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updated January 1, 2019

If there’s one company that combines cutting edge innovation with an affordable price tag, it is Stamina. When it comes to rowing machines, they’ve got the best selection at the best price, including the innovative stamina bodytrac glider and the Stamina 1205 precision rowing machines. In this article we focus on their most popular product, the Stamina 1399 ATS Air Rower. We’ll also consider 3 alternative rowers, allowing you to make a fair market comparison.

Our Stamina Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Air Rower

The Stamina 1399 air rower makes use of fan generated wind power for energy. This produces a very smooth rowing experience. The frame of this machine is very sturdy, being made from solid steel. The Stamina 1399 ats air rower features quality Stamina components including thick padding, with an upholstered seat that is very comfortable. Oversized foot pads and adjustable straps ensure that you are securely locked into position.

The computer monitor on the Stamina 1399 is large and clear. It provides you with a read-out of your essential training data, including speed, distance, calories, and workout time. The frame is compact, being foldable for ease of storage. It even has wheels to allow you to easily wheel it around.

Floor protectors on the foot pads ensure that your home will not be damaged by this air rower. Unlike many cheap rowers, the 1399 will not jump around when you push hard. The over-sized angle seat rail makes sure that the motion while rowing closely mimics a natural rowing motion. The maximum user weight of the stamina ATS Air Rower is 250 pounds.

The price point of the Stamina avari programmable magnetic exercise rower makes this a very affordable air rower. It is about a third the price of the Concept 2 Air Rower, yet it offers many similar features. It is a little more noisy than the Concept and it doesn’t have it’s chain strap, but it is an extremely rugged, functional and reliable rowing machine.​


  • Excellent price point
  • Very smooth rowing action
  • Upholstered, comfortable seat


  • Noisy

We give the Stamina 1399 air rower and overall rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Stamina Alternatives

In this section, we take a look at three alternatives to the Stamina ats air rower review. For those who are after a higher spec air rower, we review the Concept 2, Model D. Then we turn our attention to the H20 RX-750 waterrower, which provides the most realistic rowing experience possible. Finally, we review the Soozier Magnetic rowing machine, which is a budget priced magnetic rower that seriously performs.

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Concept 2

Concept 2 D Model rowing machine

The Concept 2 Model D has a very practical design. The low profile seat sits just 14 inches off the ground. The damper can easily be adjusted to maximize air flow. With 10 damper settings, you have full control over the rowing feel. The screen is very easy to navigate and has plenty of options. The monitor on the Concept 2 is the most impressive display we’ve seen on a rowing machine.

The Concept 2 provides you with 5 pre-set workouts, interactive games and instructional animations. The foot-straps can be easily adjusted while the handgrips are ergonomically designed to keep a natural arm position. The rowing motion is very smooth. The comfort of the grips and seat make this an ideal machine for longer workouts.


  • 5 Pre-Set workouts
  • 10 damper settings
  • Very smooth rowing


  • Fan is quite noisy

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H20 RX-750

H20 RX-750 water ergometer

The H20 RX-750 is a water rowing machine that makes use of a polypropylene tank filled with water to provide the resistance for the workout. This gives you the closest representation to actually rowing on the water that you’ll ever get. This provides a natural motion, without the jerkiness that comes with magnetic rowers. The RX-750 is very ruggedly built, with a max user weight of 350 pounds.

With H20 RX-750 water rower you get a very clear, large display panel that provides all of your vital training statistics. The rowing experience with this hydro powered machine is very soothing. It is also easier on your joints than either air or magnetic rowing, making it an ideal choice for those with knee problems.​


  • Very realistic rowing experience
  • Rugged construction
  • Max weight 350 pounds


  • Front may lift with fast rowing

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Soozier Magnetic Folding Rower

Soozier Magnetic Folding Rower

The Soozier rower is a magnetic resistance machine that provides you with a quality rowing experience at a very good price point. Magnetic rowing is not as smooth as either air or hydro, but this unit does a better job than most of providing a jerk free exercise experience. The shock resistant frame makes for a very solid base and the eight levels of variable resistance provide plenty of training variety.

The Soozier provides a comfortable rowing experience with it’s oversized, generously padded seat, large foot pads with adjustable straps and NBR handle grips. It also features a quite basic, but easy to read ABS display panel. The unit is very compact and can be stored in an upright position.​


  • Great price
  • Smooth magnetic resistance
  • Large, padded seat


  • Difficult to assemble

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The Stamina 1399 air rower is a budget rower that provides high end features. From it’s sturdy frame, to its smooth operation and comfortable fittings, it is a quality rower and is great representation of the Stamina brand. At a third of the price of some other brands, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, basic air rower.

The Stamina 1399 is just one in an impressive line-up of quality Stamina hime rowers, that includes Stamina 1215, Stamina 1050, Stamina 35, Stamina 1405 and the classic Black Chrome. If you’re after higher specs in an air rower, the Concept 2 Model D offers the best on-board computer you’ll find, the smoothest air resistance and the best quality chain and frame construction. The H20 RX-750 will give you the most realistic, and joint friendly, rowing experience you’ll find and the Soozier magnetic rower is one of the best priced basic rowers on the market.

 Stamina 1399

Our #1. Recommendation

​ Stamina 1399

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