Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389

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Editor’s Conclusion
Every home gym needs a versatile workstation that targets a wide variety of muscle groups, and the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 is that very machine.

What makes this machine a great choice is that it clocks in at a super affordable price point that won’t break the bank, and it comes with extra features that aren’t often found on standard weight benches.

One of the things that I love most about this machine is that it comes with a removable preach pad, a set of fly bars, and a leg developer as well.

Users found that this design went a little above and beyond standard weight benches while still keeping the price tag low. It isn’t your standard Olympic-sized bench but is still compatible with most standard barbell plates.

It has comfortable features and durable padding that holds up quite well over the years, and an adjustable back that helps you activate more muscle groups by angling your body at a slight incline.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 a great piece of equipment for any home gym.
Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes in at a very affordable price point
Removable preacher pad
Additional butterfly curl bars
Easy to adjust
Includes 2-year warranty on parts
Great for beginners or casual weightlifters


Smaller than expected
Not ideal for powerlifting
Weights or barbell are not included

Key Features


What I love most about the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 is that it has a lot more features and workout stations offered in this small and compact device when compared to other similar benches out there on the market. While many standard workout benches offer a simple bench and rack, this option goes just a little bit further.

The bench is able to be adjusted to three different angles for a wide variety of lifts. The only downside to this bench is that the backrest will only allow for incline bench presses and flat bench presses with no option for decline bench presses. It’s not ideal, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

This design also includes a leg developer that works your quads and hamstrings and a removable preacher pad for isolated biceps work. A really great feature that Marcy added to this design is that the preacher pad is able to be adjusted as needed. I’ve tried a lot of benches with removable preacher pads, and I often have to sit up on something to position my body at just the right angle to use it correctly. I think an adjustable preacher pad is a thoughtful feature that I appreciate.

Some weight benches offer leg developers and preacher pads, but I have yet to see any that include a flat fly extension bar. The fly bar is what really makes this bench stand out from the pack. The fly bars along the side are loaded independently with their own set of weights and are used to really dig into those smaller chest muscles.

Some users aren’t a big fan of how far the fly bars stick out from the bench, which can make loading up the bar a little difficult. However, if you want a sculpted chest it is well worth the slight hassle!


In true Marcy form, this design is made from strong and resilient materials that hold up well over time. It is composed of a heavy-duty square steel tube frame that has a powder-coated finish. The powder-coated finish is rust-resistant which makes this a great choice for humid climates such as basements or garages.

This design also utilizes comfortable foam features that make your workouts just a little more enjoyable. The backrest and preacher curl pad is made of upholstered foam, and are resistant to squishing down into a pancake over the years.

The leg developer utilizes exposed foam pads, which aren’t quite as durable as other padded components on this device. I have used a bench with similarly exposed leg pads before, and they pop off easily and wear down quickly. While these pads may not be the greatest in the long haul, they are pretty easy to replace at an affordable price point.

I also appreciate that the bar for the preacher curl bar is coated with a thin layer of EVA foam padding. Preacher curls have a tendency to slip right out of your hands based on the way that you need to hold the bar. The little bit of extra grip that Marcy provides on their preacher curl is a great addition.


I feel that it is super important to note that this workout station does not come with weights included. Some Marcy machines include a weight stack, barbell, or include a series of compatible plates, but the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 is only the frame. The leg developer and the preacher curl pad only require the use of standard size weight plates. If you want to use the bench and the rack, you will need to bring your own barbell and weight plates to the party!

If you are working on a budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly barbells that will work well with this device, but they won’t last forever. I suggest splurging on a higher-end barbell that will hold up as long as your bench press does! The weight rack on the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 can accommodate any standard size barbell, so you shop around for the perfect barbell that will fit your workout needs.


I hope you have set some time aside! The Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 isn’t the most difficult machine to assemble out there on the market, but it will require a little bit of your time. When working alone, many users found that it took them between 2-3 hours to assemble their bench completely.

You will need to bust out your tool back for a wrench to ensure that you tighten down all of the bolts as well. Marcy also provides a detailed instruction booklet that takes you through the assembly process step by step, and even includes an instructional video as well if you work better by watching instead of reading.

As always, if you are concerned about your handyman skills, you can always hire the pros to assemble your equipment for you. This will add a bit more to the overall cost of the machine, but it is well worth it for those that want to ensure that their bench is assembled the right way. Equipment that is not assembled properly will not be as durable and reliable as a machine that is put together the right way.


Overall, I was rather surprised at the small size of this workout station. It measures to be 60 inches long, 52 inches wide, and 47 inches long. Weighing in at just shy of 50 pounds, this bench is also fairly easy to move when needed.

One of the biggest complaints about the overall size of this bench is that the butterfly bars along the side add to the overall footprint of this device, which may not be great for smaller spaces.

If you are working with a limited room in your home gym, you always have the option to omit the fly bars completely. Even without the fly bars, this is still an excellent workout station.


Marcy equipment is peppered throughout my personal workout space because it is offered at a super affordable price point. I initially bought a Marcy bench when I was just starting out as a beginner, and even though I have graduated to Rogue - I still use my Marcy bench because it just never broke down!

The Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 is built tough but just doesn't offer the same stability and features that are made for powerlifting. If you aren’t planning on jumping into the powerlifting game (at least not yet!), this is one of your best values for a versatile workout station.

When you take into consideration the variety of workouts that this machine offers for your upper and lower body, this machine is well worth every penny!


Overall, I would recommend this bench to those that are just starting out with weight training, or for users that are more concerned with reps than overall volume. While this bench doesn’t have a maximum weight capacity listed in the product description, however, the 50-pound frame leads me to believe that it is not up for the challenge of heavyweights.

The quality of materials used as well the versatile workouts offered on this machine makes it an overall excellent value without taking up that much room in your home gym. It’s easy to use and allows users to make minor adjustments to fit their personal needs.

The only downside to this design is that you will need to bring your own plates and barbell to the party. If you are in the market for an affordable and functional weight machine, the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-389 is a great choice.