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updated January 1, 2019

There are a whole lot of different options when it comes to getting in a great cardio workout – and they can cost you quite a lot of money. One of the most effective happens to be among the cheapest – jumping rope.

If you haven’t cottoned on to the benefits of jump rope for cardio and jump rope for weight loss yet, here’s a quick update:

  • Jumping rope is a great calorie burner at about 14 calories per minute.
  • Jumping rope brings on the EPOC effect, which churns up your calorie burn for 24 hours after you finish your workout.
  • Jumping rope provides you with the ultimate portable workout option.
  • Jumping rope is a low impact plyometric activity – there is minimal stress on your joints when you skip (the right way).
  • Skipping fits in excellent with weight training. Just jump rope for 30 seconds between your sets and the fat will start melting away.
  • Jumping rope improves your body’s coordination, balance, and your sense of bodily awareness.

Types of Jump Ropes

types of jump rope

Cloth Jump Rope for cardio – this is the most basic and the cheapest type of jump rope. They may be constructed of braided or nylon cord and may or may not come with a handle attached. This type of rope is suitable for beginners and is a good intro into the jump rope field.

Beaded Jump Rope for cardio – this type of rope consists of a string of plastic beads that are strung onto nylon cord. Usually, the beads have different colors, which makes the rope look incredibly bright. These ropes are also very cheap. They won’t, however, turn very fast. They should be strictly limited to beginner users.

Weighted Jump Rope for cardio – this version of the jump rope has weighted handles. The rope itself is usually made of PVC or leather. The added weight located in the handles is designed to add an element of extra resistance to work the upper body. It does this to a certain degree but is not the best choice if your focus is on increasing your cardio fitness through increased speed and agility.

Leather Jump Rope for cardio – this type of rope will have either a wooden or plastic handle and a strip of leather. It will turn much quicker than most other types of rope. It is the best jump rope for boxing use and is most preferred by elite trainers.

Licorice PVC Jump Rope for cardio – this type of rope consists of plastic handles and a strip of PVC rope. You get a fast rotation with a PVC rope. It is still a relatively inexpensive rope but will give you a better workout than a cloth or beaded jump rope. This is the best jump rope for workout.

Speed Jump Rope cardio – As the name implies, the speed rope is the fastest rotating rope on the market. It consists of durable wooden or plastic handles connected by a thin piece of PVC rope. Included in the handles are swivel ball bearings. The ball bearings get rid of any friction or drag which you get with other types of jump rope. The speed rope is our preferred option for serious training.

Getting the Right Size of Jump Rope for Cardio For You

Jump rope size

Unless you get the right size of jump rope for cardio for you, your jump rope session will be less than ideal. If you are buying a jump rope for cardio in a store, you can check the length by looping it over your foot at the middle of the rope and then pulling it up. Ideally, the rope should reach up to your armpits. Ropes that only reach to your elbows are too short and could lead to missteps and resultant ankle injuries.

If you are buying a rope online, you cannot perform the shoulder height test. However, the seller will tell you the rope length so that you can follow a simple length height guide:

  • If you are up to 4’5”, then the rope should be 6 foot long.
  • If you are between 4;10 and 5’ 5”, then the rope should be 6 foot long.
  • If you are up to 5’5” to 6’, then the rope should be 6 foot long.
  • If you are over 6;”, then the rope should be 6 foot long.

What to Look For in a Jump Rope for Cardio

You might think there’s not that much to think about when buying a jump rope for cardio. But you’d be wrong. There are plenty of inferior ropes on the market. They are not only likely to prove pretty useless functionally, but they are also potentially dangerous. Here’s what you should be looking out for to ensure that you don’t end up with a dud:

Best Jump Ropes of 2019

The Top 5 Jump Ropes at a Glance

ProductProduct NameDurabilityFunctionalityOverallProduct Link
Boxing, MMA, fitness training rope#1. Survival & Cross Jump Rope




Speed Jump Rope#2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope




Speed Workout Speed Jump Rope#3. Fitness Master Jump Rope




Power Skip Jump rope#4. Power Skip Jump Rope




Adjustable Speed Jump Rope#5. Valeo Deluxe Jump Rope




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The Top 5 Ropes Up Close

#1. Survival & Cross Jump Rope

Boxing, MMA, fitness training rope

The Survival and Cross Jump Rope is a high functioning rope that is made from a steel cable with a polyurethane coating. That means that the rope is not only very strong; it also will never kink or bind. This rope is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It has screws that can be tightened to increase the rope’s longevity.

Ball bearings that are placed inside the handles of the rope provide a faster, more smooth revolutionary action. It is a lightweight rope, making it ideal for speed rope training. The rope length can be adjusted to a range of sizes by merely loosening the clamp screws, adjusting the rope length and then retightening.


  • Steel cable
  • Adjustable length
  • Ball bearings


  • Not ideal for slower skipping

#2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Speed Jump Rope

The WOD Nation speed jump rope features combined ballistic nylon resin handles with patented silky smooth liquid steel bearings. Connecting the handles is a kink resistant nylon covered steel cable.

This jump rope for cardio features a unique four ball bearing system with two balls in the handle and another two on the tips to hold the coated steel cable. The result is a lightning fast revolution speed. The 6.75 inch long handles are tapered at the end for a better ergonomic feel. The cable length is also adjustable so you can get just the right length for your height. Your purchase even comes with a convenient carry bag.


  • 4 ball bearings in each handle
  • Steel cable
  • Tapered handles


  • Not appropriate for beginners

#3. Fitness Master Jump Rope

Speed Workout Speed Jump Rope

The Fitness Master Jump Rope is a 9-foot long rope that has ball bearings fitted into the handles to ensure a smooth, natural evolution. The cable is made from wire and covered in a plastic coating. It ensures that the rope is tangle free.

The Fitness Master rope is very lightweight. Your purchase comes with a carry case and an instruction booklet. You can also adjust the length of the cable to fit your user requirements.


  • Tangle-free
  • Ball bearings in handles
  • Carry case and instruction booklet


  • Maybe too light for some people

#4. Power Skip Jump Rope

Power Skip Jump rope

The Power Skip Jump Rope is a lightweight unit with memory foam that makes your grip more comfortable. This jump rope for cardio has been coated with a polymer solution to stop it from getting tangled up. The length of the rope can be fully adjustable in just a few seconds. There is no resistance when you use this rope.

It is a high-quality rope that is very functional. It can be used by people between the heights of 5 feet and six feet, eight inches.


  • Adjustable rope
  • Memory foam handle
  • Tangle-free


  • Maybe too light for some

#5. Valeo Deluxe Jump Rope

Valeo Deluxe Jump Rope

The Valeo Deluxe Jump Rope is a durable, solid rubber rope that is lightweight and compact. The rope length is ten inches, though this adjustable for different user heights by cutting the rope. Sealed ball bearings in the handles ensure a smooth, even rotation. This jump rope for cardio provides you with molded handles and foam grips to keep your hands dry and comfortable.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Foam grips


  • Have to cut the rope to adjust


The best jump rope for cardio in the current market is the Survival and Cross Speed Rope which features a steel cable, ball bearing swivel handles and completely tangles free. Coming in at a close second is the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope with its unique quad ball bearing system, tangle free rope, and tapered handles. Rounding out our top three cardio jump ropes is the Fitness Master Jump Rope, which provides with a fluid, tangle free jumping experience and comes with its carry case and instruction manual.

Survival & Cross Jump Rope

Our #1. Recommendation

Survival & Cross Jump Rope

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