancake over time. The seat also provides a little additional padding in the seat, which gives your rear a little extra cushioning when digging into those lifts.

A good leg developer also needs soft padding, and this machine really delivers. The pads on the leg developer are contoured to accommodate the shape of your ankles for a comfortable launching pad.

I also love that the foam used on the leg developer helps to wick away sweat to prevent your ankles from slipping off the bar at the end of a particularly sweaty workout!


What makes the Marcy Pro power cage and utility bench so great is that it clocks in at a super affordable price point. When you take into consideration the number of machines that are built into one rack this is a great overall value. Often, the price tag of this entire system is typically the same price as a very bare rack. Not only do you get a rack with this system, but you also get a pulley system, pull-up bar, adjustable bench, and a leg developer.

If you are just starting to build out your home gym for casual weight training, this system will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


If you are like me and spend all of your money on free weights and plates, and don’t have much extra to spend on equipment, the Marcy Pro power cage and utility bench provides a wide assortment of machines in one compact frame.

This machine will hit up all of the muscles in your upper body with the pulley system and adjustable weight bench, and the leg developer helps to work those muscles in your lower body as well.

Overall, I would suggest this machine for casual lifters that are looking to build muscle over power. While it may look like a beefy high-end machine, the weight limit of this machine is surprisingly low. Plus, be sure to set aside an afternoon to assemble your unit once it comes!

While Marcy provides easy-to-follow assembly instructions, this machine takes quite some time to put together!