Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0

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Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 Review Facts

When it comes to power racks, the Rogue models just keep getting bigger and better. Just when you thought the Rogue RM-3 was as good as it gets, along comes the RM-4 which is even more hardcore than the RM-3. We have spent a lot of time researching power racks and Rogue RM-4 2.0 is definitely one of the best. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Rogue RM-4 so you have the tools you need for an informed decision.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from

It is extremely safe and durable

The rack is extremely customizable. You get to set it up exactly how you want it.


It does not have any plate storage.


The Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack is a fully customizable unit. That means that you have the freedom to create a rack that perfectly suits your needs and your training environment. You can choose the height of your uprights, what color they are, the type of cross members and pull-up bar that you want, as well as the J-cup design and what safety system you want.

The uprights of the Rogue RM-4 are made from 3 x 3 inch, steel that is 11-gauge and make use of huge 1-inch diameter hardware. Since this design is more of a "bolt-together" type of design, the shipping is much more affordable and it also makes the machine that much easier to move around. The new version of this rack introduces a larger range of custom colors and the numbers for the pin position that are laser-cut on the uprights and the cross-members. Each one of the uprights also has a keyhole pattern. Equipped with a wider variety of add ons, the unit is much more compatible.

In terms of your customization options, you have the choice of 108, 100 or 90 inch upright heights. At the highest elevation, a 43” single pull-up bar is mounted at a maximum height of 102 inches from the ground. You have five cross-member options, from a fat/skinny pull-up bar or a 43-inch single pull-up bar.

You also have a choice of j-cups. either a pair of the Sandwich J-cups which have a UHNW plastic covering to offer full protection against the bar knurling, or the Monster J-cups, which are the standard type of J-cups. A choice of three safety spotter systems allows you to select from a pipe and pin system to safety strap set up.

Color Options

A huge difference in the RM-4 is how much it can be customized. Instead of the basic blacks or grays, this rack is available in your choice of eleven different colors, the Cerkote or stainless steel. You can choose bright blue, dark blue, bright green, dark red, burnt orange, gunmetal, light gray, white, satin clean or satin black which is the standard color. All of the colors come in a durable powder coat which is medium gloss.

There is also a stainless steel option that features a 180 grit polished finish. Remember with this one, these parts are raw steel and will show minor imperfections from the welding and laser cutting. You can also choose Cerakote which is a coating that is ceramic-based. It was used originally in the gun industry because it has great durability even with a thin application. Before receiving this finish, all the parts are sandblasted, which helps get rid of any dirt or contaminants. That way the coating sticks better.


This rack comes in a choice of three different heights so you can get the perfect size for your body type. The 90-inch size lets you mount the rack at a height of 84" off the floor. The rack includes the keyholes up the side of each of the uprights and the holes are numbered to 40 on both the back and the front. That way you can see it from the inside and the outside.

The 100-inch size is considered the standard size. It is the default selection. This height lets you mount a pull-up bar to a maximum of 94" off the ground. It also includes the keyholes and the numbered holes so you can see it from either side of the rack.

The 108-inch option lets you put the pull-up bar about 102 inches off the ground. This is great if you are on the taller side. You will be able to get a good stretch without touching the floor. It also has the keyholes located on the side of the uprights and the numbered holes located inside and out. All of the uprights are constructed with 3-inch by 3-inch 11 gauge steel with holes spaced in the Westside pattern.

Cross Members and Pull Up Bars

The Rogue RM-4 is fully customized and gives you a wide of cross members and pull up bars to choose from as well. When you order, you are able to choose exactly which options you need to give you the best workout possible.

The default option for the front rack is the M-431 which is a single pull up bar that is 1.25 inches in diameter and has 9-inch endplates with mounting holes. It is finished with a textured powder coat.

You can also choose XM-433 which is a fat/skinny bar. This is a cross member with a 1.25-inch bar and a 2-inch “fat” bar with a 9.5-inch center. The endplate is nice and large so it is easy to flip to the bar you want to use. It is also finished with a black textured powder coat.

There is XM-43N Crossmember with the nameplate which has a base that is satin black and the name ROGUE laser cut into the panels. By default the panel is red, but if you decide on a custom color, this panel changes so it can match.

