FOCUS T25 Workout Review 2024

The FOCUS T25 workout, developed by workout expert and exercise professional trainer Shaun T, is appropriately named, as you “focus” on a workout that takes 30 minutes a day. Shaun T developed this workout routine after people, who followed his other exercise regimens, said they needed a workout that they could fit into their regular work schedule. Therefore, this intense exercise workout is meant to supplant the longer, one-hour workouts that take more time out of one’s daily schedule.



A Better Exercise Routine for Younger Individuals

If you are over 50 though, you may want to bypass this workout as it can even be a challenge for anyone who just turned 30 on his last birthday. If you have any kind of health conditions, such as hypertension or high cholesterol, you don’t want to pursue this workout routine without talking it over with your doctor first. Even if you don’t have any obvious health problems, it might be good to check anyway, especially if you are older.

Time is of the Essence

Younger people can take on this type of workout. However, it is not designed as an activity that can be performed indefinitely. People have different exercise needs as they age and the FOCUS T25 workout is made for younger working professionals who want to stay optimally fit without any kind of constraints placed on their time during an average workday.

Ideal for Anyone Who Sits A Good Deal on the Job​

​If you are already a Type A personality, it might be better to pass this exercise routine on to someone who is happy in a sit-down job and is not necessarily a multi-tasker or workaholic. If they need to lose weight, then they will have the extra energy and focus required for performing this workout.

Customize an Exercise Plan

The FOCUS T25 workout includes all the exercise CDs you need to follow to perfect a routine as well as a meal plan that will help you become optimally fit. You can also customize your own workout routine from viewing some of the exercises on the CDs. If some of the exercises are a bit of a challenge, then you might just want to “focus” first on those exercises you know you can perform.

Get Rid of Post-partum Depression as well as Excess Pounds

While older people can benefit from following the Focus T25 workout, it is easier to envision people from 25 to 35 years old enjoying this kind of exercise the most. Many women who have just had a baby say that the FOCUS 25 workout brought them out of post-partum depression and took away the excess weight they gained from their pregnancy. Check with your doctor first if you want to follow this routine and you are a new mother.​

Remove Your Figure Flaws through Exercise

Because this workout combines a variety of moves with aerobic type ferocity, you can be ensured that your metabolism will be elevated to a new height – one that will burn not only extra calories but which will take away those undesirable figure flaws that either has to be extinguished by exercise or covered with baggy clothes.

The Ideal Candidate

If you are of the younger sect (25 years to 35 years) and are a working professional – someone who spends a good deal of time sitting at your desk, then you will probably appreciate this workout routine. Every exercise workout is designed to meet specific exercise goals at certain times in a person’s life. FOCUS T25 is the ideal way to work out then if you are at a place where can handle a fast-paced and intense type of workout.​