Weider Incline Weight Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Joe Weider’s name remains one of the most well-known and trusted in fitness and his line of weight benches are well regarded for their quality and functionality. Today’s Weider benches make a nice addition to any home gym. Their build quality and versatility allow you to target the full range of muscles while breezing through your routine comfortably and safely.

Here we’ll look at both the Weider 225 L and do a Weider Pro 350 L review to try and determine the best overall bench.

Weider Pro 225 L

The Weider Pro 225 Weight Bench is as sharp looking a bench as you’ll find anywhere. Sometimes manufacturers will hide their shortcomings behind a dazzling design but in this case both function and form work together. Wide, low and comfortable without being squishy the 225 L will accommodate all body types and a variety of exercises. Bring your dumbbells and ambition.

Key features include:

  • Straightforward assembly
  • Simple and effective incline/decline adjustment
  • Compatible with an array of Weider racks and cage systems
  • 4 roller leg and ankle restraint for incline stability and abdominal exercises
weider pro 350 L

The Pro 350 L effortlessly targets hammies, glutes, upper and lower chest, quads and more. With the 4 roller leg restraint system it’s also ideal for decline exercises and ab workouts while the sewn vinyl seats are comfortable, wide, firm and clean up easy.

A classic FID bench and so much more the 350 L comes with its own exercise chart, created by a Weider certified trainer that will provide you step by step guidance to help you get the most from your workout.

Key features include:

  • Space saving design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable to a half dozen FID positions
  • Wide seat back and saddle for enhanced stability

Weider Pro 225L vs. Weider Pro 350L: Side by side

  • Best Value - From an FID perspective the 225 will handle everything the Pro 350 L can and does so for about 20% less money. It’s perfectly suited to all manner of dumbbell exercises, provides a full 90 degree range of adjustability, is stable as a Hummer and never presents the kind of distractions some other benches can with their creaking, squeaking and loose, wobbly saddles. Winner: Weider Pro 225 L Bench
  • Best Features - Both benches provide a range of workout possibilities, both provide comfortable, ergonomically intelligent 4 point leg restraint for decline exercises and abs and both can be used in concert with most Weider rack systems and cages. Both also have the wide, firm but comfortable saddle that is such a plus for big guys and gals and both are low and stable. So which one takes the best feature category? Neither. Winner: Draw
  • Performance - Performance is usually a reflection of build quality and engineering prowess. As both of these benches are well thought out and well built it’s difficult to give one the nod over the other for performance. That being said we feel the Pro 225 is an easier bench to work with than the 350 which gives it an ever-so-slight overall performance edge. Winner: Weider Pro 225 L Bench

Our Choice for Best Weider Pro L Series Bench

weider pro 225 L

Once again the combination of price and performance carries the day as the Pro 225 L is our choice for best overall Weider Pro L series weight bench. It assembles in a few easy minutes, folds down and stores away almost anywhere and when it’s called into service it provides a stable, versatile FID plus experience everyone from novices to experienced lifters will appreciate.

Final Thoughts

The Weider Pro 225 L Weight Bench will provide you with a complete workout for your upper and lower chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and abs. It’s a good looking but no-nonsense piece of garage gym kit that’s easy to use, light and durable. If getting in shape and staying that way is important to you but you don’t want to drop serious coin on a fitness club membership just so you can swim in other people’s left behind sweat then pick up the Pro 225 L and get to work. To learn more about the benefits of an FID bench like the 225 L in this Weider incline weight bench review check out this informative video.

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Weider Pro 225 L Bench

Our #1. Recommendation

​Weider Pro 225 L Bench

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