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Rogue Infinity Rig Review Facts

A rig power rack system will allow you to set up a safe power training area for multiple users. Because rigs can be constantly added to, the size of them is open-ended. The world’s most popular rig is the Rogue Infinity. This beast of set-up is the official rig for the World CrossFit Games. Let’s check out if it deserves to take pride of place in your garage gym.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very rigid

Westside hole spacing

User-friendly j-cups

Black powder coat finish

Highly customizable

Choice of length

Lifetime warranty


Stride limited to 15 inches

Very pricey


The Rogue Infinity Rig is basically a number of Rogue Infinity power racks that are joined together to allow for multiple users at the same time. It is manufactured with 2 x 3 inch, 11 gauge steel. This is an inch less than the Monster series, but still provides plenty of rigidity in the uprights. While coming in four standard lengths (10’, 14’, 20’ and 24’), it can be expanded in four and six-foot sections. All of the hardware for bolting the rack together is made from ⅝ inch hardware. The Infinity Rig features Westside hole spacing, which provides you with one-inch spacings through the bench press zone and two-inch spacings through the squat and deadlift areas. The pullup bars provided give plenty of clearance to perform chin-ups, pull-ups, and muscle-ups. These rigs are designed to be bolted to the floor for maximum strength and rigidity.

The number of users that the rig accommodates is dependant on the size rig your purchase. The squat/bench press capacity ranges from two on the I-10 to six on the I-24. the number of pull up bars in the perimeter of the unit goes from six on the I-10 to 14 on the I-24. The Infinity rig features extremely user-friendly j-cups that are covered in thick plastic to protect your bar from scratches. There are also a huge number of accessories that can be added to the Infinity rig. Overall this is an ideal set-up for a multi-use garage gym.​


The Infinity Rig is made out of super sturdy 2x3 inch 11-gauge steel. In fact, every single part of the rig is made out of that sturdy steel, but the hardware is 0.625", and the uprights are 108". The infinity J-cups are also made out of steel, but they have plastic inserts which make them stronger. The whole rig is then protected by a black powder coat, and every little piece is inspected carefully to check whether it was completely covered. The accessories, like the cross members and the pull-up stations, are also made out of steel, protected with that very same black powder coat.


The Infinity Rig is a very sturdy unit. The 11-gauge steel is thick and able to support up to 1000 pounds. The hardware and accessories are sturdy as well, and they will never warp or bend no matter how hard you push them. The Infinity j-cups are stable and strong enough to support you, and the plastic protective shells will keep the frame and the knurling on your barbells intact. The black powder coat gives the rig an even longer life, simply because it keeps all that rust and corrosion away, maintaining the good look the frame had just like the day you bought it. The Infinity Rig comes with a lifetime warranty, which is surprising for such a durable unit in the first place. This only shows you just how much the people at Rogue care for providing you with the best possible deal!


The coating on the Infinity rig not only makes it look good, but it also makes it extremely durable. The black powder-coat finish is jet black with a satin-like feel and look, and it covers every last inch of the rig. The coating has a few purposes. First, it keeps the frame construction safe from cuts, abrasions, and chipping, and the j-cups make that even more prominent, as they keep the barbells from reaching the frame, and the coat. The powder coat also keeps moisture away from the steel. This, in turn, protects the frame from rust and corrosion, which can do some significant damage to the steel! Sweat is slightly more corrosive than water, so you will still need to wipe down the sweat. Chalk is also a bit dangerous, so make sure to remove that residue as well!


The Infinity Rig is definitely one of the largest Rogue units. When not expanded, the I-10 is 4' + 6' long! You can then add on 4' and 6' more, and the final length possible is 24', although if you wanted to, you could probably make it even longer. The Infinity rig is 6' wide and 9' tall. The sheer size of the rig can be problematic for people who lack space in their home or garage, and even if you do have space you could still struggle with fitting it into your destined room. With that being said. this rig is very customizable, and you can add just about anything to it, so even though it is large, it can act as a standalone centerpiece for your gym!


As we said, this rig is quite massive, and it weighs about 300 pounds. That size and height are alone to give it plenty of stability, but as you pile on more and more weights it can become unstable, especially when you do pull-ups and similar exercises. This is why you absolutely have to bolt the unit down to the floor! This will make it much more stable, and safe. The cross members are quite stable as well, and they won't bend or warp when you load them up. The footprint is wide enough to be stable by itself, but as we said, the Infinity rig is large and you really do need to make sure it's bolted tightly to the floor!


It's only natural if you worry about your safety, and when the rig is this large, that's even more natural. Getting pinned down under all of that is scary, and if you're alone there won't be anyone to save you from that danger. Luckily, the Infinity Rig is very safe, as you need to bolt it to the floor. This gives you a safe playground, and you don't need to worry about it falling on you. The anchor concrete kit is not included in your order, and you will need to make an additional purchase, but it's cheap and worth the price. If you want to be extra safe, you can always purchase the spotter's arms or the Matador's arms. These are quite useful if you like to work out alone, as you'll be able to safely take heavier weights without worrying about having somewhere there to spot you!


The one thing the Infinity rig is not is portable. First, the Rig is massive, and moving it around is really not convenient. Second, you need to bolt the unit down, and that definitely makes it non-movable. But truth be told, there's really no need to move the unit around in the first place. If you really do need to move it though, you will need to break it down and take away the bolts, and then move it to where you want it to be. So make sure you're really set on where you want to place it, and that there's enough room to house it because once you bolt it down there's no going back!


The Infinity rig is one of the most versatile units that Rogue produced. First, you get to choose the length you want, and you can just keep on adding the extra parts to make it even longer. You also get cross members where you can put just about anything you can think of, and the westside hole spacing gives you even more choices. The smallest unit has 6 pull-up stations, while the largest oner has 14! You can also buy additional accessories that expand the number of exercises you can perform on the rig!


The Infinity rig is really one of the greatest units out there, so it only makes sense that it's pricey. The smallest one, the I-10, is about 1500 dollars, and as the size goes up, so does the price - the biggest unit is over three thousand dollars! This can chip down your budget, and you will probably need to save up a bit to actually buy it, but the pay-off is getting an excellent machine. With that being said, the more accessories you go for, the pricier the unit will be, so be prepared to save up a lot if you want to have every little piece that goes along with it!

The Final Word

The Rogue Infinity Rig is the ultimate training solution for a garage set up that caters to a large number of trainers. It provides all the rigidity you’ll need, while also providing full customization and room for expansion. With this unit, you’ll be able to have up to 14 guys training at the same time.

If you’re after a more beefed-up version that also provides you with a boot camp-style rung ladder workout, then you’ll absolutely love the Rogue Monster Lite Monkey. This is a heavy-duty multi-use unit that comes in with a heavy-duty price tag.

For those on a more modest budget who are after a solid reliable workhorse to keep them safe when squatting benching and doing pull-ups, the Titan T-3 Series H-D Power Rack is a far more affordable option. Be aware, however, that this unit is only suitable for a single user.