Rogue RM-3 Monster Power Rack

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Rogue RM-3 Monster Power Rack Review Facts

The Rogue RM-3 Monster Power Rack is the first in the Monster Series and was designed to meet the high-end needs of the best professional, collegiate, and high school athletic facilities around the world. That doesn’t mean that it’s not an ideal power rack unit for the home gym. While the RM-3 Monster might be overkill for some, if you are a hardcore powerlifter who’s used to throwing around some seriously heavy iron, the RM-3 may be just what you’re looking for.

Editor's Pros & Cons

3 x 3 inch 11-gauge steel framing

One-inch hardware

Safety strap set

Three different j-cup kinds to choose from

Customizable colors

A myriad of accessories to choose from

Very versatile and customizable


No Westside Hole patterning



The Rogue RM-3 is made from the most robust componentry that is available in the whole Rogue factory in Columbus, Ohio. The framing is made from 3 inches by 3 inches, 11-gauge square steel just like the Monster Lite series. Unlike that series, however, the RM-3 uses one-inch hardware (nuts and bolts). That makes for some very serious parts. What's different here too is that you can choose which finish you want - you can either go for the standard black zinc finish or the bright zinc finish. There's no real difference here, they both protect your rig just fine, it only boils down to what you like more!


This is the new and revised version of the Rogue RM-3. It has added a wide spectrum of color options, ranging from bright green to the standard satin black we're all know and love, laser-cut pin position numbers in both uprights and bottom cross beams. There is always a keyhole pattern on the side of each upright. This makes the unit compatible with a whole range of cool accessory units. There's plenty of cross members to choose from here as well - a 43" single pull-up bar, a fat or skinny pull-up bar, a cross member with a Rogue nameplate if you wish to show off, a 43" beam with a gusset, and a pull-up curl bar! You can even choose what kind of j-cup you want, which is something that's unique to this model!


One of the best things about the RM-3 is that you can choose how tall you want your unit to be. As we said, you can choose from three different heights, the biggest one reaching 110". The bigger ones are obviously better because you will have more room on the machine itself, but the sheer size of the unit is a problem for most people, so you will have users reaching for the smaller, 90" unit. This is still quite large, so you might have issues with housing the rack. Also, the smaller the rack is, the fewer accessories and features it has, so you will sacrifice a lot by scaling down. The RM-3 is 36" long and 49" wide, with a 40" x 53" footprint. Now, this is not that large, but it can still be an issue for people who have a truly limited amount of space.


What is tightly related to the size of the RM-3 is its portability. The RM-3 has no transportation wheels included in the package, nor can you place them on the base. But why would you? That would make the unit unsafe, and moving it around is probably a big pain in the neck! The unit is quite large, and you might have issues with finding a good spot for it in your home. You can choose the smaller version, but they are still quite large themselves. But, you will get plenty of accessories with this power rack, so the need to use other machines will diminish, and you will end up with more room to house this monster rack!


Rogue fitness is known for creating extremely durable products, and the RM-3 is no different. The 11-gauge steel promises strength, and it is definitely thick enough to support everything you decide to hang on it. The j-cups are quite sturdy, but there's an interesting situation here - you can choose what kind of j-cups you need! The standard j-cups come with protective plastic inserts that keep the knurling of the barbell intact and the metal safe from chipping. The Sandwich monster j-cups have a plastic core that fully protects the knurling on the bars, and the UHMW plastic on the back protects the rack from chipping. And finally, the 2" Sandwich Monster J-Cup Pair are wide enough to prevent metal-to-metal contact. It also prevents the hand of the user from scraping the hand, so they also keep your skin safe! They are all rated to 1000 pounds, withstanding everything you place on them. The black or bright zinc finish protects your power rack from moisture and corrosion. A lifetime warranty showcases how well the rack was made, and even if something does manage to go wrong, you can always replace it!

Moisture Resistance

Now let's talk about that coating. Once more, we are faced with a unique situation here - the addition of colorful choices means that the finish is different, and the protective aspects are slightly different as well, but not too much. The standard zinc coats do everything we're used to seeing - they prevent the moisture from piling on the surface, and keep it away from the steel, p[reventing corrosion and additional damage. The bright, vivid custom colors are also stainless steel, but they have a medium gloss powder coat. This coat is also very protective, but the only problem is that you might see the paint chip away here much easier than you would have noticed the black coat chipping away. It will also get dirty easier, but if you keep the rack clean and if you maintain that, you will have zero issues. So make sure you wipe down the rig after every use, making sure you get every droplet of water. And if you use chalk, get rid of that as well, as chalk invites moisture in, causing irreparable damage!


The Rogue RM-3 gives you unprecedented custom options. You have the choice of the following maximum upright heights, as we mentioned before: 90 inches, 100 inches, 110 inches. This allows you to position the 43-inch single pull up bar at a range of heights. Keyholes on the sides of each upright, along with 40 numbered holes on the front and back to provide you with a clear view from both inside and outside of the rack. The color choices are a great addition too, and the j-cup options allow you to make the rig even safer. You will be able to do plenty of different exercises on this rig, and you can also buy a bench, a bar, and some weight plates additionally, although this will make the rig costlier.


The machine also comes with a Monster pin and pipe safety set, along with a safety strap set made from 3-inch reinforced nylon straps. This will safely roll the bar away from you if you fail on a lift. It is rated to 10,000 pounds which will definitely keep you out of harm's way! The notched pin design of the safety strap set locks the whole system down, and it also allows you to quickly change their position. The j-cups, no matter which you choose, will protect the rig and the knurling of the bar, but they will also keep you safe, as they will hold onto those barbells no matter what.


With a machine this great, it's only expected that the price point is high. The RM-3 will definitely chip your budget, but it's nothing a little bit of saving up can't fix. With that being said, not everything we mentioned is included in the original package, so by purchasing even more items, the price will be even higher, which is a problem for a lot of people. However, the rig is insanely versatile and it has a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd, so we believe that paying this price for an excellent product such as this one is completely acceptable!


The Rogue brand is widely recognized today, and we're not surprised, as they create some of the best fitness products out there! It's quite a recent company, being made in 2007, but that doesn't mean their items are not up to the task. The Rogue brand was created thanks to a man that saw a need for one single place which would hold all the items one would need for their gym, no matter the type. As time went by though, they started creating their own products, and we're very thankful for that! Today, we have many machines and units to choose from to enrich our gyms, and we highly recommend you do so too!

The Final Word

The Rogue RM-3 is a hardcore power rack that is extremely popular with colleges and professional athletes around the world. It is the ideal unit for hardcore trainers who are looking for a more powerful rack than the Monster Lite series. It provides you with 3 x 3-inch 11-gauge steel framing, one-inch hardware, and a safety strap set. The RM-3 is highly customizable, which is not commonly seen with other machines. You can choose the color you wish to look at as you sweat it out, you can choose what kind of j-cup you want, the height can be chosen as well, the finish is also customizable, and finally, there's a ton of accessories to choose from that will enrich your fitness life! It is quite pricey though, so that might steer some people away from it.

For a less expensive option, our favorite alternative is the CFF 14 inch rig and rack, which is robust and secure and includes a solid and safe spotting system.