Rogue W-4 Wall Mount Rig

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Rogue W-4 Wall Mount Rig Review Facts

The Rogue W-4 4 Inch Wall Mount rig is the wall-mounted version of the infinity Series rig. This is a very user-friendly garage home gym model that is fully customizable in terms of height, pull up bars and accessories. This unit must be bolted to the floor as well as the wall, though it does not come with wall mounting hardware. It features a 70-inch beam which will allow you to hang your heavy bag or rings from.

In this article, we provide an in-depth of the Rogue W-4 4 Inch Mount Rig!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable pull-up height

Highly customizable height and accessories

A lot of accessories to choose from

Extremely safe and stable

Black powder-coat for protection and durability

Westside hole pattern


Single user only

Wall mounting hardware not included

A bit pricy


This specially designed home gym unit is a pared-down, wall-mounted version of the Infinity Rig. This is a single-user model, so do not place it somewhere where other people will get access to it. The dimensions are 6 feet wide by 4 feet deep and 9 feet high. This gives you plenty of room to move within the cage as well as enough clearance to perform chin-ups and pull-ups. The unit is quite tall though, so make sure your ceilings are tall enough to house the wall mount. The uprights of this unit are constructed from 2 x 3 inch 11 gauge steel. The bolts and fasteners are ⅝ inches in diameter. You have the option of adjusting the pull-up bar to 7’, 7’6” or 8’. You also get the option of making the front pull up bar a single so you can attach a set of rings, but must note this when ordering. You are also able to customize the height to 7’ 6” when ordering if you have limited weight in your training facility.


The Rogue W-4 4 inch rig makes use of the Westside hole pattern. This provides you with two-inch hole spacing through the bench press zine and two-inch spacings above and below. This allows you to fully customize your bar placement when squatting, benching and deadlifting. As we said, you also get the option to add rings, or you can change the height of the unit so it fits better into your home. There's a lot of add-ons you can get for this rig, like the uprights, an anchor kit, and some dirty south bar substitutes that have different length. All of these options make the wall mount very adjustable and quite versatile, so you will be able to get a lot out of this unit!


The W-4 wall mount is quite durable, as is every other unit made by Rogue fitness. They make absolutely sure that the welds will hold on, that they are precisely welded to each other, so there is zero room for error here. The 11-gauge steel is sure to withstand all that abuse you're going to face it with. The j-cups are one aspect that is just excellent here - they are strong enough by themselves, but the addition of the UHMW plastic inserts take them to a completely different level. They will support plenty of weight, up to 1000 pounds, and this is much more than even advanced fitness users will use, so you're covered for life! And speaking about coverage, the wall mount has a lifetime warranty, so even if something does go wrong, your machine is protected and you will be able to replace whatever has failed you.


Every Rogue fitness piece is made out of sturdy 11-gauge steel, laser cut to perfection. This makes the unit insanely durable and safe, but it does add some weight to the machine. The J-cups are steel too, and just as we mentioned above, they have plastic inserts which give them even more strength. One more thing we feel we should definitely mention is the black powder-coat finish that gives the Rogue machines their signature velvety look. This coating will protect your rig from moisture, corrosion, and wear and tear damage.

Moisture Resistance

The W-4 is quite moisture and sweat-resistant, and it's all thanks to that black powder coat. The coat effectively repels every droplet of moisture away from the hardy steel and keeps the construction safe from corrosion, the biggest enemy of every fitness machine. And it does look good while doing it! Still, you should remember to wipe down every last bit of moisture after you're done using the machine, and don't forget about that pesky chalk either, as it invites moisture in, and it could potentially damage the steel!


One thing that the W-4 definitely is not, is portable. The reason why is very simple - as the mount is heavy by itself, and it's meant to carry a lot of weight, you absolutely have to bolt it down to the floor. This is non-negotiable, and you really must do this. Some users have decided not to do this, and they report that they did not endanger themselves, but they did not drop down their weights or did anything that could cause the W-4 to lose its balance. If you drop your weights more often than not, it's better to just bolt it down in the ground. The other reason why we've deemed the W-4 as non-portable is its sheer size. You can choose the smaller version though, so you can still fit it neatly inside your home if you don't have that much space left. Just remember to measure twice, and really be certain about where you're gonna put it because once it's down, it won't go anywhere!


Although the W-4 is not portable, it is extremely stable! And it's all thanks to that rig that keeps it bolted down on the floor. As we said, you'll be tackling a lot of weight, and it pays to be safe here because the last thing you need is all that weight toppling down on you! The j-cups also add in the stability, because if they didn't hold onto those barbells tight, you wouldn't be so safe, believe us on that. The wall mounting hardware is not included in the package though, so you will need to buy that additionally.


One more thing heavily related to the stability of the W-4 is how safe it really is. The first thing that makes it safe is 11-gauge steel. Some may say is that it is a bit too much, but we do believe that it's just enough to anchor the whole thing to the ground. The fact that you absolutely have to bolt the rig to the ground does help a lot, and if that wasn't required, this rig would have been a much bigger safety hazard! And the j-cups bring it home with their protective plastic coverings that make them absolutely powerful and stable.


The W-4 weighs 162 pounds, and this may not sound as much, but it can be a little problematic when you're moving the whole thing around. Luckily, the assembly is pretty easy, and you have all the hardware you would include in the order, so you just have to handle all that weight once before you finally anchor it down. The weight limit is also one thing we feel we should mention. Almost every Rogue unit has an incredible 1000 pound limit, and the W-4 is just like that. You won't need to worry about overloading this wall mount, ever!


Rogue fitness does produce some amazing machines, but it does come with a cost, and sometimes that cost is a bit too much for a lot of people just getting into the fitness world. The W-4 is a mid-range priced unit, but this is true if you do not order any other accessory along with it. So this means that you will have to pay even more for getting every little piece the W-4 needs to be absolutely functional, like the wall mount, which is an essential piece if you want to remain safe! Be prepared to spend a lot if you want everything that comes with the W-4, but we do believe that it's well worth the price!


The Rogue Brand is a force to be reckoned with, as it is one of the largest and one of the most successful fitness brands out there, and it's all for a very good reason. It was created in 2007, so one may say that it is a bit young, but that only shows you just how good their brand is. It was created in the USA, by a man called Bill Hennigan, and all he desired was just one place you can find all you would need for your gym, and he couldn't find it, so he did the next best possible thing - he made it himself! So the brand was only a distributor of other fitness equipment at first, but there was still trouble there, so they started creating their own equipment. Soon enough, people recognized jus how excellent their line is, and the Rogue fitness brand is now one of the best in the world!

The Final Word

The Rogue W-4 Wall Mount Rig is a compact, heavy-duty rack that gives you all the rigidity and versatility of the Infinity series of the rack, but with the added strength of wall mounting. It is a more affordable, functional version of Rogue’s more beefy Infinity and Monster series, although it still is a pricey item. The machine is also not that portable, because you do need to bolt it to the ground, and it is quite large, although you can change the size to fit your home better. The lifetime warranty, alongside the safety of the machine, makes it one of the best wall mount rigs out there!