York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

York Barbell, founded by the legendary Bob Hoffman, has been around since 1932. You’d assume any fitness company that’s been around more than 80 years has a pretty good idea what goes into making first rate exercise equipment and in the case of York Barbell you’d be right. Two of their most widely known workout benches are the Adjustable Fitness Bench and their Adjustable Utility Bench. In this York bench review we’ll take a closer look at both.

York Barbell Fitness Bench Overview

York Barbell

The price of a middle-market pair of lifting shoes is all it takes to bring home the York Fitness Bench. This amazing piece of fitness tech is lightweight, easy to store and versatile from the word go. It can easily be adjusted on the fly into any FID (flat/incline/decline) position and keeps you a snug 22” off the floor.

Key features include:

  • High grade steel throughout
  • Built in rack accommodates 3 pairs of Fitbells
  • Max carrying capacity 200 kg (440 lbs) including user
  • Sleek contemporary profile

York Adjustable Utility Bench Overview

York Utility Bench

The York Utility Bench does the Fitness Bench one better by adding an ab component for those seeking a more well-rounded workout. The flat feet of the Utility Bench also allow it to hug the floor with a bit more authority than the Fitness Bench. The Utility Bench is the ultimate secret weapon for those looking to augment their gym routines with some at-home touching up.

Key features include:

  • 10 angle settings
  • Compact, lightweight profile
  • Easily rolls away after workout
  • A great bench for CrossFitters

York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench vs. Adjustable Utility Bench: Side by side

Comparing two similar benches from the same manufacturer may seem a little like comparing apples to mirror images of apples but it is possible to discern which of the two is the better overall value, even if the advantage is slight.

  • Best Value - Both these benches display York’s decades of experience building quality fitness equipment. Both have designs that express confidence and practical utility while still maintaining an energetic profile. And both will last far longer than comparably priced athletic footwear or membership at the fitness club. Yet the fact that the York Utility Bench offers a sturdier footprint along with the ‘crunch’ component for a scant $30 more makes it, in our eyes, the better value. Winner: Adjustable Utility Bench
  • Features - Neither of these benches are as feature rich as the York Multi Function Bench. They aren’t meant to be. They’re well built, basic benches that will allow you a satisfyingly full workout should you not feel like trudging down to the gym. That said, the bench that offers slightly more when it does come to features is the one that’s going to take this category and again, due to the inclusion of the abdominal workout component alone the Utility Bench claims the win. Winner: Adjustable Utility Bench
  • Performance - Here’s where things tighten up a bit because both of these benches will handle whatever you care to throw at them (up to 200 kgs). However when you get up into the serious poundage you’ll probably appreciate the ever-so-slight increase in lateral stability offered by the Utility Bench the way we did. And so, once again, the advantage goes to big U. Winner: Adjustable Utility Bench

Our Choice for Best York Adjustable Weight Bench

York Barbell Adjustable Utility bench

The York Barbell Adjustable Utility Bench

If the Utility Bench had been twice the price or even 50% more than the Adjustable Fitness Bench this competition would have been a lot closer. But this is one of those occasions where one just can’t ignore the fact that the superior product is only slightly more expensive, which makes it hands down a smarter purchase.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you could go out and buy an excellent pair of CrossFit shoes and either York Adjustable Bench for less than a single pair of elite weightlifting shoes underlines what great value both benches represent. Though we’ve come down on the side of the Utility Bench in this York bench review the Fitness Bench will do you no wrong if you aren’t in need of an abdominal component. To learn about the York Adjustable Bench check out this video.

York Barbell has a complete line of workout benches that are well built and truly affordable. If neither of the benches featured here are what you’re looking for, check out the York Multi Function bench or the York ST Flat bench.

Remember to check out Bowflex benches and Ironmaster Super Benches for more choices that may interest you. Plus, this article will walk you through all the great weight benches out there with detailed information.

York Barbell Fitness Bench

Our #1. Recommendation

​York Barbell Fitness Bench

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