If you would rather just have a single wider bar you can choose the XM-432 which is a 2-inch diameter pull up bar. It has 9-inch endplates and a black powder coat finish that is textured.

The XM-43P is a new cross member option which is made with two gussets to add strength and a flush mount with upright tops. The “R” logo is lasered into each of the gussets and the beam has a black satin powder coat finish for a classic look. Please note this is not to be used for pull-ups.

The pull-up bars of the socket is a single bar that comes in a variety of colors in a Cerakote finish. You can also get knurling in a barbell style if you want. These bars come with two mounting sockets that are MG Black and four-bolt assemblies which are bright zinc. The bar is a little over an inch in diameter, not to mention that the Cerakote version comes with a Rogue logo on them.

Are you an athlete who enjoys more of a challenge in your workout or you want some variety in your pull up exercises? If so, you should take a look at the socket pull-up curl bar. It is made from cambered steel and has great knurling and an e-coat finish that is black. This bar comes with 2 mounting sockets along with four of the bolt assemblies which are bright zinc. Using this bar you can switch up between close grip pull-ups or wide grip ones.


When it comes to J-Cups you have a choice of three different types. The standard default has UHMW plastic in the cup which will protect the knurling on your bar and on the back as well as the clasp to help protect the uprights from any scratching or chipping. They have a 1,000-pound rating. The Sandwich J-cup is a little thicker version but also has a core that is made from UHMW plastic to help give your barbell knurling full protection as well as on the backside to protect your rack.
To get the ultimate support, there are the 2-inch sandwich J-cups. These have side plates that can fit into a plastic core which keeps you from having any metal-on-metal contact. The core and hardware are recessed so you don't have to worry about your hand or your bar scraping up against them. The welds are on the inside on the side plates so you get a nice, clean edge. There is UHMW plastic on both the clasp and backplate so the uprights will avoid damage. There is even a piece of thin rubber along the clasp to soften the contact between that and the upright when putting the J-cup away. It also has a 1,000-pound rating.


You also have a choice of three different kinds of safety setups. These are important to keep you protected from injury, especially if you are working with real heavyweights. Take a look at them to decide which one best fits your style. The default standard is the pin and pipe safety set. The pin has a zinc coating and is one inch in diameter. The PVC pipe is a schedule 80 that's about 1.5 inches in diameter with a powder coat finish that's black. They come in three depths of 24, 30, or 43 inches.

The next safety system is the safety straps. These are 3-inch nylon straps that are reinforced and designed to keep from damaging your knurling on fall if you miss a lift. They are also handy because you can set the ends at different heights so the bar will roll away from you and keep you safe in the event of a drop. The pin design is notched so it locks securely into place while still allowing for quick and easy adjustments.

The last option is the flip-down safety. It also offers UHMW plastic which will protect the knurl as well as the rack's uprights. The finish is a powder coat which is black and is medium gloss. It is made of 3-inch by 3-inch 11 gauge steel.

What is All Included

The Rogue RM-4 is designed to meet the high demands of serious athletes. It uses the larger, 3-inch by 3-inch 11-gauge steel and big 1-inch hardware, as well as a bolt-together design which is more portable and more affordable to ship. There are also some new features including a wide variety of custom colors, pin position numbers on the uprights and bottom cross members, and a keyhole pattern on each side. It is more compatible with add-ons and attachments.

The rack is available in your choice of three different heights and comes with the hardware and four of the band pegs. It also includes two of the 1.5-inch wrenches. You can take a look at all of the optional accessories on their web site.


One of the favorite accessories which you can get for this rack is the landmine attachment which helps you develop rotational stability. It mounts easily with the new knurled knob. You can develop your upper body strength with the lever arms.

The mono lifts are another popular accessory which is thick metal hooks designed with special counterweight handles on the top. When you lift the barbell, the hooks swing a few inches back toward the rack and stay there to give you extra space for your squats or lift without having to walk out from the rack.

These are just a few of the popular accessories you can order individually to add even more challenge to your rack. The choices are numerous.

The Last Word

The Rogue RM-4 is the king of customization. If you are particular about what you want to see in your rack, this is definitely the optimum choice. You can choose the color, J-cups, cross members, pull-up bars and more to come up with the exact rack to outfit your gym perfectly. Of course, this rack is also the utmost in quality and durability which is expected from Rogue Fitness.