Best Universal Five Position Weight Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Universal is known for making solid, reliable, entry level weight lifting equipment and the Five Position Bench is certainly that. Built to introduce the novice to the many benefits of dumbbell routines the Five Position Weight Bench construction is of ample quality to appeal to veteran heavy lifters as well. Big boys and girls may find the 430 lb total carrying capacity a tad limiting but for most people, especially most beginners, that won’t be a problem.

Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Universal Five Position Weight Bench Review


The many attributes of the Universal Five Position Weight Bench are on display the minute you get started working with it. While some assembly is required, it’s nothing that will tax the brain. So set it up and get it on.

  • Adjustability - The Five Position Bench has, well, 5 positions and slides easily from one setting to the next. The leg restraints bring an added dimension to your workout missing on many more expensive benches and can also be easily removed should you want free space for your legs. The decline position is not extreme but is fine; unless you’re into extreme.
  • Build Quality - The Five Position Bench is ostensibly made by Universal. However, today Universal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nautilus. Nautilus is not going to sanction second rate equipment so you can be certain the build quality will be up to snuff. And it is.
  • Options - As mentioned the Five Position Bench comes with leg restraints that provide added stability on decline lifts and allow you to incorporate an abdominal component to your workout routine. These restraints are well placed and comfortable with ample padding to protect your shins. They are also easily removed if you find them limiting for any reason.
  • Assembly - While it would be nice if the bench came preassembled, fact is this Universal Weight Bench is a relative breeze to put together if you have a few basic tools and a few minutes of spare time. While it does not include wheels, it is incredibly light at 33 lbs so when you’re good and pumped at the end of your routine folding the bench down and carrying it to storage won’t present any type of challenge.

Some other attributes of the Five Position Weight Bench include:

  • Holds a nice stable position on any type of flooring
  • The upholstery is a comfortable but firm faux leather that wipes down easily
  • The bench achieves the low, stable profile you want in a weight bench
  • Because of the leg retainers the bench can be adapted to dozens of exercises

Universal Five Position Weight Bench Summary

Nautilus Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

This Universal Weight Bench would be an excellent addition to any beginner or intermediate lifter’s home gym because:

  • At less than $120 it makes financial sense - Not everyone new to lifting will necessarily be sold on the virtues of this type of workout for the long haul. If for some reason you decide a different type of exercise routine is more suited to your personality and needs you haven’t spent all of your vacation money for nothing. Also great if you’re just on a tight budget.
  • Ease of use - Once you have the Five Position Bench assembled there’s nothing complicated about getting the most out of it. It adjusts easily and is effective at every position.
  • Build quality - As we mentioned, at the end of the day Nautilus is the company of record here and as such you can be certain you are getting the best build quality possible for the price. A minimum of moving parts and an assembly process that’s easy to understand means you shouldn’t suffer any wobbles or instability during your routine.
  • Versatility - When used in conjunction with a complete dumbbell set the number of different exercises you can do with the Five Position Bench is pretty amazing and includes inclined curls, hammer curls, flat presses, dumbbell pullovers, lateral raises, declining sit ups and more.

Universal Five Position Weight Bench Review: Final Thoughts

Anyone new or relatively new to the world of weight bench routines can’t go wrong having the Universal Five Position Weight Bench in their arsenal. It’s an uncluttered, uncomplicated workout tool that will make you appreciate the many virtues of a good bench and set you on the road to a lifetime of fitness. Learn more about the many virtues of the Universal Five Position Weight Bench by checking out this short video.

If you're in searching for other fabulous equipment, the XMark Weight Benches and the Weider Incline Weight Benches are worth considering. Read this article for additional information about other great weight benches as well.

Universal Five Position Weight Bench

Our #1. Recommendation

Universal Five Position Weight Bench

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