Flybird Adjustable Bench

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Editor’s Conclusion
A solid adjustable bench is a great way to engage new muscle groups and keep your strength training routines fresh and challenging.

The Flybird adjustable bench boasts all of the hallmarks of a killer bench and it clocks in at a super affordable price point. What I love about this bench is that it is super easy to make quick adjustments as needed, and it folds up compactly when you need to clear up a bit of floor space.

The surprisingly high weight capacity makes it a great choice for bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, and barbells (although the weight rack is not included). It has a slightly wider frame than many of the other adjustable benches out there on the market, and it is made from sweat-resistant leather that wipes down easily.

While the bench itself is fairly light, it provides anti-slip pads on the base to ensure you have a super stable base to engage in all of your lifts.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make this versatile bench a must-have for any home gym.
Flybird Adjustable Bench Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price point
Easy to adjust
Max weight capacity of 600 pounds
Great for incline and decline bench presses
Seat also adjusts
Very wide frame
Sweat-resistant leather padding


Not ideal for users over 5’9’’
Leg pads are too narrow for some users

Key Features


I recently added a circuit-training day into my workout schedule, and I spend most of my time on my adjustable bench. While most adjustable benches aren’t built to tackle very heavy weights, they are a must-have for dumbbell or bodyweight exercises.

My Rogue bench is for heavy straight-bench days, and my adjustable bench is used for everything else. If you work primarily with dumbbells, this bench allows you to make small adjustments to the pitch of the bench the activates new muscle groups.

For example, inline presses hit the upper pecs, while decline presses hit the lower pecs. If you want to tone muscle or increase your straight bench weight, jumping on an adjustable bench a few days a week is a great way to expedite your progress!

Decline bench presses may be simple, but they carry a host of positive benefits- especially if you sit at a desk all day. I added decline sit-ups to my rotation recently and noticed a big difference in my overall flexibility in my back and hips.

Knocking out a few sets of 10 helps to increase your overall spinal flexion, and helps to build strength in your lower back, hips, and central chain.

When this simple bodyweight movement becomes too easy, hugging a plate against your chest is a great way to bump up the challenge.


With a weight limit of 600 pounds, there are few exercises that are off the table with this bench. If you weigh in at 200 pounds, it means that you can top off at around 400 pounds when bench pressing. For serious powerlifters, this weight limit might be a little too weak as you increase in strength.

Toeing the line in regards to the weight limit is a dangerous game, and it’s in your best interest to play it safe and stick with dumbbell and bodyweight exercises when using this bench.

If you need a bench with a higher weight limit for bench presses, it’s best that you invest in a separate straight bench.

The good news is that Flybird also offers affordable straight-weight benches that boast a weight limit of up to 1000 pounds, which is ideal for powerlifting or simply training with heavier weight.

It may seem like a pain to invest in two separate benches, but each unique bench design serves a very specific function, and it’s always better to err on the side of caution.


Flybird certainly did not skimp on the quality of materials used for their adjustable bench. The frame boasts a triangular shape that holds firmly in place as you train.

Many users found that this strong design did not wobble or shake in the middle of an exercise, even when placed under heavy weights. The frame is composed of a 1.5 mm thick heavy-duty commercial grade pipe that is made to stand the test of time.

It also boasts a sleek matte powder-coated finish that is resistant to corrosion and rusting over time.

What I also love about this design is that it boasts a super comfortable seat and backrest. It provides users with high-density foam padding that feels comfortable but will not break down over time. Even after years of continued use, this padding remains firm.

The high-end padding is wrapped in durable leather that holds up quite well over the years. The construction of the seat and bench are a cinch to wipe down after the end of a sweaty set and are resistant to cracking and tearing if you are especially hard on your workout equipment.


Making small and quick adjustments is key to any good adjustable bench. This design allows users to adjust the pitch of the bench to up to 6 different angles. For inclines, adjusting the bench to higher position amps up the difficulty of the lift.

If you are struggling with fully inclined dumbbells presses, you can adjust the backrest one level to make the lift a little bit easier. As you grow in strength, the adjustments of this bench are able to provide new challenges.

What I also love about the design of this bench is that users can also make adjustments to the pitch of the seat.

Many adjustable benches only allow users to make targeted adjustments to the pitch of the backrest, which is why this design is so unique. The seat on this design is able to be adjusted up for 4 angles by simply pulling out a pin and locking it in place.

By adjusting the seat to an upward angle, your decline sit-ups or bench presses can achieve a deeper range of motion.


It’s likely that you won’t need to use this adjustable bench every day you work out in your home gym. On those days, you have the option to fold your bench in half and store it up against a wall or in a closet for easy storage.

For those that have very limited space in their home gym, this feature is a great way to expand the versatility of your home gym without sacrificing precious floor space.

To fold compactly, simply pull out the pin along the base of the unit, and pull the handle in the space between the seat and backrest and the bench will fold automatically.

Weighing in at just over 23 pounds, this bench is surprisingly lightweight and a cinch to tuck out of the way when you need more room in your home gym.


No one likes to spend the better part of an afternoon putting together weight equipment. Assembling exercise machines always makes me a little uneasy, because one loose bolt can spell disaster in the middle of a lift.

The good news about the Flybird Adjustable Bench is that it arrives at your door almost completely assembled.

When it arrives in the mail, all you will need to do is screw on the footholds to the base of the unit. All of the adjustable mechanisms come completely intact, so you can feel good about using this bench knowing that the experts have assembled it for you!


One of the best features of the Flybird Adjustable Bench is that it clocks in at a super reasonable price point. When compared to other designs out there on the market, this option is the overall better value.

With an impressive weight limit, handy foldable features, and heavy-duty frame that requires no assembly on your part, it’s hard to pass up this really great deal.

It’s also important to note that Flybird offers a wide range of adjustable benches that vary in weight limit and design.

If you need something that can hold just a little bit more weight or one that is built for users that are over 6’1’’ feet tall, alternative designs are available at a slightly higher price point.


An adjustable bench is a must-have for any home gym, and the Flybird Adjustable Bench is one of your best choices.

What I love most about this bench is that it is composed of commercial-grade materials that hold up quite well over the years, and arrives at your door completely assembled.

It’s super easy to make quick adjustments to the pitch of the bench as well as the seat and uses high-density foam that holds up well over the years. Plus, it folds up compact to free up floor space as needed.

While it’s built tough, this bench clocks in at a super reasonable price point that won’t break the bank. If you are on the hunt for a great adjustable bench to take your strength training routine to the next level, the Flybird Adjustable Bench is worth checking out!